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BNP festival cost Derbyshire cops £250,000

Antifash | 01.12.2008 19:51 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism

Derbyshire police have released the cost of their operations in policing the BNP's Red, White and Blue festival in August. The cost of deploying 400 officers and a helicopter came to quarter of a million quid. Locals are rightly disgusted that a fascist piss up has wasted so much public money.

According to the local rag, John Lumsden of Codnor-Denby Lane, Denby, said "I think £250,000 is a disgusting figure. That is money that could be better spent on other resources."

Brian Bentley also of Codnor-Denby Lane, said: "This is a huge
amount of money and I suppose it is the people of Derbyshire that are going to have to pay for it."

Alan Warner, the fascist scumbag who owns the land on which the festival was held said "It is a lot of money but we did not ask for any police presence, we had our own security for the event." This is the same Farmer Warner who admitted to journalists that the police had given him a panic button in case of antifascist activity at his property and claimed that cops had the land under 24hr surveillance in the weeks running up to the event! I'm guessing he didn't pick up the tab.