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Mayday, Mayday! Take Control, Make Up Your Mind

IMC-London Features | 30.04.2007 14:13 | Mayday 2007 | London

May 1st swings around again with a diverse bunch of activities to check out; from Maypole picnic parties, to migrant rights benefits, to shirking the 9-5 by dancin' in the streets!.

Mayday is also known as International Workers' Day, or more recently as EuroMayday throughout Europe, will see this years annual workers march leaving Clerkenwell Green at 1pm to Trafalgar Square, along with the more radical Autonomous Workers Bloc.

For London Indymedia, it is a Birthday, 8 years of reporting, growing and evolving. London Indymedia is a successful alternative to the corporate mainstream 'press' due to volunteers who post, maintain, code, write, support, promote, video, photograph -If the Indymedia project is to survive another 8 years, we need to continue share and disseminate the message that another media - our media - is possible.

So whether you decide to demonstrate, mischief make, party, do it with respect and support those who create spaces for tolerance, freedom of expression, and positive debate. Happy May Day and Happy Birthday London Indymedia!!.

Click at the Read more link for an overview of what took place in London throughout the day.

London Mayday07 Links: Space Hijackers - Suited & Booted | Autonomous Workers Bloc | Camberwell Squatted Social Centre - Maypole Picnic | Union March and Rally

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Mayday 2007 was marked throughout London with a series of demonstrations, actions and events. What follows is an overview of what went on based on a collection of reports published in the IMC-UK newswires.

Around 1000 people marched through central London in the traditional Mayday demonstration called by the TUC. The march included a 200 strong autonomous workers bloc [Photos | Videos 1 | 2] After de demonstration a violent arrrest took place in Parliament Square when 6 police officers approached a lone protestor holding a "Bollocks To Blair" placard.

At the same time, around 50 people shared food, drink and music in a picninc in Kennington Park organised by the Camberwell Squatted Centre under the slogan "Workers of The World, Relax!". A 15 foot Maypole topped off by a large red CCTV camera was erected before the eye of bemused officers of the law and dancing proceeded.

Later in the afternoon, and in a similar festive and cellebrative spirit, around 100 people came together in the heart of the capital's new financial district and staged a street party in Canary Warf under the name of 'Dancing In The Streets' [Photos: 1 | 2 | Video and Report | Space Hijackers report] One protestor was snatched from the crowd and arrested, and two others where fined £80 for allegedly calling the police 'Bastards' [Report and discussion | Personal account].

Earlier in the day, Feministas were also out in the streets of London with a 'Feministas Guerilla stickering campaign'.

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