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Flash mob against RBS and E.ON at Manchester careers fair

flash gordon | 24.10.2008 16:28 | Climate Chaos

A busy careers fair at Manchester's GMex was intererrupted yesterday by several long whistle blasts. 30 or so protestors suddenly revealed their yellow 'Leave it in the Ground' t-shirts and surrounded the Royal Bank of Scotland stall, holding banners and chanting 'leave it in the ground!'.

A protester then read some extracts from the excellent report "Cashing in on Coal", which shows that RBS is a climate criminal, pouring money into new fossil fuel extraction projects. The protester had his loudhailer taken away by security, but another protester (with a loud voice!) continued reading from the report. The security guards eventually began dragging protesters out so they didn't get a chance to visit the E.ON stall. However the protest continued outside where people handed out leaflets explaining how E.ON (with a fat loan from RBS) plans to build the first new coal power station in the UK in 30 years, while security guards repeatedly threatened to have them arrested for trespassing.

The "Cashing in on Coal" report is here:

flash gordon