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UK anti-G8 gathering: what went on in Nottingham

Sumac Breakfasts are the Best | 29.01.2007 13:56 | G8 Germany 2007

A meeting was held on Sunday 28th Jan to discuss and begin organising a UK mobilisation against this years G8. Here's some notes on what went down....

After recovering from the G8 in Scotland and having plenty of time to reflect on what worked and what didn't, a first nationwide meeting took place in Nottingham/Sherwood Forest to discuss how we can usefully contribute to the mobilisation against the G8 in Germany.
People from all over the country attended the meeting and we got the feeling people were keen to mobilise.
In the spirit of Robin Hood, it was decided to rob everything from the rich and give it to the poor.
In order to do this, a network of infopoints will be created (starting in nine cities): to provide contact for people throughout the UK, to distribute publicity materials and to continue to mobilise locally.
These infopoints will also be used to coordinate transport to Germany.
The dissent!-email list will be used for organising against the G8 in Germany and the UK dissent! ( website will be reanimated.
There was a discussion about how to organise ourselves once in Germany and the plan is to have a UK infopoint at the camp so that people can orientate themselves.
Blockades were discussed: booklets will be produced for new people to explain 'activist code' (e.g. lock-on), work will be done on communication possibilities during actions and we'll find and distribute more information regarding the terrain of the area e.g. maps and photos.
We also plan to organise practical training days. People felt the main aim at this stage in the mobilisation is to distribute information so that people feel able to plan their actions. There will be another nationwide meeting at the end of March.

Death to King John!
Death to the Sheriff of Heiligendamm!

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