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Police Raids Against G8 Mobilisation in Germany

((i)) | 09.05.2007 08:59 | G8 Germany 2007 | Repression | World

Police raided about 40 buildings in Germany on Wednesday morning, 9th May, including social centres and several private homes in Berlin and Hamburg, as well as the alternative web provider Police forces searched the Rote Flora in Hamburg as well as parts of the Bethanien in Berlin. Both social centres are planning to be convergence spaces for the G8 protests in early June. See for up-to-the-minute info.

Reports so far on IMC-UK: 1 | 2 | 3 | press groups press release (en) | statement
On IMC-Germany: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
On IMC Scotland: feature | call for soli-protest | paint attack statement | 4 | 5 | 6

Solidarity demonstrations and actions have taken place in several cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Berlin [more], Hamburg [more], Cologne, Goettingen, Managua, Vienna. Internet activists hacked "" , a police bulletin board. The German consulates in Edinburgh and Amsterdam were attacked with paint. This last wave of state repression in Germany just followed a weekend of over 100 arrests in the Netherlands , where the G8 bicycle caravan was disrupted in Utrecht.

Many more demonstrations were planned and have taken place in the following days. These included one in London [Pics 1 and 2 | Video] and another one in Edinburgh [Pics], both on Friday 11th. Next G8 UK mobilisation meeting in London May 17th.

police raid at "rote flora" hamburg
police raid at "rote flora" hamburg



§ 129a : "forming a terrorist group".

09.05.2007 10:12

the state tries to justifice the house raids with § 129a, which is used to accuse people of "forming a terrorist group".

with these raids the state tries to smash the whole infrastructure of the anti- g 8 mobilisation.

the raids were in Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen.

here are links to reports on indymedia germany (deutsch:



smash capitalism

800 police

09.05.2007 15:37 says, 800 police were involved in the raids.


Protest in Edinburgh this Friday!

09.05.2007 21:05

See for details. Please include this in the feature article too. :)

shut them down

Rough translation of raid

10.05.2007 06:53

Hello, here a small statement of the SO36.NET concerning (meanwhile) the searches of yesterday also our server area. the umstände briefly in summary: at 8.00 o'clock (a.m.!) of the of yesterday (9.5.07) rückten on Wednesdays in the entire federal territory more than 900 beschäftige of the öffentlichen service and simultaneous owner/inside a police mark out, in order to optimize in the apron in June taking place G8-gipfels in holy dam, the mobilization. as was to be expected, in the long run all have themselves at the preparation the accompanying protestchoreographie of the summit took part - from except parliamentary civilian-social ranges of über not government organizations and radical left, church and unionized organizations to inside in the parliamentary mad house this interference into the most characteristic affairs prays. we möchten on the einschlägigen publication organs refer to, if further need for information exists - nevertheless you a bitten from the search resolution signatory by the less ehrwürdigen judge elevation controversy do not withhold: "... with (...) gewalttätigen actions the forthcoming world we shank summit (g8) in more frühsommer the 2007 in holy dam substantially to stören or prevent these criminal offences are for it intended, the society and economic system existing in the Federal Republic of Germany too erschüttern and können in particular the international position of the Federal Republic of Germany as verlässlicher partners in the group of the eight most important restaurant nations substantially schädigen." exactly - we find good. concretely to the process of the search: over approx. 8,15 the office floor got, into also our server area is visits from approx. 10 readiness policemen and likewise approx. 10 Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations officials (more büronutzer could them briefly before the break-down by force tür öffnen) around approx. 8,50 o'clock we could enter the räume in anwaltschaftlicher company. at this time already for 3 Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations officials stood in the server area and had as the first measure the InterNet connection at the cable cut as the second measure deactivated them the installed webcam as them the current supply too these likewise interrupted on the servers had them not yet accessed obviously ruled them itself still in the ' orientation phase '. the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations technicians required the publication of the root passwörter and full of us accessed all systems. after one it calls off unserseits on this demand was announced that they carry the entire racks forward ausräumen in this case and. after intervention of the present anwältin and conversation with the meanwhile present public prosecutor it was announced that their interest of determination aims at ' more postfächer '. in the further negotiation process this was prezisiert to the 22 email addresses listed in the search resolution, which were assigned altogether to 10 persons there the email addresses became zusätzlich likewise 2 mailing lists designated in the resolution and/webdirs requires 7 URLS. we have ourselves in this situation für the publication of the präzisierten and in the resolution decided surely aufgeführten data a decision between plague and cholera - nevertheless latter hätte seizes to follows and thus giving up almost sämtlicher data. after this decision the present Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations technician of us got one root-brightly made available their more bring along portable/computer should now in the net be integrated, around the data by scp to copy this placed itself für längere time as grö�eres problem für the technicians Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations after these manuals read and the meaning of netmasks copied they experienced the required and packed more postfächer on their computer (would list required publication erhöhte itself in the process that in another place stattgefundenden searches around three further addresses.) after the difficulties in things ifconfig and netmask paints itself two further repeated, they copied the required data of the mailing lists and webdirectories likewise. während the entire period of copying and working we looked the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations expert more über the shoulder and können guarantee that except the data designated in the resolution no further were copied. the persons concerned will/became informed by us. greet from the SO36.NET Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations attendance [ de ] loves people, this morning, Wednesday, 9 May of 8.00 to 17,00 o'clock got the SO36.NET - and thus possibly also ' you ' - in society from country wide approximately 40 scanned locations - Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigations [ TM ]/Meckenheim visited. specific data were copied (maildirs/listen/webdirs). we promise you more exact information, as soon as we talk something time to had. up to then - do not forget: fight g8! -- [ EN ] dear friends, this morning, tuesday May 9th 8am ton of 5pm SO36.NET - and therefore maybe ' YOU ' - got A visit from federal German policy, as incoming goods have been raided like 40 OTHER locations. specific DATA which copied: maildirs/listen/webdirs incoming goods promise more accurate information, as soon as incoming goods have had some time ton talc about it. until then, don't forget: fight g8! greet/greetings - SO36.NET ... take care emergency ton of GET sucket into /dev/null! contact: support webmail: click!


Video at German evening news

10.05.2007 10:18

There is a video at the German Evening News (Tagesschau):,1185,OID6717248_NAV_REF1,00.html


VIDEO of the riots

10.05.2007 15:56

5000 in Berlin
5000 in Berlin






Video of the riots in Hamburg


german consulate in scotland

10.05.2007 19:46




11.05.2007 11:00

German embassy in Managua, Nicaragua
German embassy in Managua, Nicaragua

The solidarity demonstrations in Managua (mentioned above with link to took place one week before the Mai 9 raids. Turing the night from May 3 to May 4, 2007 activists wrote "Resistencia Internacional" and "NO-G8" beside the entrance of the embassy.

- Homepage:

german consulate in salzburg, austria

11.05.2007 13:17




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09.05.2007 14:38

i think it was obvious that this was going to happen, but let it not deter us from showing these filthy stink pigs and the rest of the world "we will not stand for this". ongoing oppression across the planet must stop!

keep organising and keep resisting!
good luck!

masked bandit

Yes I am..

09.05.2007 15:27

suprised. There has been a huge effort made in Germany not to allow more militant protestors to be seprated off from others. The block G8 call has been signed by a wide range of groups as a means of preventing this sort of repression and also to avoid the outflanking that Bono and Geldoff's rpo-G8 stance did to us in Scotland.

This is a really huge escalation and a big risk for the German state. I hope they've overstreched themselves and this provokes an increase in demonstration size as people refuse this intimidation and come out to protect the right to protest.


800 police in "anti-terror-action"

09.05.2007 16:15 says 800 police were deployed in this "anti-terror-action". spiegel online writes about 900 police being involved.



09.05.2007 17:05

i am surprised that everyone didnt expect this from the german goverment. to me it was obviouse that they would do this. it doesnt matter how many disagree with the g8, only that they do! it has been evident for years that goverments have no interest in what "the people" want, only in what is best for profit! but we all know this so i wont blabber on. part of organising is anticapating what they will do next. and we have to ready for this.

we should expect more things like this to happen. on the borders, in the cities, where ever we are they will be there trying to stop us. i really hope that this does lead to an increase in the numbers in germany next month, because for it to have the opposite effect would be a real shame!

please expect trouble getting into germany because it will happen. as we have already seen with the arrests in the netherlands, this is a coordinated attempt by all goverments with interest in the g8 to stop us letting the cat out of the bag.

this is not going to be easy! they will try and stop us!

again, good luck!

masked bandit

who said people are suprised?

09.05.2007 17:30

did you read the press release from gipfelsoli. nobody is "suprised".

but its repression anyway.


Come to G 8

13.05.2007 12:38


by all means

18.05.2007 18:04