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Irish SWP call Mayday organisers "Thatcher's Children"

Badman | 12.05.2004 00:44 | May Day 2004 | Globalisation | World

The Irish SWP have been caught in an embarressing slip. Within 36 hours of the biggest and most militant anti-capitalist march that the country has seen in decades, the SWP produced a leaflet which they handed out on the RTS in Dublin on Monday May 3rd. In this leaflet they denounced the libertarian organisers of the march as "Thatcher's children" for not preventing people from advancing and trying to push through police lines.

The leaflet was produced at a time when it seemed that the state backlash against the movement would be severe, but they quickly realised their mistake and have since 'disappeared' the leaflet. The denunciation was especially funny as it demanded that people should advance together or hold the line together, when the SWP actually fled long, long before the rest of the crowd.

See link for the full story on Irish Indymedia



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