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UK Meeting to discuss G8 Mobilisation for 2007, Jan 27th, Nottingham

G8 2007 | 18.12.2006 12:15 | G8 Germany 2007 | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

A UK-based meeting to discuss the mobilisation against the 2007 G8 Summit to be held near Rostock in Germany (June 6-8).

Meeting to discuss G8 Mobilisation for 2007

The G8 Summit in 2007 will be held in northern
Germany. Some of the libertarian left in Germany were
inspired by the original aims and actions of the
Dissent Network in the UK. So much so that the
libertarian left in Germany has taken the same name.
Simply put, their aims are two fold. Stop the G8
summit and in order to do so create a network of
ongoing solidarity on an international level.

The mobilisation is committed to bottom up,
decentralised organising. It follows that they have
extensively toured internationally to involve as many
people as possible. The tours arose from an
international gathering for the mobilisation, called
Campinski, near the German G8 summit venue last
summer. The UK leg of the tour in October saw
activists from the UK 2005 mobilisation, Russian 2006
mobilisation and Germany 2007 mobilisation working
together. The tour visited the Anarchist Bookfair in
London, Brighton, Reading, Glasgow, Edinburgh,
Liverpool Leeds, Birmingham and Cardiff. People at
all these venues felt that it would be good to have a
one day gathering for feedback and discussions on the
G8 2007 mobilisation.

This callout is in consequence to those peoples

There is to be a one day event in Nottingham on the
28th January. Limited accommodation is provided for
those who wish to travel from afar. In particular,
those wishing to travel to the venue on Saturday 27th
to have informal pre-meetings. Please contact if you require
accommodation. Food will be provided for by Veggies,
for a small cost.

Also contact with agenda
items. Items for suggestion include lessons from G8
2005, Feedback on German processes and mobilisation,
future meetings in the UK, and others

G8 2007