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UK Oaxaca Uprising Newswire Archive

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Megamarch and ceremony mark anniversary of Oaxaca mass arrests

28-11-2007 21:01

On Sunday 25th a megamarch of over 50,000 marched the 6km from the airport to the Zocalo. The march left at 8am and didn't arrive at the Zocalo until midday. Consisting of mainly teachers there were also many representatives of other groups in Oaxaca state and from other states like Chiapas and Guerrero.

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testimony of Nicéforo Urbieta

06-11-2007 02:42

I’m sending out the testimony of our comrade Nicéforo Urbieta, arrested and subsequently released on November 2 in Oaxaca.

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New repression in Oaxaca

03-11-2007 18:36

One year on from the PFP'd defeat, the repression is back.

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30/10/2007: London Mexican Embassy Protest, The World is STILL Watching

31-10-2007 19:54

Remembering Brad Will
Tuesday 30 October 2007: Protestors returned to the London Mexican Embassy one year on from the scenes of police violence that greeted them on the 2006 protest.

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One Year Since Brad Will's Murder in Oaxaca, Mexico

28-10-2007 15:59

Brad Will: Open Letter International

Like in the cases of so many other journalists, human rights activists, indigenous leaders and social activists, the murder of Brad Will, a U.S. journalist and documentary video maker from Indymedia New York, who was killed in Oaxaca on October 27, 2006, has been addressed by the Mexican Government with impunity for the murderers.

Brad Will's Last Video:

Brad Will's murder and solidarity actions reports in IMC-UK:

IMC-UK's Oaxaca topic page:

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Oaxaca: PRI candidate house attacked, CIPO-RFM HQ facing repression

10-10-2007 16:19

The street of CIPO-RFM HQ
PRI Municipal Presidency house attacked with heavy caliber guns, neighbouring CIPO-RFM communal house facing repression following attack.

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Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of America

09-10-2007 16:19

Translation of Communique 2 from the Vicam Organizing Commission, Oct. 7

Translation El Kilombo Intergalactico

Encounter of the Indigenous Peoples of America
Yaqui Territory, Vicam, Sonora, Mexico
October 7, 2007

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Thousands march in Oaxaca to mark anniversary of 1968 student massacre

03-10-2007 21:29

On Tuesday 2nd October between 2-3,000 students and members of the local popular resistance APPO ( the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca)marched from the edge of Oaxaca city centre to the Zocalo (central square).

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An Evening With M - Oaxaca Talk At The Sumac

15-09-2007 11:09

So I made my way to the Sumac Centre last night, where some people from the southern region of Oaxaca in Mexico would be speaking. I'd read quite a few things about what is going on in Oaxaca in this last year. The Oaxacians are trying to get rid off their governer who, after a teacher strike last year, has come down very heavy handedly on any form of dissent in the region. The teacher strike marked the start of what was to become the biggest popular uprising the world has seen in the last 10 years orso, with many dissapearences and deaths still happening under the regime of Federal Police. So I read some stuff on Indymedia and know a couple of people that have visited Oaxaca in the past and were inspired by its community spirit (and food!). Apart from that, I was eager to learn more...

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Mexican Indymedia Activist Speaks In Nottingham

09-09-2007 09:54

On Friday 14th an Indymedia activist from Oaxaca, Mexico will come to the Sumac Centre to speak of their ongoing struggle against the unpopular and corrupt governor and the repression that followed an annual teachers strike. Since then, the resistance in Oaxaca has turned into the largest popular rebellion in over a decade. The hundreds of illegal detentions, disappearances and injuries, and at least eighteen documented deaths mark an unignorable part of modern Mexican and world history. Please come on the 14th and show your support. There will be short films, a talk, some music and food... Entry will be by donations to be able to contribute towards the travle costs of the speaker. If you can, please pick up copies of the flyer and poster at the Sumac Centre and distribute... Otherwise, see attached PDF.

Links: Oaxaca tour feature article (UK Indymedia) | Oaxaca Topic Page (UK Indymedia) | Indymedia Oaxaca

Previous talks at the Sumac Centre: Argentinian film makers screen Indymedia film | Indigenous Woman from Ontario, Canada voice their struggle in defend of land

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Oaxaca Street Art

15-08-2007 00:11

Some photos taken from the street art, graffiti and stencil work around the centre of Oaxaca city.

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Oaxaca: Catalan Four Released Without Charge, No Reason For Incarceration

14-08-2007 17:39

The Catalan Four arrested, beaten, sexually assaulted and threatened were released last night, Monday 13 August 2007.

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Four Catalans Released by Mexican Immigration Authorities

14-08-2007 16:19

Four Catalans arrested in Oaxaca City have been released from immigration detention in Mexico City

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A Letter From The Catalan Four: Still Detained In Oaxaca, threatened & beaten!

13-08-2007 20:58

This letter was received from the four Catalan detainees still incarcerated in Mexico DF.
First is the rough English translation, then the original Spanish. At the bottom is a list of authorities you can write to in order to assist in their release.
A previous article asked for no one to demonstrate, but to write to demand release:

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"Do not make political actions for us": Catalan Four

12-08-2007 21:48

The Catalan four arrested and imprisoned in Oaxaca have asked that no one makes protest for them, as they were not doing anything political.

First in Spanish, then the English translation.

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Undercover Notes From Oaxaca: Cops, lies and videotape

11-08-2007 16:03

It’s been a tough two weeks. From election coverage, police monitoring to murder for timber.

But now, as I should be on a bus out of this hellhole masquerading as a happy tourist resort, but a zone of paranoia for an undercover journalist, I am compelled to get all this down. For one thing, purely to document the situation should I not make it out of here.

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Four Internationals arrested and detained in Oaxaca for watching a video

07-08-2007 15:14

Four internationals were arrested on the evening of the election, 5 August, by Federal Police for the crime of watching a video of last year's riots on a television screen set up in the in Zocalo.

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Post election day in Oaxaca

06-08-2007 21:42

Monday 6 August 2007: The election is over and the result found Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) back in power, but only through a coalition with la Alianza con el Verde Ecologista. But those who refused to vote across Oaxaca were nearly 80 percent.

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More Repression In Oaxaca

21-07-2007 16:54

The comrade is fine when arrested.
Brutal beating to activists by the fascist and criminal police. Comrade left in the brink of death.

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Oaxaca meeting 23 July, Parliament

18-07-2007 13:50

Forwarding from the Global Women's Strike and Payday Men's Network.