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Raids of G8 Convergence Centre in Hamburg and Social Centre in Berlin

fwd | 09.05.2007 08:43 | G8 Germany 2007 | Repression | World

Several project and flats in hamburg and berlin are being raided at the moment.
In hamburg 4 flats, one office and the the Rote Flora, where the Convergence Center begins in 3 weeks are being raided.
In Berlin it is the Mehringhof, mad, bethanien project (libertad office and Glocal anti g8 office) , fusion, kanalb (radio and media project), (tech collective and alternative internet hoster) ect ect ect.

cops, piss off
cops, piss off

Silly police!
Silly police!

The reason for some of the raids is the "forming a terrorist associontion" paragraph 129a.

How typical for the humourless German poilice, they take everything just sooo seriously!



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