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G8 - Day 3 Update

imc'ers | 08.07.2005 12:21 | G8 2005

To celebrate the end of the G8 summit and to highlight opposition to the extension of the M74 there has been a street party called in Glasgow. [Detailed timeline | Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9] [Videos]

With hundreds of arrests, many still in prison, and bail conditions telling people to leave within near impossible speeds, there were some prisoner solidarity protests today. A demonstration outside Saughton prison in Edinburgh this afternoon was restriced by police using section-14. [Detailed timeline] [Unprecedented police harrassment against Wombles]

Section 14 was also in place in Edinburgh, to hinder a group of people at Waverly train station from protesting against the ongoing 'war on terror'. The police said they would only be allowed to hand out leaflets for half an hour. Some were stopped, filmed and searched [Report and Photos] In an earlier action, two climate ativists climbed onto the bridge that traverses Leith Street, connecting the St James Mall to the car park in Central Edinburgh, and hunged a banner that read "Coming soon, millions of ecological refugees, to a city near you"[Report | Photos]

In the eco-village in Stirling [Report], the situation is calm, but the police are still checking people going in and out. 3 arrests were made, apparently based on information from the Forward Intellegence Teams (FIT). The local police confirmed that (despite rumours) no private homes had their windows smashed and that the report of children being injured was false.

Anti-G8 actions have been taking place all over the world. [List of links]

[ Glasgow Timeline | Edinburgh & Prisoner Solidarity Timeline | Stirling Eco-village timeline ]

Glasgow street party photos
Eco-village photos: 1 | 2 | 3



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street party

08.07.2005 15:49

around 300 have now been on commerce bridge in glasgow for several hours causing disruption to traffic flow in and out of glasgow city centre. the clowns had taken over a jet petrol station on victoria road in the south side of the city at 4pm...

complete cop overkill in the city as you can imagine, vans parked all round the group and the party which included a minutes silence for events in london.

protest in the park

Congratulations and Good Luck

08.07.2005 23:03

Congratulations to all the activists in Scotland who have stood up to the powerful and police repression over the last few days. Your struggle received quite a bit of media attention in Australia. Although much of it focussed on the almost non-existant "protestor violence" the anti-capitalist and "Shut the G8 down" message did also get through. One bulletin opened with the lines "Ant-G8 protestors say they don't believe the capitalist system can address world poverty". Good luck in the courts in the following months. Yours in solidarity from Australia

davey from Australia

Up with CAP

10.07.2005 23:56

Why does everyone say that the EU producing cheap food for Africa causes famine Surely it stops famine and getting rid of the CAP would cause more famine aren't the euro sceptics confusing poverty with famine, when they complain the CAP stops Africa selling food to us what is the point in Africa selling food to us if they don't and have any left over and they don't get cheap food from us anymore and they have a famine.
Stop falling for right wing extremist drivel the sort of dogmatists who allowed 4 million Indians to starve to death in the British empire because the free market said the poor should not get food, and the free market dogmatism said the free market will always provide well it won’t why on earth would any country in the world provide food for starving Africans other than subsidies.
Look at the potato famine and the Indian famines, caused by the free market when they couldn't afford our food prices. how does the CAP cause famine how does making too much food cause famine.
The last time we had a free market in Britain in the days of the empire, 1940s India was exporting food while 4 million Indians starved. That is the cruelty of the free market. Why does selling food to a drought stricken country cause famine. Surely we need more food security not less especially with climate change issues.

Why is EU extremism has increased to such levels that anything the EU does is allowed to be insulted without criticism back.
Why are we becoming so ignorant that we forget this mistakes of the past the free market in CAP will not help Africans or Europeans.
Oi forgot everything Britain does it right must remember to keep taking the Tony Blair is always correct pill that all you lot take.


more pictures ..

11.07.2005 13:06

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