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E.ON Recruiters Targeted AGAIN - in Oxford

Thames Valley Climate Action | 06.11.2008 19:18 | Climate Chaos | Education | Oxford

Climate-trashing energy monsters E.ON continued their national recruitment tour with a stall at the Oxford Careers Fair today. They seemed miserable but not surprised when a group of local activists turned up too...

This afternoon, Oxford Town Hall played host to a thrilling smorgasbord of unethical corporate recruiters, at the "Science, Engineering and IT Careers Fair". BAe, AWE, npower, BP, Proctor & Gamble, and the Army were all in attendance, but it was coal-burning climate renegades E.ON who were in the spotlight today.

Over the last few weeks they've been targeted by activists at careers fairs across the land, and today was no exception. A group of campaigners from Thames Valley Climate Action were in attendance, making sure that everyone at the fair had an anti-brainwashing leaflet detailing what E.ON were really up to (with more general information on the other side about evil corporate recruiters, so the rest of them didn't feel neglected). The recruiters wasted plenty of time talking to undercover activists, and every genuine student who visited the stall got a friendly chat from a campaigner as well.

Eventually, though, the shiny corporate displays all got too much to bear, and some more action was required. E.ON were (loudly) presented with a fantastic prize for the most egregious piece of greenwash on display (despite some stiff competition): their display read "Tackling climate change isn't something that's tacked onto our agenda. It's at the heart of our business" (oh, for a bit of paint to remove the word "tackling"). Their prize? A fantastic bag of (char)coal, scattered all over their stall, and the sight of the protesters being firmly escorted from the building, still loudly detailing E.ON's activities, much to the entertainment of the watching crowd.

The activists then spent some time dishing out the rest of their leaflets outside the fair - we'll post the leaflet here in case anyone else wants to use it (we cribbed bits of it from the Nottingham careers fair leaflet, so let's keep sharing it all around!).


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Leaflet here

08.11.2008 11:38

Here's the leaflet used in Oxford. The page on ethical careers comes from the Nottingham people. The .odt file can be edited with OpenOffice.