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E.ON withdraws from careers fairs due to persistent protests

imcista | 12.11.2008 18:54 | Anti-militarism | Climate Chaos | Education | Cambridge | Oxford

E.ON has withdrawn from University Careers Fairs run by AIESEC following a string of protests around the country. E.ON did not show up at Birmingham today (12th Nov). The protesters object to E.ON wanting to develop new coal fired power stations, such as at Kingsnorth - the target of this summers Climate Camp. However E.ON cannot avoid the protests by avoiding careers fairs - expect more fun during 48 hours of action against E.ON and new coal on the 28/29 November.

Students have visited careers fairs to protest about the presence of parts of the arms and fossil fuel industries. Climate chaos related companies targeted include RBS (the oil and gas bank), BP and Shell. The arms industry representatives include the Army, B.Ae, Qinetiq and Rolls Royce. Careers fairs have been targeted in Aston, Birmingham ( 2 ), Bristol, Cambridge ( 2 | 3 ), Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Imperial College London, Kings College London, Leeds, Liverpool, Loughborough, Manchester ( 2 | 3 ), Nottingham ( 2 | 3 ), Oxford ( 2 ), Sheffield, Southampton, Warwick and York. More reports are available from People and Planet.

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Don't Forget

12.11.2008 22:37

Warwick University has also had protests against Arms companies on site and EON have pulled out of the careers fair tomorrow. See photos of the most recent anti-arms action at a careers fair at


Mass Action Victory Scuppers E.ON's Recruitment Plan

14.11.2008 08:59

E.ON Climate Criminal – Who's Laughing Now, Planet F*cker?
E.ON Climate Criminal – Who's Laughing Now, Planet F*cker?

This is SUCH significant and wonderful news that I have published a fully-illustrated article on this magnificent victory at:

• Climate IMC International:

• London Indymedia:

Chalk up one Big Victory for Mass Popular Action against a Climate Criminal Corporation – WOO-HOO!

Now let's continue to drag their filthy brand image through the mud of opprobrium by encouraging as many folks as possible to partake in:

Friday 28 and Saturday 29 November 2008

Some might say, "D'you know, it's awfully bad form to kick a chap when he's down." But the Received Pronunciation accent in which you're most likely to hear such sentiments being pontificated gives the lie to their ruling class origins. I say we take heart and courage from this magnificent victory in order to, as our sisters and brothers in the USA might put it, "Tear E.ON another asshole!"

Up the Revolution,

Tim Dalinian Jones

PS: As Tess said in the email via which I received this most excellent news, "well done to everyone around the country for such hard work and to Danny and Jess for writing such a great Press Release!" (on which the majority of my articles are based). And thanks to all the other Indymedia and People-&-Planet citizen reporters and photographers for your Action Reports.

Tim Dalinian Jones
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and the other baddies?

13.11.2008 10:44

hoorah, e.on have withdrawn - now onto the other baddies! Keep up the pressure!


Well done. BAE next?

13.11.2008 17:07

This is absolutely brilliant news and shows how much of an effect students have when they turn up to graduate recruitment events. I'd like to praise the way in which resources, particually the leaflets the Nottingham group made, were used over and over again right accross the country. Hopefully this sharing of resources can be repeated accross other campaigns.

I'd continue to urge students to turn up to these careers fairs because there are plenty more evil corporations recruiting there, like arms companies, notably BAE. Despite the presence of students, BAE are too desperate for engineers to quit. They have dropped their entry requirement for engineers to a 2(ii) and sources say they are "ambulance chasing" failing engineering firms to get labour!

Keep up the good work, we are really making a difference!

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13.11.2008 18:51

glad to see they got the message!


This is fantastic news

15.11.2008 11:28

I think we have demonstrated that with co-ordinated actions across the UK focussing on just one company we can force them, firstly, to stop coming to recruitment fairs and then ultimately off campuses altogether.

There are, of course, numerous companies that we could target but if we are to succeed, we must be focussed. Although some people have suggested that BP or the other power companies such as EDF should be the next target, I agree with Sam – it should be BAE, especially if it having problems recruiting new engineers.

Unfortunately this round of university recruitment fairs is over. Next year we need to be unambiguous in saying to E.ON and BAE that they will be resisted at whatever fair they intend to attend. We also need to start educating students about why it is immoral to work for these companies.


power first earth second

26.11.2008 16:07

Good on people for targeting these bastards but People & Planet? How about people with guns and planet, or people who stole the states guns and saved the planet?... So they go green and we keep on being slaves, and Christians... i'm so glad we're nearly free just as soon as we go green

Tony Blair