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Howard Lyman Continues To Expose Mad Cow Incidence In US And Elsewhere

Lyman Supporter | 02.05.2013 21:01 | Animal Liberation | Health | Other Press | London | World

The Canadian Parliament has been investigating the
fraud regarding US testing for Mad Cow. Recent
outbreaks in Brazil, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan,
Switzerland and the US to name a few make silence
on this issue criminal.

Hero Howard Lyman
Hero Howard Lyman

Mad Cow From
Mad Cow From

Mad Cow from
Mad Cow from

Howard Lyman, 4th generation cattle rancher before he got spinal
cancer and promised God he would shut down his cattle ranch if he
was healed, was in fact healed and became a vegan. He began publicizing
what he knew about suppression of Mad Cow incidence in the cattle industry.. He was on Oprah Winfrey's television show when she said ""That's it. I'll never eat another burger". They were sued twice by Amarillo Texas cattlemen. Each time the 5th Circuit court rules that the truth is not libel.

Hundreds of articles on Mad Cow, CJD, BSE etc
are accessible at the following link See the very long list below

Mad Cow In Brazil, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, US, Canada Etc. cbc1123
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Suspected coverup of American Mad Cow cases investigated by Canadian Parliament


As We Said - Dental Visits Spread vCJD/Mad Cow Dental/Medical Mad Cow/CJD Transmission Risks CJD Widower Gives A Human View Of CJD Agony Mad Cow Fear - FDA To Ban Cow Material In Medical Products Mad Deer (CWD) Disease Proven Spread To Cattle & Sheep Second Passage Of CWD Prions From Deer To Cattle The Use Of Material From Deer & Elk In Animal Feed Transmission Of CWD To Non-Human Primates Risk Of CWD - Research On Transgenic Mice CWD Experimentally Transmitted From Deer To Sheep Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Wyoming Elk We Told You - Infectious Prions In Saliva & Blood Of CWD Deer Study Sounds Full-Blown Mad Deer CWD Alarm Canada BSE Testing Procedures May Miss Infections Canada Finds 8th Case Of Mad Cow BSE Surgical & Endoscopic Patients To Be Screened For CJD Risks Atypical Strain Of Mad Cow Disease Found in US Cattle Huge Feed Recall - Ruminant Or MammalianProtein Found USDA Cutting Back Mad Cow Testing By 90%! Human 'Mad Cow' Could Cause Eventual Epidemic Mad Cow Feed Recalled Four Elk Positive For CWD - Results Just Now Released School Lunches Now Suspected In CJD Deaths In Wales SUNY Prof To Study Human Who Ate CWD Meat Atypical Strain Of Mad Cow Confirmed In US Too Late to Shut the Gate on This Killer Japan Confirms 26th Known Case Of Mad Cow Disease Herdmates Of Canadian Mad Cow Exported To US Four More Deer With Fatal CWD (Mad Cow) In WVa Estonia Now Has Detected Its First Case Of BSE Proof Mad Deer Prions Adhere To Soil, Remain Infectious Canada Confirms Mad Cow Disease Suspected Case Of BSE In Canadian DAIRY Cow Feds REFUSE To Let KS Meatpacker Test For Mad Cow!! Prions Officially Found In Soils US Beef Eaters Unfazed By Newest Mad Cow Mad Cow Confirmed In Alabama HK Suspends Swift & Co US Beef Imports BSE Mad Cow Now Found in Sweden

CWD/Mad Deer Prions Found In Deer Meat (big surprise...)

Suspected BSE Quarantines Herd Of UK Dairy Cows

CWD/Mad Deer Spreading - Now Found In Kansas

Mad Cow Update - Enough To Make One Mad Mad Deer/CWD In Alberta & Big HornBasin,Wyoming Study Shows Deer In CWD Zone Stick To Home CWD Monitoring - Hunters Caught IllegallyImporting Deer To NH Where Have All The Bugs Gone, Too? Response To 'Where Have Deer Gone' Surprisin NY Hunter Asks 'Where Have All The Deer Gone?' Hypothesis That BSE Originated From A Human TSE Swiss Scientist Expects Prions In Milk Of Infected Animals Small Prions More Infectious Than Larger Ones Killer On The Loose - TheShapeshifting CWD Prion 9 Cases Of CJD Brain-Wasting Disease In Idaho Prions In Blood - vCJD Spread Via Dentistry? Colorado Moose Positive For Mad Cow/CWD MI Officials Probe Mad Deer Disease - CWD Update US/Canada New Idaho CJD Cluster - Looking In The Wrong Places? BSE Transmitted Between Sheep USDA Discovers 1,000 Mad Cow Rule Violations Mad Cow Disease Becomes Common In US Dog Population US Probes New Mad Cow Case BSE Cluster Triggers Fears Over Contaminated Feed Japan Raises New Fears About US Beef 33% UK Dogs Over Age 7 Have 'Alzheimers' (MAD COW) USDA Kills 29 Cattle Linked To Mad Cow Animal Latest US Mad Cow Used 'Just For Pet Food' Texas Mad Cow Update USDA Orders Testing Changes After US Mad Cow Case Beef-Loving Americans Shrug At Second Mad Cow Second Case Of Mad Cow In US Confirmed Mad Cow Back On The Menu The Great US Mad Cow Coverup Begins To Unravel Mad Cows, Mad Wildlife And The Rise Of Alzheimer's Cluster Of Three BSE Cows Found On Farm In Wales US Man To Be Retested For Human Mad Cow Mad Fish - 900,000 Whirling Disease Trout Exterminated

CWD Found In New York's Wild Deer Details On The NY State CWD Deer Herds Assume NO Animal Products Are Safe No Medical Studies Planned On NY CWD Deer Feast! Eating Deer And Elk Meat Can Kill You Beyond Belief - Bush May Ease 'Downer Cattle' Ban Concerns Raised About 1997 US Mad Cow Tests US Mad Cow Disease Cover Up Continues - Update Scientist Stands Behind Mad Cow Coverup Claim France Has Two More Human Mad Cow Cases Feds 'Hiding Mad Cow Cases' CJD Update - French Woman May Have vCJD In 1971 New Strain Mad Cow Kills 65% Afghan Livestock? Mad Cow Compliance Questioned School Meal Link To CJD Alzheimer's, CJD & BSE - Losing Your Mind For A Burger Donated Human Tissues\May Contain CJD/MadCow Prions Mad Cow/CJD Update 1st Japanese Case of Human Variant Of Mad Cow Disease Mad Cow In Goats Update New Study Shows How Mad Cow Prions Get To Intestines

Cosmetic Injections May Carry CJD Risk Mad Cow Found In French Goat EU Confirms BSE Has Spread Beyond Cattle Could Prions Be In Milk And Dairy Products? - Yes Prion Rogue Proteins Found In Unexpected Organs Lax Mad Cow Testing Could Be Hiding Wide Contagion New BSE Case Emerges In Canada Feds Deny California Man Had Mad Cow Witness To Irony - Canada's Third Mad Cow Another SuspectedMad Cow In Canada Mad Cow FeedLoopholes Still Not Closed DNA Tests Not Used On Contaminated Cattle Feed How Mad Cow Proteins Reach The Blood Cattle Feed Still Contaminated By Animal Parts USDA Mad Cow Coverup Unravels Mad Cow Censorship In Amerika USDA Finds 'Inconclusive' Mad Cow Test Result

Gene Type May Determine Type Of CJD People Get Fifth Victim In NY County CJD Cluster Hospital - 500 Patients 'Only Exposed To CJD, Not nvCJD' !! At Least Four Recent Cluster CJD Deaths In Ulster Co. NY CJD Update - Wife And Sister-In-Law Both Die Blood Exports In 'Mad Cow' Scare vCJD Passed In Oz Hospital - 1,000 Former Patients Warned ZERO Doubt CJD Spread Via Blood And Blood Products Meat Industry Fights Stricter Mad Cow Regulations USDA Bungled Tests Of 500 Potential Mad Cows Last 2 Years Can Mad Cow/CWD Prions Get Into The Water? - Yes Proof Mad Cow Prions Stick To, Remain In Certain Soils vCJD Continues To Baffle Scientists Second Case Of Mad Cow Traced To Transfusion

Ranchers Taking Advice To 'Shoot, Shovel & Shut Up' Human Mad Cow May Be More Widespread Than Thought Mad Cow Experts Fear Second Disease Phase In Humans More Proof vCJD, Prion Diseases Spread Via Blood Study Reveals Gaping Holes In Mad Cow 'Firewall' FDA Issues Warning About Mad Cow In Cosmetics! CJD/Mad Cow Deaths Not Reportable In 28 States USDA Probe FindsBig Holes In US Mad Cow Testing Mad Cow Update And French BSE Projections France Admitted 50,000 Mystery Cattle Deaths In 2000 French Admit 300,000 Mad Cows - 50,000 In Food! How Governments ArePromoting The Spread Of Mad Cow Mystery Bovine Paralysis - Risk To Humans? Up To 100 More Mad Cow Cases Expected Veneman Defends BSE Testing Procedure Mad Cow Tests Will Go To Industry Before Public USDA Dithering Prompts Mad CowCover-Up Fears USDA Warns Hunters On CWD 'We Expect Further Cases Of BSE' - Veneman USDA Blocks Mad Cow Testing BSE High-Risk Cattle Being Rendered And Fed To Swine Prion Death Spreading In Canadian Farms, Environment 16,,000 In UK May Have Mad Cow 'Experts' Finally Realize CWD Spreads Via Infected Environment USDA's Latest Plan - Mad Cow Fuel

USDA Orders Silence On Mad Cow In Texas Mad Deer In Landfills - Prions Get Into Water Table, Sludge Funeral Directors & Embalmers Admit Discharge Of Human Prions Into Public Sewers Morticians Fear CJD Victims Second Packer Wants To Test All Its Cattle For BSE Chronic Wasting Disease Spread In Many Ways - Study Texas Mad Cow Breach Not Unique - USDA Vet Second CJD Case Suspected In Nova Scotia Second CJD Case Suspected In Nova Scotia Blood & Chicken Dung Still Allowed In Cattle Feed Mad-Cow Question Lingers - Was Animal A 'Downer' Cow? Records Contradict USDA's Mad Cow Decision Mystery BSE Disease Found In Sheep - Mad Cow Mutating? USDA Rejects Meatpacker's Mad-Cow Testing Plan Mad Cow Probe Urged After 20 Die From CJD In NJ Beef Firm Faces Perplexing ResistanceTo Mad Cow Tests USDA Lies - Prions Found Everywhere In Infected Animals Connecticut Woman Had Signs Of Human Mad Cow In 2000

Mad Cow Case Raises Suspicions In Elderly Deaths Chronic Wasting Disease Spreading In Wisconsin Chronic Wasting Disease - More Cases In Illinois Two Mad Cow Cases Traced To Canadian Mills Health Officials Probing CJD Cases In NJ New Tests Find CWD May Be More Widespread Official Tells of Investigation Into Mad Cow Discrepancies Mad Cow Beef Recall 4 Times Larger Than Reported Beef Producer Wants To Test ALL Its Cattle, USDA Says No USDA Tells Mad Cow Slaughterhouse: No More Tests New Evidence Hints Mad Cow Not A Downer Fast, Simple, Cheap Test For Mad Cow Shunned Beef Spinal Cord Can Still Be Sold As 'Beef' Some Very Important Facts About BSE CWD Almost Doubles In Canada Mad Cow 'Not A Downer' Say Three Witnesses More Illness Linked To BSE Scientists Discover New Form Of Mad Cow Disease

Cow Brain Tissue Found In Muscle Meat - Study Dangerous Cow Parts Still Enter Food Supply USDA Suspected Of Hiding Mad Cow Cases WA Mad Cow's 'Downer' Status Now In Doubt USDA Pretends Beef Supply Is Safe USDA's Amazing Ties To The Beef Industry Nobel Winnder Pruisner Says All Cattle Must Be Tested FDA To Ban Beef Blood,Poultry 'Litter' From Cattle Feed Mad Cow Creates New Animal-Disposal Woes Texas Bovine TB Testing Finds Infected Dairy Cattle CJD Cluster Deaths - Something Is Very Wrong Three Cows From Mad-Cow Herd Traced To Idaho Food For Thought Another Death, Three More CJD Cases Tied To New Jersey Ex-Slaughterhouse Worker Blows Whistle About Mad Cow Did Mad Cow Kill Cluster Of 18 People In PA 13 Years Ago? Why We Aren't Hearing Of More US CJD/Mad Cow Cases Two More US Herds Quarantined Over Mad Cow US And Canada Cows Still BSE Vulnerable - Japan Mad Cow In Blood And Milk Cow Brain Sandwiches Still On The Menu Did Seven NJ Residents Die Of Mad Cow? Five More Suspect Cows Found Med School Data Validates Horizontal Human Prion Transmission

The Cost Of Testing Every Cow US Farmers Oppose Testing All Cattle For Mad Cow US Still Eating Beef Despite Mad Cow Case Few Autopsies Thwart Mad Cow In Humans Research Few Autopsies Thwart Mad Cow In Humans Research BSE Fears - Some Frozen Chicken Contains Beef Powder Some Very Important Facts About BSE Fed's Deceit, Cultural Of Indifference Leaves US Open To BSE At Least 110 Mad Cow Risk Cattle In The Food Supply WA Mad Cow's 'Downer' Status Now In Doubt Enzyme Fully Degrades Mad Cow Disease Prion Canada To (Slightly) Expand BSE Testing Man Learns He Ate Beef Linked To Infected Cow Did Seven NJ Residents Die Of Mad Cow? Is Mad Cow Already Killing Thousands In US Every Year? Feds Slaughter Mad Cow Linked Calves Tests Show US Mad Cow Was Canadian-Born - Or Do They? US Very Slow To Act On Mad Cow Tests Japan Going To Australia For Beef More Medical Instrument Modes For Spreading CJD/Prions USDA To Destroy 450 Cattle Linked To Mad Cow Prions May Store Memories Japan Blasts US Safeguards Against Mad Cow Definite Mad Cow Risk From Vaccines Mad Cow Impacts Entire US Food Supply

CA Barred From Saying Which Outlets Sold Mad Beef US Animal-Derived Products Canada Has Banned 'Composting' Cattle Parts At Slaughterhouses - Prions In Sludge Mad Cow Causes BOTH 'Sporadic' CJD and vCJD BSE Incubation Period Is 2-8 Years - No Symptoms It's The Cow Feed, Stupid Mad Cow Disease/Kuru/CJD In The Fore Tribe The Cow Jumped Over he USDA USDA Says Third Cattle Herd Now Under Quarantine Public Likely Ate Suspect Mad Cow Meat Mad Cow Scare Now Hurting State Potato Industry Hard Time On The Killing Floor USDA Sees 'Little Benefit' In Testing All Sick Cows (!) Time To Get Serious, Mr. Bush

USDA Bans Downer Cattle For Human Food US Estimates Mad Cow Exposure At 81 Cattle CO Health Dept. Chief MD Warns Mad Cow In Blood US Expands Beef Recall To Eight States They May Not Even Have The Right Cow! Cattle Mutilations Tied To Prions? Animal mutilations & The TSE Epidemic In North America Invasive 'Sterilized' ReusableMedical/Dental Instruments & CJD Transmission Veneman's Astonishing Lie MORE USDA LIES - Spinal Contaminated Meat Served In Schools Mad Cow's Parts In Fertilizers, Candles, Soaps Recalled Former USDA Vet - Testing 20,000 Cows Is 'Nothing' US Effort To Shift Mad Cow Origin To Canada Creates Furor Proof Mad Cow Not From Canada?

Meat Of Mad Cow Now Found In Eight States And Guam Proof Mad Cow Is The Same As Alzheimer's And CJD Mad Cow Via Medical/Dental Instruments USDA Checks Only 20,500 Of 35 MILLION Cattle Yearly! More Deadly Lies - Did USDA Even Test 20,000 Cattle? USDA Sees 'Little Benefit' In Testing All Sick Cows (!) 'The US Food Supply Is Safe' - One Of The Biggest Lies Of All Some US Slaughter Houses Specialize In Downer Cattle! Mad Cow Milk Is Perfectly Safe To Drink - FDA (!) Meat Eaters Mull OptionsAmid Mad Cow Fears Bill To Stop Use Of Downer Cows In Food Chain Stopped US Laws Still Allow Beef Blood In Feed US Labs Not Good Enough To Confirm Mad Cow?

Mad Cow Diseases Still Baffle Scientists - Jump Species Kansas Woman Dies Of CJD/Mad Cow China Joins Banning Of US Beef Washington Firm Recalls Beef Over Mad Cow Concerns Testing Means Nothing - It's All About Money USDA Wittheld Test Results! Were Even 20,000 Cattle Checked? Orange Alert Obfuscates Mad Cow News Release Mexico Halts US Beef, Cattle Imports As We Said - Prion Disease IS Being Spread Via Blood! Mad Cow Prions Form In Muscle-'Meat' As Well As Brain Staggering List Of Products Made From Cattle Holstein Cows Are Dairy Cattle - Got Milk? Top Importers Slap Ban On US Beef USDA Checks Only 20,500 Of 35 MILLION Cattle Yearly!

Seven Nations Stop US Beef Imports Mad Cow 'Not In Food Supply' Says USDA Orange Alert Obfuscates Mad Cow News Release Mexico Halts US Beef, Cattle Imports As We Said - Prion Disease IS Being Spread Via Blood! More Deadly Lies - Did USDA Even Test 20,000 Cattle? Mad Cow Set To Hit Restaurant Stocks Holstein Cows Are Dairy Cattle - Got Milk? Top Importers Slap Ban On US Beef USDA Checks Only 20,500 Of 35 MILLION Cattle Yearly! Seven Nations Stop US Beef Imports Mad Cow 'Not In Food Supply' Says USDA Wisconsin Deer Tests Positive For Mad Deer Disease Mad Cow Confirmed In The US 12-23-03 S. Korean Scientists Clone Mad Cow-Resistant Calves Canada Delayed Mad Cow Diagnosis For Months Canada Says Mad Cow Situation 'Under Control'... Canada Quarantines 2 More Farms Over Mad Cow Disease Mad Cow - 2 More Canada Farms Quarantined US Mad Cow Testing Has Been A Sham US Tries To Ease Consumer Fears Over Mad Cow Canadian Mad Cow Case Triggers Economic Shock Wave Mad Cow Case CONFIRMED In Canada Italians Promise New, Fast Prion Test From Noses Proof Prions In Nostrils Of CJD Infected People - Saliva Next Prions Commonly-Found In Victims' Noses CWD Deer Found In Utah More CWD Found In New Mexico Deer

Tongue May Harbor 'Mad Cow' Prions CWD Marches On - Now In Saskatchewan Deer Six New Cases Of Mad Cow/BSE WHO Issues Mad Cow/CJD World Control Guidelines Evidence For CWD/Mad Cow/TSEs In The Environment Evidence Of CJD/BSE Transmission Via Supplements Evidence For CJD/TSE Transmission Via Endoscopes Evidence For CJD/TSE Transmission Via Dental Instruments More Evidence Mad Cow Same As CJD And Alzheimer's Proof Mad Cow And Prion Diseases Are Rampant In US Colorado Deliberately Exposed Wild Deer, Elk To CWD! CWD Poisoned Farms Banned From Raising Livestock Admission Of Possible CWD/BSE Contaminated Ground Mad Cow May Have Hit Grandpa In S. Carolina Lancet - Human sCJD Linked To Surgery, Cattle Products Euro Politicians Want BSE Cattle Incinerator Closed Link Between Cattle Mutilations And Mad Cow Prions? Cattle Mutilations Explained? End Of The Beef Industry? "UFO" Mutilations, Mad Cow Disease and the U.S. Government List Of Toxic Materials (Including BSE?) In Vaccines Nanobacteria In Vaccines Made Of BSE-Possible Bovine Material

Captive Deer Herd Destroyed - CWD Marches On Britons May Face New Wave Of Human Mad Cow Deaths Medical And Dental Instrument CJD-BSE Contamination A Plague On The American Plains - CWD Warning CJD Prion Diseases In Blood Supply Hunters Get CWD/BSE From Eating Squirrels Direct Saliva Contact, Etc, Most Likely Route CWD Infection Could Prions Be In Milk And Dairy? - Yes Cattle Mutilations Explained? End Of The Beef Industry? Mad Deer CWD Disease - 200,000 Animals To Be Killed BSE Now Thought To Cause Cases Of CJD AND vCJD Top Nobel Scientist Wants ALL Britons Tested For CJD UK Farmer Abandons His Home & Farm Over BSE Fears Mad Dear Disease Found OUTSIDE Wisconsin Kill Zone Mad Deer CWD Disease - 200,000 Animals To Be Killed 29 Patients May Have CJD From Contaminated Instruments CJD Now A Risk At 'All Hospitals' WNV In Alligators Termed 'Amazing' - CWDNow Epidemic Six CWD Cases Found In New Areas OfColorado Deadly CWD Moves East - Ohio AnalyzingDeer Brains Mad Cow Disease Transferred To Sheep In Test Wisconsin Plan To Kill 25,000 Deer Protested Wisconsin Begins Mass Killing In Hunt For CWDDeer

Genetically Altered Cows To Be Created CWD - '...Like Something That Came From AnAlien Planet' Mad Deer Disease (CWD) Spreads To Illinois Mad Deer Disease In Nine More WisconsinWild Deer UK Finds Mad Cow Disease Infectivity InCow Tonsil New Technique Swiftly Detects Mad CowDisease McDonald's To Close 175Restaurants CWD Studies Explore Cross-Speicies JumpTo Humans ChronicWasting Disease Found In Alberta Farm Deer Did3 Wisconsin Hunting Pals Die From CWD Deer Meat? Mad Deer Disease (CWD) Spreads To Illinois Mad Deer Disease In Nine More WisconsinWild Deer BSEIn UK Cattle Was Underestimated By Half Dying CJDVictim Asked - 'Ever Eaten Pet Food?' Mad Cow Fears Ease - France Lifts BanOn British Beef Risk Of vCJD From Blood Transfusion 'Appreciable' 'Mad Deer' Eradication Zone Widens- 25,000 Deer To Be Shot Japan Confirms 5th Case of Mad Cow Disease Saskatchewan Man Dies From vCJD/Mad Cow Japan Mad-Cow Drives McDonald's SharesTo New Low Tests Suggest Risk Of Getting vCJD FromBlood Transfusions Did Three Deer-Eating Hunters Die Of Mad Deer Disease?

PA Bans Deer And Elk Importation In EffortTo Stop CWD Mad Cow Fears Send BC Water Buffalo ToSlaughter Swiss CJD Rise Raises Alarm -Mad Cow In A New Form? Human Mad Cow Cases Expected To Rise 20% Each Year Israel - A Maddened Cow Dangers Of Milk And Dairy Products- The Facts BSE Risk? - Polio Vaccine Made FromBanned Cattle Products Can Eating Deer And Elk Meat Pass CWDTo Humans? Man Develops CJD After Brain Operation The Truth About Milk - Read Huge Stocks Of Slaughtered Cattle In BSEWar Stockpiled Human Form Of 'Mad Cow' Disease Can ShowSigns Early New Mexico Deer Tests Positive For ChronicWasting Disease Case Of Mad Cow Disease Reported In Ukraine Deer With Chronic Wasting Disease FoundIn Suburban Denver Exposure To CWD Is A Death Sentence ForGame Ranches Government To CWD Marked By Denial AndDelay Chronic Wasting Disease In Deer &Elk Called 'Explosive' Chronic Wasting Disease - What Lies Ahead? If Mad Cow Jumps To Humans Why Not MadDeer CWD Disease? Mad Cow Now Confirmed In Israel Suspected Mad Cow CaseFound In Israeli Herd Mad Deer Outbreak Leads To Demands ForCaptive Elk Slaughter All 10 New Ireland Cases Of MadCow Born After 1997

Doomsday For Deer And Elk? - CWD (MadDeer) Spreads Fears Raised Of Mad Cow/BSE In Chicken New UK BSE Scare May Prompt Sausage Ban South Korea's Foot-And-Mouth OutbreaksWorsens Wisconsin To Kill 15,000 Deer To Stop'Mad Deer' Disease Japan Reports Fourth Case Of Mad Cow Disease Tests Show Mad Cow Disease Has Now SpreadTo Poland FDA Wants Mad Deer And Elk Disease Eradicated Colorado Kills Over 400 DeerAnd Elk In Effort To Stop CWD Brit Woman Living In FL Believed To HaveMad Cow Disease Two US Sheep Confirmed For MadCow-Type Brain Disease 'Mad Cow' Victims May Have Unique HeartSignature Canada Finds Mad Elk Disease HasSpread To Alberta Brain Patch Suspected Of Spreading CJD 'Mad Cow' Proteins Form InMuscle As Well As Brain Britain Seizes Polish Beef Over 'Mad Cow'Risk Kansas Cattle Test NegativeFor Foot-Mouth Disease Mad Deer Disease HitsWisconsin - Hunters Warned Mad Cow Disease Could Slip Into US US Said Vulnerable To MadCow Disease France Stops Killing Whole Herds DueTo One Mad Cow German Mad Cow Scare Leads toHalt In Burger Sales

British Health Ministers 'Bury' AlarmingCJD Infection Report At Least Three Suspected Mad Cows GetInto Meat Supply Mad Cow Butter In Germany? Italy Tries To Stem Panic Over NewestHuman Mad Cow Case Blood Test For Mad Cow In People, AnimalsPatented New vCJD Case Uncovered Kandahar's Army Of Widows Eat Cattle Feed Ash From UK Cattle Death Pyres Dug UpOver BSE Fears Dr Jon's Mad Cow Update BSE-Infected Meat In UK 'Reached TheFood Chain' Risk Of Human Mad Cow May Be GreaterIn Sheep Meat Than Beef vCJD Deaths Will Rise By 'Thousands' IfUK Sheep Have BSE UK Scientists Widen BSE ChecksTo Deer Two UK vCJD Deaths Confirmed As ComingFrom POLIO Vaccine BSE Found In Finland And Austria - SwedenLast BSE-Free In Euro vCJD Treatment AttemptFails On UK Woman CJD Death Toll Predicted To JumpNext Year Huh?- Harvard Says US Cattle Are Resistant To Mad Cow Disease Third Case Of Mad Cow DiseaseSuspected In Japan Wall Street Warns Of Upcoming Mad Cow CrisisIn The US

Scientists Now Fear BSE Epidemic InSheep 20 UK Sheep May Have BSE, Study Says Japan May Slaughter 5,000Cows For Mad Cow Checks Euro Experts Slam Slovenia's Mad CowExplanation As 'Pure Garbage' Slovenia Confirms First CaseOf Mad Cow Disease Second Japanese Mad CowCase Found Gene May Protect Some PeopleAgainst vCJD UK Hospital Study On CJD Dangers Was 'Stifled'And 'Suppressed' Japan CJD Cases Hit 1,078 - CJD Watch GetsBoosted BSE Tests Are Failing To Detect EarlySigns In Cattle McDonald's Japan Expects 32% Profit Drop OnMad Cow Disease Dentist Admits Thousand MayGet Hep-C And CJD In Office FDA Urged To Consider Ban On Cow BrainProducts CJD Brain Infection Found At CA Hospital UK Farm Minister Denies She Tried To BuryMajor BSE Blunder Cows In Tokyo, Aichi Areas Test PositiveFor BSE Scientists In Vital BSE Experiment TestedWrong Animal Brains Japanese Girl Being Monitored For MadCow vCJD Mad Cow Scare Grips Japan Blood Supplies 'Could Be Halved' - DonorsFear Results vCJD Tests U.S. Issues Declaration of Emergencyfor Mad Cow Disease Thousands Of UK Hospital Patients Exposedto vCJD/Mad Cow

BSE May Cause Slaughter Of 40Million UK Sheep Company To Test New Technology To InactivateBSE/TSEs Elk BSE Outbreak Might Force ColoradoHerds To Be Destroyed South Korea Bans Japan Meat Imports AfterMad Cow Confirmation Japanese Mad Cow Test Positive Sweden May Have Its First Two Cases OfMad Cow One Million Japan Dairy Cows To Be TestedFor Mad Cow Variant CJD May Be More InfectiousSays Expert Japan Bans Meat And Bone Meal In Cattle FeedAfter Mad Cow Case Japan Processes Suspected Mad Cow FleshInto Feed First Asian BSE/Mad Cow Case Found InJapan Proof vCJD/Mad Cow Is TransmittedBy Blood Transfusions UK Meat Industry 'Blocking CJD Investigations' Fourth Human Mad Cow Case Likely in France US Military Moves To Curb Mad Cow Risk Britain Hasn't Learned 'Mad Cow' Lesson,Says Scientist BSE/Mad Cow - At Long Last Signs OfBreakthrough "Hi, It's Tony. How Are The Cows?"Of Slaughtermen & Diggers... Wall Street Predicts Mad Cow Crisis WillHit US BSE Expert Sounds New Alarm OverSafety Of Lamb Mad Bee Disease Hits France - Bees Unable To Find Own Hives Two Thais Reported Infected With Mad Cow, Malaysia On Alert

Mad Elk Found In Oklahoma - Mad Cow/TSE On The Move It's Official - Mad Cat Disease In UK - Probably From Feeding BSE Meat Irish MDs Told To Minimize Transfusions Over Mad Cow Fears Terror And Death In Mad Cow Organophosphate Coverup? Brit Mad Cow Contaminated Feed Said To Have Reached 70 Countries US Bans Brazil Beef Products Including Gelatin Over Mad Cow Fears Did Hunter Die Of Mad Deer Disease 7 Years Ago? Mad Elk Wasting Disease Spreading In Canada Monsanto's GM Soy Beans Big Winner In Mad Cow Crisis Call For FDA To Prohibit Slaughter Of 'Downer Cows' For Food Could Organophosphate Insecticides Play A Role In Madcow Disease? Mad Cow 'Spiraling Out Of Control' - Threatens Entire EU Budget Mad Deer Deemed Risk To Range Cattle - Don't Mix 'Em! Hemophiliacs' Fear Of CJD In Blood Sparks Therapy Boycott NY Stores Sell Candy Recalled Over Mad Cow Fears Greenpoint, Brooklyn And A Candy With Mad Cow Written On It... Canada Allows Banned Mad Cow Feed Practices - Still Imports Suspect Products Mad Cow Crisis Reaches 'Alarming' Proportions In Europe Americans Wake Up To Threat Of Mad Cow Disease Mad Cow Problem Worse Than Imagined, EU Farm Ministers Hear Mad Cow - Purina Stops Putting Ruminant Remains In Cattle Feed UN Says Entire World At Risk From Mad Cow Mad Cow Takes Teen: An Unthinkable Death - An Unimaginable Loss US Quarantines Texas Cattle Over Mad Cow Rules Mad Cow - US Ban On Feeding Animals To Animals A Fraud

Mad Cow - US Livestock Feed Regulations Called 'Pathetic' German Zoos Said Raided As Meat Scares Grow US Admits To Mad Sheep, Deer, & Elk But Claims No Case Of Mad Cow US Cattlemen Call 'Zero Mad Cow Tolerance' Meeting Approaching World Mad Cow Pandemic Is Britain's Shame 4 More Mad Cows In France, 2 In Spain - What To Do With The Bodies? Nobel Prize Winner Says Mad Cow Disease Is In USA Canadians Worry About Mad Cow In Vaccines & Cosmetics Stringent Steps Taken To Keep Mad Cow Out Of US Mad Cow - 25% Of Germans Have Quit Eating Beef A Single Burger Deemed Enough To Give A Hapless Eater CJD Scotland - Mad Cow Infected CALF Meat Put Into Human Food Chain? Mad Cow Prompts Red Cross To Impose New Donor Restrictions Mad Cow Tests Producing Results But Raising Consumer Fear Of Beef Italians Given Mad Cow Alert After First Suspected Case Since 1994 Can Milk Spread CJD/Mad Cow? - New Inquiry Raises Fears Over Milk Safety Scientist Says Mad Cow Tests Do Not Guarantee Infection Status Europe Tests Find MORE Mad Cow/BSE Than Expected Irish Mad Cow Epidemic Cover-Up - Infected Carcasses Buried Mad Cow Tests Slow Beef To Euro Market - Millions 'Over 30' Cattle Killed French Minister Blasts British For Exporting Madcow Feed Mad Cow Checks Find Banned Tissue In UK Carcasses UK Medicine Yields To vCJD - Tonsillectomy Instruments Now Disposable McDonald's Offers Pork Burger In Germany To Counter Mad Cow Fears

CJD/Mad Cow - UK To Spend $300 Mill On Surgical Instrument Risks New Scandal - Failure Of Mad Cow/BSE Tests Revealed UK Hospitals Told To Clean Up Over CJD Sweden Says EU Mass Killing To Combat Mad Cow Wasteful Mad Cow Furor - Spain Dumping Dead Cows In Strip Mine France Begins Slaughterhouse Testing For Mad Cow Disease Latest Mad Cow Updates Britain's Wild Ponies Slaughtered & Eaten As Mad Cow Alternative Beef Sales Fall 80% - German Consumers Spooked Over Mad Cow Another Prion Killer - Molecular Pathology Of Fatal Familial Insomnia French to Prosecute Britons Over BSE Germany Finds Another Suspected Mad Cow German Health Chief Demands Mad Cow/Scrapie Sheep Tests Mad Cow/CJD - Staggering List Of Products Made From Cattle Mad Cow May Have Spread Worldwide - World Health Organization Mad Cow Crisis Sends Blair Government Into Disarray Blood Of Irish CJD Victim Used To Make 83,000 Doses Polio Vaccine CJD/Outrageous - Not All Single-Use Medical Instruments Used Only Once Mad Cow Measures Fail To Cover Meat Pies And Hamburgers nvCJD - France Bans Blood From People Who Lived In UK 1980-96 nvCJD To Cost Patients Billions To Insure Safer Invasive Instruments Horse Meat Sales Soar Over German BSE/Mad Cow Crisis Spiroplasmas As The Cause Of CJD Did An Insecticide Trigger Mad Cow/BSE In UK? US Faces Possible Mad Cow Risks

nvCJD - Illness That Haunts Europe: One Family's Story New Mad Cow Fears In Corned Beef & Other Meat Products Some French Mad Cows Got Into The Food Chain & Were Eaten CJD/Mad Cow Link Feared After Two Neighbors Die CJD Death Toll Being Played Down Spain Confirms Second Case Of Mad Cow Disease Another American CJD Victim Russian Man Dies Of CJD - First Russian Case Of Madcow Disease Mad Cow/CJD May Have Spread To Russia Mad Cow Cases In Europe - A Country-By-Country Breakdown Mad Cow Scare Spreading Beyond Europe The Safety Of Gelatin, Its Production, & Mad Cow/vCJD Prion Theory German Scientists First To Test Soil For Mad Cow Link Louisiana Man Exposed To Mad Cow During Surgery Sues Hospital Horses Not At All Happy About Mad Cow Disease EU Wants Slaughter Of 2 Millioin Cattle To Curb BSE Europe's Mad Cow Fight May Lead To New Food Scare Fear And Mystery Of BSE/Mad Cow Grows Breakthrough May Lead To CJD/BSE Tests UK Physicians Told Not To Tell Patients Of Possible CJD Blood Concerns Germany Finds Its First Two Home-Grown Cases Of Mad Cow Mad Cow Found In Spain - Fear Spreads Throughout Europe Mad Cow Panic Spills Into Spain Mad Cow Now Found In Azores - All Cattle There To Be Slaughtered

Lion In British Zoo Had Form Of Mad Cow Dutch Discover Seventh Mad Cow/BSE Case Beef Sales Off 50% In France As Fear Of Mad Cow Deepens Mad Cow - France Bans Beef On Bone & Animal Meal In Livestock Feed Mad Cow Panic Spreading Throughout Europe Surgical Instruments Spread CJD Mad Cow In US Water Possible? Mad Cow - France Calls For 'Immediate Moratorium' On Bone Meal In Feed Half UK Tonsil Tools Could Carry Mad Cow/vCJD UK Won't Ban Surgical Instruments In Tonsil Removal - Despite vCJD CDC Says 'No Mad Cow Disease' In US...What About Deer/Elk? Barrels Of BSE Waste Float Away In Britain's Worst Floods BSE-Infected Chemicals May Be In UK Water Supply EU So Worried About CJD They Now Plan To Outlaw British Blood Mad Cow - UK Calls For Total Ban Feeding Animals To Animals Swiss To Ban All Animal Meal In Livestock Feed - BSE/Mad Cow Fears The Dentist's Tale UK Scientist Says Every British Person Has 'Eaten 50 BSE Meals' Anti-Aging Creams 'Exposed Women To Risk Of Mad Cow/BSE' Jeff Calls For New Dental/Medical BSE/Mad Cow Sterilization Policies 8 Patients May Have CJD From Reused 'Sterile' Surgical Instruments Scientists Warn Mad Cow/CJD Spread In Dental And Surgical Procedures

British Public Was Misled On Mad Cow Crisis For Years Horrific Death Of Girl With vCJD Videotaped In England Human Form Of Mad Cow Disease (CJD) Mystifies Doctors Human Form Of Mad Cow Disease (CJD) Mystifies Doctors CJD/Mad Cow Prions Survive Digestive Tract! 1,000 Tons Possible Mad Cow Beef Get Into French Markets French Cows Eat Meat-Dosed Feed Linked To Mad Cow Disease Concern Over CJD Increases More New nvCJD Cases In UK Children British Government Handed Official Report On Mad Cow Crisis Another 'Cluster' Death Fifth From New Variant CJD (nvCJD) New, 'Simple Blood Test' For BSE/Mad Cow Said To Be A Fraud A New, Simple Test Could Detect CJD - The Human Form Of BSE/Mad Cow UK Cattle Still Being Fed Cannibal Diet! - New BSE Case Confirmed Connect The Prions - Dairy And Meat Industries In Grave Trouble Blood Donors Feared To Have Spread CJD To Many - Tip Of The Iceberg Scientists Shocked As CJD/Mad Cow Disease Reveals New, Deadly Traits Blood Donors With No Symptoms Can Pass CJD - Blood Supply Unsafe

BSE Transmitted From Sheep To Sheep Via Blood Transfusion Strongest Evidence Yet CJD/Mad Cow Spread By Blood Transfusions Scientists Warn Mad Cow/CJD Spread In Dental And Surgical Procedures BSE Four Times Worse Than Believed In France 'Whirling Disease' In Trout - Fish Version Of Mad Cow/Mad Deer Disease? Rising Death Toll From Human BSE Canada Fearing nvCJD Bars More Blood Donors Scientists Now Warn Of Mad Cow/CJD Risk In Dental Procedures Mad Cow And CJD May Be Transmitted Invisibly Mad Cow And Alzheimer's Proteins Are Similar New Fears Mad Cow And CJD May Be Spread By Pork, Lamb, And Poultry Mad Cow - CJD Species-Jumping Revelation Confirms Worst Fears Humans May Be Secret 'Mad Cow' Carriers Mad Cow And Alzheimer's Proteins Are Similar Mad Cow/CJD Death Cluster Sparks New Fears In UK Is Mad Cow/BSE In Milk And Milk Products? - Study Ordered USDA's State Of Emergency Regarding Mad Cow In Vermont Sheep Human Mad Cow Deaths In UK Now Rising 33% Per Year Scientists Now Warn Of Mad Cow/CJD Risk In Dental Procedures How Mad Cow Prions Spread Disease

Some 'Herbal' Supplements Contain Raw Animal Parts And Risk Of Mad Cow/CJD Nobel Scientist Says Mad Cow Disease May Infect Millions Of Sheep Nobel Scientist Says Mad Cow Disease May Infect Millions Of Sheep CJD Deaths Rising--Mad Cow Disease May Kill 500,000 Britons Mad Deer Disease Spreads To Wisconsin? - Infected Venison Can Be Fatal Young UK Woman's Death Blamed On Mad Cow - CJD Vermont Sheep Mad Cow 'No Threat' To Humans...But Don't Eat The Cheese! Plan Drawn Up To Avert Food Panic If BSE Found In Sheep UK's Human Mad Cow Cases Rise 20-30% In One Year US Orders Vermont Sheep Liquidated Over 'Mad Cow' Fears Renewed Fears BSE/Mad Cow Passes From One Generation To Another New Mad Cow Cases In France - Four Herds Killed Another Mad Cow Fatality - Fifteen Year Old Girl Dies From vCJD Mad Cow - EU To Ban Cattle Eyes, Spinal Cords, & Brain Tissue From Food Mad Cow-BSE-CJD Now Likely To Be A Global Infection Mad Cow, Scrapie, And CJD - Some Interesting References Mad Cow Risks First Reported...In 1976 More Mad Cow In France - Two Herds Killed Human Growth Hormone May Be Linked To CJD Death US 'Mad Deer' Disease CAN Spread To Humans BSE/Mad Cow Disease Also 'Spread Through Cowpatties' Mad Cow Epidemic In Britain Said Will Die Out By 2007

Mad Cow Cases Soar In France - New Means Of Transmission Feared CJD Said Linked To HGH Use In 70's CJD/Mad Cow Crisis Grows - UK Women Fear Infection By Unsterile Instruments Ukraine Bans Danish Beef Over Mad Cow Fears British Doctors Fear Mother Passed CJD/Mad Cow To Her Baby Scientists Now Able To Diagnose CJD In Living Victims Via Tonsil Biopsy Scientists Now Able To Diagnose CJD In Living Victims Via Tonsil Biopsy Brain Tissue In German Cooked Meats Raises Mad Cow/CJD Exposure Questions New Mad Cow Outbreaks In Denmark And France - Herd Destroyed Compound Might Slow CJD, Mad Cow, Scrapie Disease CJD/Mad Cow Crisis Grows - UK Women Fear Infection By Unsterile Instruments Baby Girl May Have Caught Mad Cow/CJD From Her Mother READ - Are Mad Cow-Like Diseases Developing in the USA? Mad Deer and Elk Disease Spooks Hunters and Health Officials US Sheep Quarantined In Mad Cow Scare British Medical Chief Says 'Hundreds Of Thousands' CJD Deaths Possible CJD And Mad Cow/BSE Shown To Be The SAME Infectious Protein Breakthrough: US Scientists Invent Blood Test For CJD Mad Cow/BSE Deaths Could Be Just The Tip Of Iceberg Confirmed - Definite Link Between Mad Cow Disease And CJD Report: To 400,000 People Could Get Mad Cow/CJD From A Single Cow

Some Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetics Risk Mad Cow Disease Mad Cow/CJD Quietly Claiming More Americans Mad Cow Cases Mounting In Portugal Beef Stunning Methods Could Spread Mad Cow Prions Scientists Moving Closer To Mad Cow Test - USDA French Only Check 28 Of 700,000 Cattle For Mad Cow In 90's New Test Detects Mad Cow Protein In Blood Fear Of Spreading CJD Bans Repeat Use Of Opticians Equipment Some UK Cattlemen Hid Possible BSE-Risk Cattle With False IDs Prion Diseases Spreading Through Grains? Alert Sounded Over Super Bacteria In British Meat Brain Scans Might Diagnose Human Mad Cow (vCJD) Britain Probes Mad Cow Storage Risks Mad Cow - Attempts To Create 'Super Cattle' May Have Lead To BSE Disease Mad Cow - Beef Blood (!) Used In Some French Wine Process - China Bans Them Mad Cow -UK Scientists Hid BSE Threat In Vaccines Made With Beef Products Germany Refuses To Lift UK Beef Ban CJD - Opticians Ordered To Toss Contacts After Each Use British Fear Mad Cow Variant CJD In US Blood Imports AIDS On the Rise Among Over-50s In The Dating Game New Prion Disease? Fatal Insomnia Linked To Abnormal Brain Proteins UK Scientists Will Try To Prove 'Mad Cow' Comes From The Soil - Not Meat Mad Cow Fears Fuel Move To Ban Blood Donors Mad Cow - Copper Shown To Influence Prions - Major Implications EU Bans US Beef Over Fears Of Hormone-Fed CattleSerious CJD Deaths Could Be On The Rise - Death Rate Climbing Funeral Workers Live In Fear of CJD (Mad Cow) Prions In Corpses 'Mad Cow' Prions Now In Birds? Bald Eagle Disease Now In Ducks Scientists Study First Human CJD Suspected 'Mad Deer' Death

Mad Cow Disease Found In French Zoo Lemurs - Beef Diet Suspected Mad Cow - British CJD Deaths Rise In Last Quarter Of 1998 More People Getting Mad Cow/CJD - Scientists Stumped As To How More People Getting Mad Cow/CJD - Scientists Stumped As To How Mad Cow/CJD Warning Over Routine Surgical Procedures Mad Cow - $600,000 Spent To Slaughter British Cattle Mad Cow Nightmare - Meat Inspectors Terrorized By Slaughtermen Mad Cow - British Beef On Bone Ban Must Stay Says Health Chief Mad Cow/CJD Can Be Transmitted Through Surgery! Thousands Face New Tonsil Test For Mad Cow/CJD Infection UK Reports More Deaths Due To New Variant Of Mad Cow/CJD US Made Blood Products Quarantined Over Mad Cow Fears US May Block All British Blood Over Mad Cow Fear Mad Cow - Scientists Question OK To Export British Beef Again Deer Meat - Mad Cow - CJD - And the Survivalist/Hunter British Public Said Seriously Misled On Mad Cow Disease Danger Uh-Oh...Man And His Cat Both Develop CJD (Mad Cow) At Same Time

Mad Cow Blood Spills On Highway In England - Several Splashed First Mad Cow Warning Came 7 Years Ago In England - It Was Ignored 'Serious Danger' British Sheep Have Been Infected With Mad Cow Disease Human Mad Cow-CJD Judgment Day Five Years Away Says British Expert Britain to Test Appendix And Tonsil Specimens for Mad Cow - CJD Mad Elk Disease Spreading - Now Found In Nebraska France Finds New Mad Cow Case, Herd Slaughtered Cattle Stun Gun May Heighten "Madcow" Risk Human "Mad Cow" Toll Higher Than Admitted Mad Cow Hidden Horror - Infection Rate May Be 100 Times Higher Mad Cow-Tainted Blood Injected Into 350 People US Study Raises New Worries Over Mad Cow Disease FDA Says Gelatin Free Of Mad Cow Risk...If New CJD Exposure Risks Reported - Don't Eat Raw Meat Or Brains Easy "Mad Sheep" Protein Test Found - "Mad Cow" Test Possible? Mad Cow - CJD Spread "Far Wider Than Ever Imagined"? Belgium Finds Second Mad Cow Case - Destroys Herd

A Really Sad Story About A BSE/CJD Victim EU Being Pressured To Allow Hormone-Treated Beef Miami Meat Worker Dies of Creutzfeldt-Jakob (Mad Cow) Cheap Meat Said Cause Of Mad Cow in Humans Mad Cow Concern Shifts To Blood Supply Britain To Import Blood Plasma Because Of 'Mad Cow' Risk Mad Cow Latest - Scientists Now Consider Gelatin Unsafe Questions About New U.S. Meat Inspection Program Deer Dropping Dead From Mad Cow In Colorado/Wyoming Fast And Slow Variants Of Mad Cow Gene Found Mad Cow & Kreutzfeld-Jacob Disease Prions Defined Hong Kong Fears 111 Infected in 'Mad Cow' Scare Mad Cow Impact Exploding In Europe "UFO" Mutilations, Mad Cow Disease and the U.S. Government Mad Cow In Medicine (and other) Gel Caps? Mad Cow/CJD Spread Through Spinal Cord Nerves

Mad Cow/CJD In The Blood Supply Mad Cow Panic! "What The Hell CAN We Eat?" Mad Cow/CJD Tissue Transplanted To Three. Whoops... Mad Cow (CJD) Disease Now In British Blood Supply? Is Mad Cow Or CJD In Your Fridge Right Now? European Parliament Battles Mad Cow Mad Cows and Milk Gate: Meat Anyone? Irish Firm Announces Mad Cow Test Breakthrough Mad Cow/CJD Fears: U.S. Bans All European Meat Imports Mad Cow/CJD Lawsuit In Japan Over Tainted Transplant Mad Cow: EU Scientists Call For Increased Ban On Cattle Parts Portugal First To Screen Mad Cow/CJD From Blood Supply Mad Cow: Britain To Consider Importing U.S. Blood U.S. Beef Stockmen Pay Little Attention To Mad Cow Rules Oprah Sued Over Right To Discuss Mad Cow On TV 1997 Was The Hottest Year 'On Record'

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