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Resistance At The Fence And Beyond

((i)) | 17.01.2007 16:23 | G8 Germany 2007

From 6-8 June 2007 the G8 summit 2007 will take place in a hotel in Heiligendamm next to Rostock at the Baltic Sea, Germany. 6 month before the resistace is taking shape: Several alliances prepare carawans, blockades and other forms of direct action.

Last August about 1000 people allready gathered close to Heiligendamm in a first protest camp for 10 days. Since then numerous direct actions all over Germany. 4 numbers of a newsletter have been released in more than 8 languages. More than 400 people from NGOs to anti-authoritarian groups attended the second "G8 Action Conference" in Rostock while hundreds of people gathered at several dissent+x network meetings.Activists sucessfully used the Nuclear Waste Transport in November as a start into the protest season.

In the UK the mobilisation started with an Info night in London and a first UK-wide meeting in Nottingham on January 28th (1 | 2). Dissent! Belgium started with an action week in gent last december. The international mobilisation will continue with a gathering in Warsaw, Poland from February 10-11th. more ...

Websites: | | Revolutionary Alliance | Action Conference | Newsletter: News From The Fields And Beyond | Convergence Center Hamburg | Camp 2006 | NGO Mobilisation | gipfelsoli | moving europe | outofaction (de) | NoLager | Block G8 | Topic on de.indymedia.og | Dissent! UK | Wombles/G8 | input paper: Antiracist Perspectives in regard to G-8 Summit 2007

Freedom of movement will become one of the main issues of the protest (First Call | working group at Action Conference Other issues will be global agriculture ( working group at Action Conference | Calls ) and anti-militarism (Call).

Meanwhile the authorities, who want to secure the summit with at least 16.000 police raided several places in munich while starting to build the 13km long fence around the hotel.

The German chancellor Merkel confirmed that the Mexican President has been invited to the G8 summit.



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