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UK Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival Newswire Archive

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BNP's Red White and Blue Festival Cancelled.

25-05-2010 16:19

According to Leicestershire BNP Regional Meeting Minutes.

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A day to remember in Codnor as anti-fascists drown out the BNP’s festival of rac

16-08-2009 16:58

People from Oxford helped to peacefully but determinedly occupy one of the roads leading to the BNP's festival of hate for 5 hours on Saturday in Codnor, Derbyshire in spite of police efforts to clear the road and one very weak attempt by a group of BNP thugs to get through - the rest kept there distance and eventually turned back. So much for the master race. Below is a more report from the Unite Against Fascism website on the protest

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BNP 'Red, White and Blue' festival hit by direct action

15-08-2009 23:11

The BNP is a Nazi Party - Smash the BNP
Thousands of British citizens came together today to blockade the BNP's 'Red, White and Blue' festival. Protesters blocked roads with their bodies, physically stopping BNP card-carriers and possible new recruits from reaching their festival.

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Photos from Protest against the BNP's Red White and Blue Festival 2009

15-08-2009 20:47

Police Evidence Gatherer
Photos from one of the groups blockading a road to the RWB and the joint march back to town.

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1000 march for Gaza in Exeter

18-01-2009 18:23

On saturday over 1000 people from all over Devon joined a march in solidarity with thepeople of Gaza.

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Statement from Athens Surrealists

11-12-2008 02:26


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BNP festival cost Derbyshire cops £250,000

01-12-2008 19:51

Derbyshire police have released the cost of their operations in policing the BNP's Red, White and Blue festival in August. The cost of deploying 400 officers and a helicopter came to quarter of a million quid. Locals are rightly disgusted that a fascist piss up has wasted so much public money.

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BNP gets ready to open office

28-11-2008 09:21

THE CuNTROVERSIAL right-wing British National Party is gearing up to open its first branch in Sevenoaks, it claims.

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York BNP Members

20-11-2008 19:33

Graeme Wiles
The ones with pics!!!

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Wikileaks publish BNP membership list just as blog deleted!

19-11-2008 01:26

The main list which was found at has now been removed by the man. Needless to say heads are going to roll after the data from this list has been examined by anti fascist groups. There are police officers, social workers, current army servicemen, prison officers and politicians in this document.

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BNP Membership List Leaked

18-11-2008 18:06

The full BNP Membership List has been leaked online to an anonymous blog.