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Bristol Uni Death Fair

rising tide | 29.10.2008 10:48 | Anti-militarism | Climate Chaos | Iraq

Today, Bristol University Students have been invited to a Engineering and IT Careers Fair. However, a brief look at the lists of companies and what they do to make their money, makes it seems like a list of who’s who of environmentally and socially destructive companies.



“Dead” End Careers Fair

The reality of what these companies do will be told to by more appropriate careers advisors:Pestilence, War, Famine and Death! Who will be there will their scythes and death masks.They will be also offered an alternative careers advice guide to the one provided by Bristol University, asking them to examine there consciousnesses before they make there career decisions.

One of the exhibitors is E-ON, the power company recently targeted by this years “Camp for Climate Action”, whose careers recruitment has already be disrupted by students in Manchester. We understand that two separate groups of students will be looking to make their voices heard outside the fair.

Otherwise the deathly careers advisors will as well as be focusing on E-ON, will also be highlighting the ethics, or otherwise of British Aerospace, The Atomic Weapons Establishment and Bechtel.

Ms Pestilence said:
“Its great for us Horsemen (and women!) that British Universities seek to promote careers with such high mortality rates attached to them”

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