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31-03-2016 21:05

London's Telegraph Amplifies Cornell's Anti-vegan Disinformation

Cornell University, Invested In Slaughterhouses, Is Attacking Veganism
Cornell, an animal torturing university heavily invested in meat and dairy stocks, has, with an eye to its endowment stock portfolio, disseminated disinformation about vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. Read more >>

30-09-2015 15:15

ereland's Hare Coursing fraternity SHAMED!

Hares in a tranquil setting...
Coursing Club members plead GUILTY in court to snatching hares from major heritage site!


30-04-2015 18:10

FOI Reports reveal that Minister opted not sanction coursing clubs despite clear

The controversial letter sent by Mallow Coursing Club to the Wildlife Service...
Irish animal protection groups are shocked to learn from FOI reports that the National Parks & Wildlife Service, following "discussions" with Arts & Heritage Minister Heather Humphreys, decided not to sanction two coursing clubs for clear breaches of license conditions that supposedly apply to the holding of all coursing events, and that she gave them the green light to continue coursing hares during the 2014/15 season, despite what the NPWS officials referred to as the “seriousness of the incidents at these meetings”. Read more >>

24-04-2015 20:37

Many Reasons McDoanld's To Shut Down 700 Stores This Year...

1.5 Million Underpaid Workers
Animal agony, unionbusting, deforestation, human disease, crime, corruption, environmental desecration, energy waste, litter (biggest corporate British litterer).... some reasons McDonald's
faces 139 stores closing in Japan and 700 systemwide this year. Read more >>

10-04-2015 09:44

Why isn't there daily news about animals suffering in Britain?

News of animals suffering is very rare and is still presented as if animals aren’t' being abused, tortured and attacked daily all over the country. Read more >>

03-04-2015 11:54

Easter2015-Where is “Regulation”, “Accountability”, “Democracy” and “Justice”?

Where is

20-03-2015 18:51

Animal Agony, Union Busting, Deforestation, Human Disease At McDonald's

It has been 10 years since the European Court of Human Rights fined British courts 57000 pounds for denying free speech to Steel and Morris in London Greenpeace V McDonald's,
Unionbusting, obesity, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, animal agony, deforestation, rainforest destruction, energy waste, crime, litter continue to be
associated with the Western wrold's biggest restaurant chain Read more >>

17-02-2015 18:08

Join These Vegan, Vegetarian And Fruitarian Champions

Socialist George Bernard Shaw
Nikola Tesla, Leonardo, Mary Shelley, Van Gogh, John Wesley, founder of Methodists, Serena Williams tennis star, Roger Bannister, first to break 4 minute mile... some of the hundreds of millions of vegans, vegetarians, and fruitarians with longer life expectancy, a kinder diet, a more environmental, energy conserving, ethical and economic way of eating. Read more >>

31-01-2015 19:48

Protest against top sponsor of live hare coursing in Ireland

Anti-hare coursing protest at Boylesports office in Dublin
On January 30th a protest was held outside the office of Boylesports betting agency, Westmoreland Street, Dublin. An alliance of animal protection and conservation groups will be represented, including the Association of Hunt Saboteurs (AOHS), the Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports (CACS), and the Irish Council Against Blood Sports (ICABS)

28-01-2015 21:53

Possible US Presidential Candidates In 2016

8 of the 22 most commonly mentioned possible Republican candidates for the presidency gathered in Iowa to garner support. Generally the Republican Party supports illegal wars, opposes environmental protection, fights against protection for animals, supports draconian punishment for nonviolent pot smokers etc. Many Democrat candidates have voted for war appropriations. There are many third parties: Green, Socialist, Libertarian, Communist etc. Read more >>

24-01-2015 15:04

American TV Networks Promote War, Toxic Food, Deforestation

Even public television and radio have been corrupted in the US. National Public Radio owns 200 million dollars in McDonald's stock. Read more >>

26-12-2014 09:29

Greyhounds still suffering on fourth anniversary of Zigzag kennel closure

Dogs stranded at Zigzag in 2012
Despite closing in 2010 the after effects of the notorious Zigzag kennels are still being felt by Greyhounds racing on UK tracks in 2014. It emerges that dogs were bred after the proprietor was banned by the industry and that some Greyhound protection campaigners concealed that fact from the public. Read more >>

17-10-2014 17:24

Catholic priest BLESSES venue used for cruel hare coursing event

Priest blesses Glin hare coursing venue in Co. limerick, Ireland
I have to ask: does the Catholic Church have a death wish?

Hare coursing is a horribly cruel “sport” that is a crime in many jurisdictions. It’s bad enough that the Irish government allows it…but this week pictures circulating on social media (twitter and facebook) clearly show a Catholic Priest officially BLESSING a hare coursing venue.

08-09-2014 19:54

SOCPA7 Events taking place this week

Inside the walls of Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), over 100,000 animals are imprisoned and more than 500 animals are killed every day. Read more >>

06-09-2014 18:12

August carnage at Belle vue Greyhounds

A track offical waits for incident at Manchester's Belle vue stadium
Yet more concerns for Greyhound welfare at Manchester's Belle vue stadium as trainers halt trial session after death and injuries at the 88 year old track. Read more >>

21-08-2014 15:16

Support the Socpa 7

Help us to support 7 protesters who are facing up to 5 years in prison for fighting animal testing. Read more >>

30-07-2014 18:03

New Evidence of hare coursing savagery

Latest FOI reports from National Parks and Wildlife Service expose sickening truth about Ireland’s legal hare coursing… Read more >>

05-05-2014 12:31

FOI Hearing. Re. HLS

Hearing Details 12 May.

08-04-2014 16:25

Calf Crate Crimes In Oregon

A US concentration camp for calves in Oregon
calf confinement occurs around the world... but Oregon's concentration camp is from the lowest
level of hell

01-04-2014 21:41

Vegan And Vegetarian Champions Ask LeBron James To Join Them

Roger Bannister British vegetarian 1st to run 4 minute mile
champion vegan and vegetarian athletes of the world ask LeBron James to cancel his fast food ad Read more >>

13-03-2014 22:39

56 Oil Billionaires

victim of oil
Oil belongs to a country, not to privateers. Petroplutocrats have destroyed the environment, have pricegouged the poor and all, have caused coups in socialist countries like Iran in 1953, have assassinated people, have caused runaway inflation, have conspired since the early 1900's to destroy train systems and electric car industries. Read more >>

11-03-2014 17:36

Glow In The Dark: Consume Fish Or Radioactive Fish Oil

Diseased Fish
It is not just Fukushima that continues to pour radiation into the ocean. Many countries are illegally dumping their nuclear waste. Read more >>

18-02-2014 16:19

Genocide Of 165,000 Geese And Mute Swans Planned In New York

Macho Men Massacre
Please help stop New York from slaughtering 165,000 geese and mute swans. Read more >>

17-02-2014 21:34

Billionaires Profiteering From Slaughterhouse Suffering, Earth Destruction

Whether or not you believe that billionaires have a right to wage war, profiteer from war and weapons, pricegouge, exploit the poor, kill animals and mother earth, bribe legislators, eliminate competitors through unethical means to amass fortune, may all who care contact these billionaires to ask that they begin supporting Tesla and other electric cars, mass transit systems, solar energy, vegan products and restaurants, etc. Read more >>

16-02-2014 20:04

Is McDonald's Going To Burn These Hedge Funds

Years after London Greenpeace was sued by McDonald's in the longest trial at that time in British history, the world's biggest fast food chain is at risk, say stock analysts.
Drought affecting western state cattle ranches, growing knowledge of the heart attacks, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer's etc
associated with cow flesh consumption, the animal rights movement's critical mass... some of the factors in McDonald's declining stock performance.
Data is from Insider Monkey Summary is by Transparency Read more >>

13-02-2014 01:44

36 Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers Invested in War, Warmonger Media, Animal Slau

A look at 1 British, 1 Australian, and 29 American billionaire hedge fund managers and their
behind the scenes manipulation of the world


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