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The insidious truth about "non-lethal" weapons

Citizens' Initiative Omega | 30.07.2003 12:36 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Health | London | World

Microwave Fears-"The Bristol Hum" - Where do we live? - To Whom It May Concern - North East Wales Mobile antenna plan defeated - Thank you! - A marine wonderland under threat -
Cheney Chicanery - Administration shifts back to 9/11 in defense of Iraq war

Microwave Fears - "The Bristol Hum"
Dear Mr Rudolph,

I have been in contact with a Mr John Dawes, and he thinks you may be interested in my experiences regarding what is now known as "The Hum and its microwave RF induced causes to adverse health effects"!

I have written to several newspapers and media agencies cataloging my suffering. The following (see under ) is my latest effort to the Sun Newspaper in Great Britain.

Barry Fletcher.


Where do we live?
Hi Dorothy,

You are interested to know about Israel - Actually there is something to tell, I've just read now - after an atricle about power lines in a health magazine, some people reacted and told their stories with power lines: One woman wrote that her sister got twice leukemia - the second time she died. There were power lines near them, and she connects it to the power line now. Another one told that on her street, with massive power lines that it's not logic to have such like them near residents - 4 people have cancer at the same street. Although the residents told this to the local council- they were ignored. The council told the magazine that the electricity company pressures not to do anything about it.

People could make a connection to the illness thanks to the article. But the article cited the head of radiation department in the government, saying that if there was something proven that magnetic fields at levels of 3-4 mG cause danger, he would lower the standard. He added that anyway leukemia is a disease that is easy to cure, and that the illness rate of leukemia is half a case for a year.

At the same article a doctor said that leukemia is the most common disease in children, and another doctor said they fight it hard.

Anyway the article was enough to open some's people eyes, and it's the most important thing.

I would like to draw the attention to 3 things I see again and again, that I think prevent public from taking actions, and prevent them from thinking in other direction from what they are used to:

A. Cancer is normal, exposure to carcinogenes is justified. When this "expert" says that leukemia is actually not so serious disease, that reminds me of a doctor who said on the television that today a breast cancer is easy to cure. (something like a flu?) He said it because doctors give to women carcinogenic hormones that cause agressive breast cancer. So they make it legitimate to expose people to carcinogenes by moving the weight to the "easiness" of diseases that people die of, with metastasis.

I have to ask - where do we live, that it is normal to cause people cancer, and then say that cancer is not really a serious disease. What kind of normes do people grow to live in? Is that a wonder that people are so blocked when they hear that something is dangerous (GMO food, pollution, cellular phones, chemicals, hair dyes, etc) and they will just say: "Everything makes cancer, but we only live once, we have to enjoy"- they won't even try to change it, to resist it, to protest that this is how they are being treated - they see this as NORMAL !! Because that is how they are educated.

B. Blaming our "Bad Genes" - a distraction.
The second thing is that when people get cancer, they are told that reasons for cancer are unknown, but it is mostly because of their genetics. The genetic industry is very successful. You can buy your genes map and give it to the employer, "the future is in the genome map" they will say, you can buy the biotechnology drugs, etc. again we serve the industry: the genetic industry. It is all very perfectly planned for their interests. Genetics is only 1%-5% of the cancer causes.

But What about US? On one hand they mess up our genes, and on the other hand they will blame cancer on our genetics - not on any carcinogenic exposure.

The World Health Organization WHO published a report lately, where it states that in the future the cancer rate will be much higher.(but WHY? they don't they say WHY it will be higher !) The report says that
if we want to avoid cancer, what we have to do is this:
1. not smoke
2. eat "RIGHT" (ignoring that our food is threatened by the GMO and the chemicals they spray - just eat "balanced" and you will not need vitamin supplements...)
3. do sports.

That's it. So all the industries can continue polluting the air - water - food, add electromagnetic radiation, and it doesn't have anything to do with cancer. And we can stay passive. In Israel this report is cited now in the newspapers, over and over again. to "explain" the people. This way people are distracted not to think that there is a link between environmental toxins and cancer. They will just do their thing - some exercise, some balanced food and non smoking. But guess what - they are still at risk for cancer. and not because of their "fate".

That's sad. Very sad. But it also points on the problem - people need to get free from this wrong education.

C. The winner takes it all, the looser standing small.

The third thing is that the industry people do not win the game - they just think they win.
- They are eating the soup they cook.
- Their genes are no different from ours.
- And they are physically at the same environment.

The industry people are hurt even quicker than the public: They have higher exposure standards but they are not protected - they get diseases from EMR, chemicals, etc. The "big sharks" who think every problem can be solved with money, go in the country, travel abroad, in other words they walk in the EMF cloud themselves. They talk on the phones, they cannot get away from the electromagnetic soup they cook for us.

So they are not too clever, but we don't have to suffer because of their stupidity.

Message from Iris Atzmon


To Whom It May Concern
My name is Angela Olstad and I am one of the many people in the Melrose-Mindoro School District who are feeling better because of the recent electrical clean up. This problem is known as electrical pollution or "dirty" electricity. I suffered for 3.5 school years with unexplainable health conditions. The most frightening included numbness,
exhaustion, severe headaches, double vision, and memory loss. I went to see a neurologist. After two MRI’s of my brain and many other tests, I was diagnosed with benign MS. Benign MS, which I believe, is a term given when no other answer can be found.

To clean up the electrical pollution the electricians rewired the computer lab and put filters into the many outlets throughout our building. This took a few days and the costs were minimal. Yes, it was that easy. However, the demand on electrical wiring is getting greater everyday, everywhere. Our school, for example, is 36 years old. The
wiring in those days does not stand up to the demands of today.

Since feeling better I have decided to learn more about this very serious problem. I have spent much of my summer reading peer reviewed reports, EPA reports and books. I realize now how endless these reports are and how the right people are not acknowledging they've read them. While working with Mr. Dave Stetzer I've found an endless supply of sad and happy stories.

I've worked with children for 14 years. The children in my school are now learning in the safest environment possible. I want all children to have the opportunity to learn without worrying about suffering the consequences of electrical pollution. Every night I go to sleep and hope tomorrow the electric companies do something about this problem.

If you would like more information about this problem see-

I hope this information is helpful in your search to help others who are suffering needlessly.

I have attached an article I wrote that will be included in the WI Teacher magazines this fall, and a letter from our school nurse.

If I can be of any help please feel free to email me.

Thank you,

Angela Olstad

Many people in the Melrose-Mindoro School District are feeling better because of the recent electrical clean up in our schools. This problem is known as electrical pollution. The staff suffered from unexplainable health conditions for years. The list of symptoms includes: fatigue, memory loss, facial flushing, rashes, headaches, numbness, eye irritation, depression, sleep disturbances, double vision, asthma difficulties, sinus infections, bronchitis, loss of taste and smell. These health conditions began when school started and gradually went away throughout the summer months.

Mr. Dave Stetzer, a power quality manager, was hired to evaluate the electrical condition of our schools. He found many problems in the electrical system. The ubiquitous meter readings should have been zero, but our school had numbers as high as 150+. Dr. Martin Graham a professor from University of California, Berkeley has defined ubiquitous pollution.

Dr. Neil Cherry a professor from Lincoln University says a safe level of exposure to RF (radio frequency) is zero. To clean up the electrical pollution the electricians rewired the computer lab and put filters into the many outlets throughout our building. This took a few days and the costs were minimal. Yes, it was that easy. The readings in the building are now averaging 15 or below. An acceptable level could be below 20. The Mindoro Elementary School, for example, is 36 years old. The wiring in those days does not stand up to the demands of today. The demand on electrical wiring is growing rapidly everyday, everywhere.

Mr. Stetzer has also evaluated the electrical condition for Blair-Taylor, and Brighten Schools. These schools are now living the benefits from their electrical clean up. Problems were also found in the Marshfield and Spencer School Districts.

The results are incredible- healthy people! Staff attendance has improved greatly, and students are now being called their right names. Every symptom above is gone or has improved significantly. Once again we enjoy teaching.

The students are also benefiting from the electrical clean up. The school nurse has documented no need for the commonly used asthma nebulizer and inhaler use is down. In addition the attitude and effort of the students has improved.

It is important that if you or others you know are having these same symptoms that you do something about it. Do not let these problems ruin your life. The Melrose-Mindoro School District is very lucky, the school board and superintendent came to us with this information. In order to get the help needed talk to your school administrators about electrical pollution until they listen. Do the research and know the facts.

Yes, electrical companies deny this is happening, but soon they will have to open their eyes and admit there is a problem. People are suffering for no reason. Are you one of those people? Electrical pollution can be cleaned up and help is available, affordable and necessary. Do not let another day go by without doing something to help yourself and those around you. Insist that your schools get checked for electrical pollution so you can start feeling better today. Your health can improve that quickly, ours did.

For further information


May 21, 2003

To Whom It May Concern:

Angela Olstad asked me to document some of the health changes I have noticed in myself during my time at Mindoro Elementary.

I am the reading specialist at Mindoro Elementary. I have worked in this position for the past 10 years. Traditionally I have experienced fatigue, headaches, stress, and general feelings of malaise throughout the school year, with the end of the year being the most unpleasant. These changes were pronounced enough to prompt my husband to comment each year that when June came around he would get his "real wife" back. And he was right because after being out of school for a short period of time, the symptoms would disappear only to reappear over the course of the falling school year. I have always attributed these symptoms to job stress; however, at the end of this year, I do not feel ill at all despite having many of the same, plus some additional, situations to deal with. I now have the energy to complete my tasks at work and enjoy my evenings.

I began noticing a change in myself in January. As a Title I teacher I conduct three parent teacher conferences throughout the school year. Conferencing can be a tiring experience; in the past I remember leaving the school feeling extremely exhausted and headachy. Knowing how I would feel at the end of the night I would dread having to spend the extra time in the building in the evenings for conferences. After the January conferences I was pleasantly surprised to notice that I did not have the same level of fatigue that I usually would; I was tired, but not wiped out. I also was able to concentrate much more easily than I had been at the November conferences or conferences in previous years. I wasn't sure what had made the difference, but it was a very pleasant change. The same was true at the March conference times.

I have not changed my work habits or anything in my personal life that would contribute to these changes I have noticed.

If you would like to contact me to personally discuss these comments feel free to call me at school 857-3410 or at home 781-3843.


Constance M. Alvin


BBC NEWS Wales North East Wales Mobile antenna plan defeated
The antennas could have been put up within the Flexsys site

People living near a factory where it was proposed to erect three mobile phone antennas have won a planning battle against phone giants 02. Wrexham councillors refused the application at a meeting on Monday because of health fears over the plan.

The company wanted to put up the antennas on top of a building in Flexsys, a rubber chemical firm in Cefn Mawr.

Last Thursday more than 30 residents marched to the plant, which employs 200 people, to voice their concerns. With banners flying, they then asked to speak to manager Russell Owens about the proposed development. He accepted their letters outlining their fears and he told BBC News Online that the company were neither for or against the scheme.

Jan Morris, who has lived in Cefn Mawr for 25 years, said local people were not against the phone antennas but they did not want them placed near to houses. She said she was concerned about the possible health implications.

Local county councillor, Warren Coleman, has said that he would support the application if it meets with the advice from the Welsh assembly on health matters.

Informant: Robert Riedlinger


Thank you! Gracias! Obrigado! Danke Sehr! Grazie! Merci!
We are most grateful to those thousands of friends residing in more than 120 countries across five continents, who adhered to the recent message sent by Unidad Cubana, addressed to 100 world leaders on behalf of Cuban political prisoners. From Havana, via telephone, Elsa Morejon, wife of Cuban political prisoner Dr. Oscar Biscet, sent a moving message of gratitude. Though we were unable to make direct contact with family members of Martha Roque, we learned that communist authorities were forced to provide her with, at least, minimum medical assistance that was being denied as she was transferred to a Military Hospital where she remains in critical condition. Providing information worldwide of the tragedy Cuban political prisoners are suffering helps to protect their physical integrity though it might not obtain their much desired freedom. The communist regime is very much aware that the eyes of the world are presently on Cuba. Once again, we offer our gratitude. To continue receiving updated information concerning the state of health of these and other Cuban political prisoners, you may write to Unidad
Cubana or Mrs. Laida Carro


A marine wonderland under threat
The Australian Government recently released a draft plan proposing to zone 32.5% of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park as a marine sanctuary. Currently marine sanctuaries - places where commercial and recreational fishing are prohibited - comprise only 4.6% of the Marine

WWF-Australia, with Panda Passport holders, has long campaigned that this is completely inadequate to keep the reef safe from the range of threats it faces, and is pleased that the draft plan has significantly increased protection for the reef.

However, WWF has some key concerns about the Government's draft plan, including:

- many turtle nesting sites and areas of dugong habitat remain under-protected
- sea floor trawling, a practice that destroys up to 10 times more
marine life than is harvested, remains permitted along large parts of the coastline and between a number of reefs
- many special and unique sites are lacking the protection they require

WWF believes that to help ensure the reef is healthy for future generations to enjoy, around 50% of the Marine Park should be declared a marine sanctuary.

Establishing such a large network of marine sanctuaries has never been attempted before, and this plan could set a new benchmark for marine conservation that will have global significance.

Achieving WWF's goals and turning this plan into law will not be easy, however you can help to make it a reality. Please make a submission to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority calling for around 50% of the Marine Park to be declared a marine sanctuary.

Submission deadline is August 4 2003.

Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.
Sarah Bladen
WWF International


The insidious truth about "non-lethal" weapons
Seattle Times
by Joshua Ortega

"We have fully entered the era of doublespeak that George Orwell warned us about over 50 years ago. We numb ourselves to the reality of our actions with euphemisms, and we intentionally manipulate language to pretend that everything we do is for the good of humanity, rather than acknowledging that sometimes we're doing it for higher profits or more power." (07/27/03)

Informant: Thomas L. Knapp


Cheney Chicanery

Administration shifts back to 9/11 in defense of Iraq war

Microwave Fears-"The Bristol Hum" - Where do we live? - To Whom It May Concern - North East Wales Mobile antenna plan defeated - Thank you! - A marine wonderland under threat -
Cheney Chicanery - Administration shifts back to 9/11 in defense of Iraq war

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