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Global Action Day Against G8 July 6th

imc temp glasgow | 07.07.2005 19:04 | G8 2005

While thousends of protesters blockaded the roads around Gleneagles in Scotland and demonstrators and hillwalkers reached the fences built up around the hotel, actions against the G8 summit took place all over the world.

A survey of wordwide actions against the G8 06/07/08 July (going to be updated):

Fana, Mali: 4th African Counter Summit

London:Action at the "Business Action for Afrika"
Oxford:Demonstration with samba band
Bristol: Demonstration
South Bristol: People visited the House of Tony Blair
Leeds: Spontanous demonstration

Heidelberg: "You are eight, we are six billion!"
Hannover: G8 Circus
Berlin: Demonstration
Magdeburg: Public Soup Kitchen
Cologne: Street Theatre
Hamburg: Banners and drumming
Heiligendamm (location of G8 2007): Banner 'Fight the G8' (Video)

Moscow: Street Party at UK embassy
Moscow: Solidarity action (pictures)

Vienna: ClownArmy at the British Ambassy

Barcelona: Action against G8 and climate chaos
Action done in barcelona this afhernoon against climate chaos
and REPSOL YPF - a spanish based oil company responsability.

Buenos Aires: Film Screening

Amsterdam: Beacons of Dissent
and broadcasting of the G8 Radical Radio Collective.
Nijmegen: Attempt to put up banner 'Break the power of the G8'
Groningen: Posters 'Make Capitalism History'

Perth: IndyRadio
Sydney: Climate Criminal Carnivale
About 100 people joined a colorful and loud G8 solidarity action in Sydney, Australia July 07. The climate criminal carnivale focused on a range of corporate and government offices that are contributing to climate chaos.

Richmond: Demonstration, conference and critical mass.
Kansas City:Demonstration
San Francisco:SpokesCouncil and conference
San Francisco: solidarity action - police officer attacked

In Switzerland a IMC Switzerland-Italy was set up in Lugano for translation and reporting from the G8.
Berne: Prisoner Solidarity March
Basle: G8 golfing tournament
Thun: Camp and Rubberboat Demonstration
Minks (Belarus) Action of support

imc temp glasgow