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'No Justice, No Peace, We Are The Police!'

IMCista | 28.01.2008 18:24

On 23rd January, the police federation marched through London. Class War, Fit Watch and the Space Hijackers were there to tell them where to stick their pay rise.

Fit Watch delayed the front of the march and handed out Section 14 notices, while Class War ensured all of the marching cops knew they were not supported.

Meanwhile, the cops showed their true allegiances by allowing a BNP leader to walk at the front of the march, whilst arresting a fit watcher, for trying to join the front of the march.

Pictures of march and FIT

Links: Class War | Fit Watch | Animal Rights Cop Watch | Netcu Watch | Space Hijackers

Evening Standard tells the truth for once!
Evening Standard tells the truth for once!




29.01.2008 00:19

Glad to see this article here, the simplicity is great, although it is lacking any criticism regarding the BNP (other than the fact that the police side with them)? I'm not going to further suggest a detailed analysis of police corruption and fasicsm (as I said said, the simplicity is good) but maybe a link to Stop the BNP, Unite Against Fascism and/or Antifa should be present?

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