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'No Justice, No Peace, We Are The Police!'

IMCista | 28.01.2008 18:24

On 23rd January, the police federation marched through London. Class War, Fit Watch and the Space Hijackers were there to tell them where to stick their pay rise.

Fit Watch delayed the front of the march and handed out Section 14 notices, while Class War ensured all of the marching cops knew they were not supported.

Meanwhile, the cops showed their true allegiances by allowing a BNP leader to walk at the front of the march, whilst arresting a fit watcher, for trying to join the front of the march.

Pictures of march and FIT

Links: Class War | Fit Watch | Animal Rights Cop Watch | Netcu Watch | Space Hijackers

Evening Standard tells the truth for once!
Evening Standard tells the truth for once!




29.01.2008 00:19

Glad to see this article here, the simplicity is great, although it is lacking any criticism regarding the BNP (other than the fact that the police side with them)? I'm not going to further suggest a detailed analysis of police corruption and fasicsm (as I said said, the simplicity is good) but maybe a link to Stop the BNP, Unite Against Fascism and/or Antifa should be present?

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And Tony Ben and the Cheeky Girls

29.01.2008 08:39

Don't forget Tony Ben and Lembit Opic were also present with Brian Padick.

So there was a Facist , a Marxist, a Liberal and a Gay man.

No women though......

March Watch

Great work...

29.01.2008 22:37

...way to alienate a group of working class people who are just waking up to the fact that their interests conflict with the priorities of state supported capitalism.


police are a professional militia,militia existed before government

29.01.2008 23:49

Police take orders from a corporate system & many are arseholes, but many also join to serve communities & serve decent laws. Yes anarchists need laws &had prisons during the spanish civil war for nazis & militias4people not corporatism.
I feel lied to by corporate media, evening standard& indymedia articles whicj did not say Tony Benn etc was on the march too.Seems police federation did allow the ex gay porn star bnp council leader on , some rank & file did protest & Hijackers say one made a antfascist poster at their stall.
Class war are sometimes well relevant, other times they seem to give the corporate media with agent provocateurs an excuse to crack down as with botched propaganda of the deed. Most major revolutions happen due to well organised strikes & sometimes voting with a popular front like CNT in Spain, Stalinism is dead, Trotsky rebelled, holding ground,factories etc with sound systems great,smashing windows is & looks dumb even if short term satisfying, much better is starbucks iww campaign & sometimes Chaplain style spanners in the works.

Revolutions always involve good media campaigns on radio tv etc, yes the corporate media sucks but a lot of workers support us & we cant get their help if we keep presenting them with images of half baked violence.
At least anarcho syndicalist membership grows & we are letting ourselves fall into trap islam is in as anarchism was 100 years ago. All workers need to be gettingbetween £21.000 an £29.000 like police constables & holding government accountable together to decent pay & promises,
Heres to a general strike supported by the police, since wapping jobs are just sent allover the world to cheaper labour, the corporate class are using robots to replace as many workers as possible, including the police.Some intellectuals may not see this as a problem yet, though Artificial intelligence from investment in war computers is expected by many in next few decades, Anarchists,greens & libertarian socialists can stop this if we can unite humanity using consensus & delegation & maybe even transitional councils to create a global revolution!


pigs not worth 20 grand a year

04.02.2008 00:22

i had to laugh when beshenivsky was murdered on her daughters birthday

kill the pigs

kill the pigs

Police Are Puppets

05.02.2008 09:31

Aside from the BNP issue (I bet there are plenty of teachers, unionists, dock workers etc who are in the BNP) it isn't really the police that are at fault for enforcing the law. Ok, no-one forced anyone to become a police officer, just like no-one forces anyone to be in the army in the UK, but if the police enforce bad laws then it is largely the lawmakers who are at fault. A copper who refuses to enforce the law cannot be a copper: again, it's a matter of conscience, but if all laws were just then would we be trying to smash the police?

Worth a thought.


The End Of Capitalism Is Nigh

08.02.2008 08:31

Class War, eh? I bet the filth were shitting themselves. lol

Abdul Alhazred
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just the start?

11.02.2008 17:33

i do hope this is the tip of an big ice berg. with the econamy faceing a possibl free fall, all those young coppers will start complaning about the standard of living in the police force. and it will get worse (hopefully) . all that keeping the peace in there over time mass riots as the population looses it cause they cant drive there car or eat imported food. Then more protesting by the police complaning about this and that (stop winging). aah yes being a wanker isnt as much fun anymore not now the pays shit, best get a job as a bouncer or somthing, why not get some of that money the crooks make eh looks easy doesnt it? oh what fun it will be, robocop thats the answer. they will have to get rid of you all you complain to much. then youle be out on your ear with the rest of the civilians best keep quiet about having been a copper thou no one's gona protect you now..



18.02.2008 15:38

"Yes anarchists need laws &had prisons during the spanish civil war"

Anarchists need laws like a hole in the head. Are you going to have anarchist lawmakers, anarchist police, anarchist judges, anarchist lawyers and anarchist prison warders ? Cos that isn't anarchism, that is LibCom style stalinism masquerading as anarchism and those who advocate prisons are the only people who deserve to inhabit one.

There were prisons run by anarchists during the Spanish civil war, these were effectively prisoner-of-war camps which are quite different from civil prisons. They also had torture chambers, so I guess it is all right if we start our own torture chambers ?


What a bunch of tossers you are

18.02.2008 16:49

Oh all for trade unions and the rights of workers eh!

Except for unions representing workers who do a job you don't like ie: being a police officer.

Who's to say police officers don't support the rights of other workers and the causes of other trade unions?

Wonder what you lot would do if you get mugged on the way home. Or your house gets burgled.

Oh oh don't tell me. You will probably come to the conclusion that the poor oppressed person who mugged you or burgaled your house was a victim of capitalism, the real criminals are the rich and by reporting him to the "pigs" you are caving into capitalist society.


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Fuck the Police

18.02.2008 19:53

"Except for unions representing workers who do a job you don't like ie: being a police officer"

Or a concentration camp guards or prison guards ? Fuck defence workers too, to hell with the calls for support for police officers when they are persecuting everyone else. And especially, fuck the prison officers. You do get good folk in every walk of life of course. Nobody at MI5 thinks of themselves as badly motivated. One of my newest friends is a prison officer who quit his job because his employers practices were so obviously flawed. I should say I disagree strongly with the puerile and pathetic 'kill the police' comments. The police are just a tool of your true enemies, and if you are fighting them then their employers are happy. The police failed to arrest anyone over the Iraq war so they don't really uphold justice, they only protect the powerful from the exploited, but that is why you should be ignoring them not attacking them.

Living in this society I would call the police under one circumstance. The only time I have ever called the police is when someone I cared for was sexually assualted, and that is just a recognition that in this society they are more likely to track the shit down. If I knew who it was and where to find him then I wouldn't have called the police. I'd probably do that again even though they didn't catch the creep But if I'm mugged or whatever, I wouldn't go to the police for protection, if I needed support I'd go to my neighbours and my family. For one thing, they are more effective at stopping serious criminal abuse.

If you aren't an anarchist Dan, and you at least aren't pretending to be one so far, then this doesn't apply to you. I wouldn't mind hearing Max answer your question though. Cos there are a lot of people who pretend to be anarchists who act as police informers or who perpetuate the myth that it is a necessity to imprison as many poor people as possible.

There were anarchist prisons in Spain, big deal. There were anarchist torturers, anarchist rapists and anarchist paedophiles. All of these things are abuse of power and so the opposite of anarchism.

Anarchists don't need laws. We need rules and agreements and understandings. A law is a rule that implies violent retribution. If a rule was sensible, and people were allowed to opt in or out through discussion, then even most people who disagreed with a rule would still abide by it. It is the difference between asking for a cup of tea and ordering a cup of tea. Orders, and laws, are insults backed with the threat of violence.

New laws were introduced for mandatory drug searches in prison. Joe Bloggs on the street would support this to cut down on drugs in prison. Except it just swapped a prison population of dope heads into a prison population full of junkys being drip-fed back into society. Joe Bloggs gets mugged.


Police persecution?

20.02.2008 13:19

They are persecuting everyone...

Who excactly are they persecuting? Have you been persecuted by the police recently?

"But if I'm mugged or whatever, I wouldn't go to the police for protection"

Wouldn't you want the police to try and catch the cunt who mugged you?

Dan Factor
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Police advice

20.02.2008 16:49

"Who excactly are they persecuting? Have you been persecuted by the police recently? "
Yes, to a degree. It isn't uncommon.

"Wouldn't you want the police to try and catch the cunt who mugged you?"
No. For a start it would be hypocritical of me as someone who values freedom. By relying on the police for such a petty problem I am empowering the state and diminishing my own ability to deal with real life.

Secondly, If the police did catch the mugger, they'd either do nothing, or send them into an institution that would certainly criminalise them more, often turning them into junkies. Then they release them back onto my street with no way of earning money except by mugging me again.

Most people where I live would agree with that, even some of the cops. When I was 17 I was beaten up severely and sat holding my front teeth in A&E, next to two cops. They asked me if I knew who had did that to me. They suggested I didn't report it but instead visit him with some friends and baseball bats, and they gave me their names and numbers to mention to any arresting officer implying that they'd get me off without charge. I never took any revenge despite having carte blanche to do so and the next month the same guy beat someone else up badly. Again, nothing was done about it except his social exclusion. Soon after that the attacker was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I was glad I hadn't either tried to criminalise him or hurt him.