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UK NATO 2014 Newswire Archive

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NATO & arms companies: Chalking the connections in Newport

04-09-2014 17:15

Taking inspiration from the poet from Swindon chalking a few yards away in Westgate Square, we used pavement chalk and song to let the people of Newport know the real reason the NATO summit is in south Wales right now.

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Photos/reports from days before the NATO summit in Newport

04-09-2014 11:27

Sat: An A to B march through Newport
Sun: Protest at Cardiff's fence of steel
Mon & Tue - still to write up
Wed: Police asked to arrest NATO leaders

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American advisors and "Information Warfare" in Ukraine

04-09-2014 11:16

A section for "information warfare" is working in parallel with the "American advisors" running the war.

This explains why the same untruths are repeated by all mass media.

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20 photos of build up to NATO conference 2014

04-09-2014 10:13

20 photos from Newport and Cardiff and the Tredegar Park peace camp in the build up to the 2014 NATO summit in Wales.

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Pity the Syrian Children

04-09-2014 08:56

Sougman and his 95 year old brother
I recently toured the Armenian village of Kasab where the Free Syrian Army and their Al Nusra allies slaughtered 88 of the 2,000 inhabitants and publicly beheaded 13 of these defenceless civilians, deliberately destroying the fabric and harmony of Kasab in the process. Some of the residents I spoke to were inconsolable while others such as 86 year old Sougman Saghdhian and his 95 year old bed-ridden brother Joseph try to get on with life as best they can and to put the carnage and their cynical Turkish incarceration behind them as best they can

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Claim for Fire at BAE Arms Development Centre

30-08-2014 12:38

We mounted our attack against the BAE Systems arms factory in the Filton area of Bristol by setting a fire against the fuel tank outside the onsite Advanced Technology Centre (Impact Facility - High Power Electro Magnetic Facility section) on August 29th. Today we now announce carrying this out in the context of the NATO summit in Newport in five days. Britain is rife with military industrial complex structures all year round and everyone can draw her or his own conclusion.

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As well as the Celtic Manor here are some other parts of NATO's militarised netw

29-08-2014 13:00

Maps for those attending the 2014 NATO Summit

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Callout – Sabcat Day of Action Against Austerity, Benefit Cuts and Evictions.

28-08-2014 14:27

Meet at the Cenotaph, Newport at 1pm. Dressing up as Sabcats optional, but we recommend that you mask up. Cat masks will be available on the day. Wear ears, fluffy tails and cat face paint and masks!

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Sun 31st August – Stop NATO action against securitisation and policing

26-08-2014 11:41

Meet us at 3pm on Sunday 31st August at the security gates nearest to the Nye Bevan statue in Cardiff (west end of Queen Street, opposite the Castle) to make our feelings known.

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Stop NATO Cymru launch #NatoCopWatch campaign against police harassment

19-08-2014 11:31

Online campaign: NATO Cop Watch

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Chelsea Manning, NATO & the Long March on Newport

16-08-2014 21:43

Free Private Manning! (Castle Square)

A day of action in solidarity with Welsh-American whistleblower Chelsea Manning was held on Tuesday 12 August as the Long March on Newport stopped off in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire where Manning attended the local Tasker Milward school as a teenager and has many family connections. On Wednesday 13 August the march passed Brawdy military base where Manning's father, then a US Navy intelligence analyst, was stationed in the 1970s.

The march is one of many protests against the NATO Summit which will be held in Newport on 4 & 5 September. A week of action, workshops and a counter-summit are planned in Newport and Cardiff from 30 August. See Stop NATO Cymru, No NATO Newport and this feature for more details. Many of the documents released by Manning, for which courageous act she is now serving 35 years in a military jail, expose NATO's wars and corruption.

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Day of Action Against Millitarism / Diwrnod o Weithredu yn erbyn Militariaeth

31-07-2014 17:44

Actions in London and Cardiff. / Gweithredoedd yn Llundain a Chaerdydd.

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Stop NATO Cymru and Anarchist Action Network National Convergence - Blackpool

28-07-2014 08:13

Saturday 16th August 12-6pm Blackpool, at Reclaim the Power

Sunday 17th Agust 12- 6pm Blackpool, at Reclaim the Power

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Stop NATO Cymru Day of Action against Militarism

27-07-2014 12:42

Stop NATO Cymru take direct action in London and Cardiff
Full report with pictures:

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Police harassment in Merthyr

21-07-2014 12:29

cops spotted in Merthyr
On Wednesday, July 9th, the otherwise successful Day of Action against Nato in Merthyr Tydfil was marred by an intrusive police presence, the attempted intimidation of Stop Nato Cymru activists and the harassment of a public meeting that afternoon.

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Stop NATO Cymru and Anarchist Action Network National Convergence

07-07-2014 11:12

National Convergence Weekend:

Saturday 19th July 11am -5pm in Newport, South Wales at the Community Space Partnership, 128 Lower Dock Street, Newport, NP20 1EG.

Sunday 20th July 11am- 5pm in Cardiff, South Wales at the Owain Glyndwr Pub, (Tair Pluen function Room) Cardiff, 10 St John's Street, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 1G

All welcome except cops & journos.

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Stop NATO Cymru and Anarchist Action Network

18-06-2014 14:26

Announcing the NATIONAL WEEKEND CONVERGENCE in LONDON of the ANARCHIST ACTION NETWORK and STOP NATO CYMRU. To be held on the weekend on 28-29th June 2014 at The London Action Resource Centre (LARC), 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, E1 1ES.

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Protest and Street Theatre in Newport against NATO

31-05-2014 21:25

Roll up Roll Up, the NATO Circus is coming to town

Some photos from today's Newport Rising events in Newport City Centre. Cameron, Obama and other world leaders put in an appearance, along with the leader of Newport City Council, Bob Bright, all working together to make money for corporate warmongers by hosting the NATO Summit in September at the expense of the people of Newport and all the victims of NATO wars. Today's events, which included earlier banner drops, are part of efforts to raise awareness of the Summit taking place at the Celtic Manor in Newport.

There will be a public meeting about the Summit at 95-96 Commercial Street, Newport from 4pm tomorrow, Sunday 1 June.

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Photos from Newport Rising Festival of Radical Change

28-05-2014 20:18

Outside of the venue, right in centre of Newport
Here are a few photos from Newport Rising Festival, which continues until Sunday. See you there!
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