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Nottingham folk succesfully blockade nuclear submarine base in Scotland

notts-imc features | 01.04.2007 09:46 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

Over 50 people from Nottingham and Derby successfully blockaded the Faslane Nuclear Naval Base In Scotland today. Various blockade groups in intriguing lock-on devices and some plastered together blocked the main entrance to the site. Police started removing people from 8.30 onwards but had problems with removing people from a 6 way lock-on device, which held strong for another 2 hours. The police had to draft in specialist equipment from other forces to deal with the device. 18 people were arrested and have been moved to Paisley. The blockade lasted for over 4 hours. Whilst on the phone to someone at the scene, one could hear a lot of chanting and cheering as one protester managed to shout 'no to nuclear weapons' just before being put in a police van.

The action is part of an international campaign to blockade the naval base throughout the year in a bid to stop the replacement of the controversial Trident Missile System. Blockades have been taking place for the last few months by groups from around the country. See UK Indymedia Faslane Page for more reports.

Photos and reports: Robin Hood blockades the Base | Robin’s Trip to Scotland… Part 1. | some more pics

Audio: Nottingham folk blockade nuclear submarine base in Scotland - a radio piece

Timeline: see full article.

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Robin Preparing the Attack...
Robin Preparing the Attack...

6.40 - moments before carefully synchronised arrival, key vehicle in convoy of three minibuses suffered a tyre blow-out less than a mile from target. Instant response results in shuffle of participants and equipment for continued successful mission. (update:00.05 3/4/07)
6.45 - Groups arrive and blockades in place at the Main Gate. 1 group with oil-barrel lock-on device, 1 group with 6-way lock-on device, 2 groups of 3 co-joined with plaster casts on lower arms. update: plus an additional 'plastered' group of two.
8.30 - Police start removing people.
9.00 - Police have successfully removed the oil-barrel lock on blockade. Up to 6 arrests by this time.
9.15 - The group is joined by members of CIRCO, the corporate arm of the Rebel Clown Army. See website. They will auction off the Trident Missile System tomorrow.
9.45 - The blockade has been in place for 3 hours now. The police announce that they are unable to remove people from the 6 way lock-on device. They are drafting in officers with specialist equipment from another force.
10.51 - Other officers have arrived and with the new equipment people were removed from the 6 way lock-on device pretty quick. The blockade has been cleared now. 14 people detained in total. update: later report indicates 15 arrests from blockading block.
11.00 - 40 people strong demonstration in front of the main entrance. Clowns entertain the crowds and have changed the HM Naval Base sign so it now reads 'Under New Management'.
12.05 - A woman and a man are arrested for 'breach of the peace' offences. Apparently they came too close to the gate. The woman was part of a small group holding a palm sunday protest.
14.29 - The demonstration in front of the gates is still happening. Spirits are high and the clowns providing a load of entertainment. One clown arrested for apparently trying to enter a police vehicle. Protesters decide to stay until at least 4 o'clock when a shift change inside the base will take place.

Monday 2nd April

17:30 - everyone released without charge and on their way back to Nottingham.

notts-imc features


Veggies Report & Pics

23.04.2007 01:25

A peep over the police screens
A peep over the police screens

There are some more pictures and background to the whole mission at

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BBC chooses to report 'negative' story

02.04.2007 11:07

Local protest over peace campers

About 100 residents angry at disruption caused by the peace camp at Faslane are staging their own demonstration outside the naval base.

No Trident

More comments on Indymedia UK ...

02.04.2007 15:18

More comments on Indymedia UK ...

No War But The Class War


02.04.2007 16:38

17:30 - Monday 2nd April - everyone released without charge and on their way back to Nottingham. :-)

imc person

Audio Reports

02.04.2007 23:30

Download: Nottm Blockade In Place - eyewitness Reaction - audio/mp3 618kb - mp3 618K

Download: Despite tyre blowout seconds before, blockade a great success - audio/mp3 535kb - mp3 535K

Short clips of immediate reaction at time of initial blockade and comment on the quick witted response to tyre blowout on approach to target location.

Robin Tuck

Without charge?

03.04.2007 11:30

Just a quick clarification. Because of the way Scottish law seems to works the arrestees weren't released without charge, as such. Rather they all received "warning letters" which basically say the Procurator Fiscal has enough evidence to prosecute you for the offence in question (i.e. breach of the peace), but isn't going to on this occasion.

Disillusioned kid
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clown corp media link

03.04.2007 17:58

Heres a corp media link to a photo of a clown on the same day or the day after the Notts blockade:


Good Work

04.04.2007 10:47

I was one of the clowns at the weekend. Was good to link up with you guys.

I've posted myreport of the days actions on my blog: if anyone fancies a read.

Commodore 64

Commodore 64
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