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11-07-2016 10:27

Trident month of direct action- video report

Direct action video report

29-09-2015 12:35

Indian anti-nuclear film and discussion with the film maker.

This Wednesday, in SOAS, Pradeep Indulkar will be showing two of his anti-nuke films and fielding questions. He worked for 11 years in the Indian nuclear industry. Free and interesting.. Read more >>

13-08-2015 15:01

John Pilger at Edinburgh Festival Fringe `Power and Propaganda`

An account of the one hour talk and question and answer session by journalist John Pilger at the Assembly Rooms at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on Sunday 9th August. Read more >>

30-07-2015 14:29

Fantasy Politics - a Media Lens analysis

An analysis by Media Lens of the concerted attempts to smear and discredit Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn who is currently the front runner in the race to be the new Labour Party leader.


22-02-2015 12:23

Petition calling for an immediate British withdrawal from NATO

The worsening relations between the US and Russia risk starting a nuclear war in Europe, and the US nuclear installations in Britain are an obvious military target. Read more >>

29-12-2014 12:30

Catholic Workers Blockade Northwood Military HQ

Catholic Workers blockade Northwood HQ
Six Catholic Workers blockaded the main gate of Northwood Military HQ this morning for one hour, marking the day when Christians remember the massacre of the Holy Innocents by King Herod.

30-11-2014 19:07

Report and photos from Faslane anti-Trident demo on Sunday 30th November 2014

A report with 20 photos of today's anti-Trident demonstration in Faslane, Scotland. Read more >>

21-09-2014 00:34

Referendum night in George Square, Glasgow September 18/19 2014

This is a detailed 3,000 word account of the results of the Scottish referendum on Independence with the party held by the Yes campaign in Scotland's largest city used as a backdrop. There are 20 photos included. Read more >>

04-09-2014 10:13

20 photos of build up to NATO conference 2014

20 photos from Newport and Cardiff and the Tredegar Park peace camp in the build up to the 2014 NATO summit in Wales. Read more >>

19-05-2014 06:39

Daring dawn blockade of Britain's Nuclear weapons factory

This morning at 7.20am a group of peace campaigners began blockading the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) site at Burghfield, near Reading. The protesters, acting as part of ActionAWE campaign of non-violent direct action, are trying to disrupt construction of a new nuclear warhead factory on the site. Read more >>

18-03-2014 09:29

Support vigils at HMP Wandsworth for jailed war resister Fr Martin Newell

Fr Martin being arrested after daubing message in ash on Ministry of Defence
Via London Catholic Worker:

Fr Martin Newell is currently serving a 28 day prison sentence in HMP Wandsworth for non-payment of fines resulting from acts of peaceful protest.

(See: )

Members of the London Catholic Worker are organising vigils outside Wandsworth prison at the following times:

Tuesday 18th March at 2pm
Saturday 22nd March at 1pm

15-03-2014 11:12

Ash Wednesday peace liturgy and End Hunger Fast Campaign

scott wrote repent in old war office
The Catholic Workers in and around London begun Lent on Ash Wednesday by joining Pax Christi and many other Christians for a peace liturgy outside the Ministry of Defence. First we recognised our own sinfulness before we witnessed against and resisted nuclear war preparations by marking the building of the Ministry of Defence with blessed charcoal. Scott Albrecht - from the Catholic Worker Farm - wrote “Repent” on the wall inside the door to the Old War Office.

As a Lenten observance Scott has also shaved his head and is attempting to do a 40 day fast. This is to highlight food poverty in Britain. Keith Hebden who is also fasting said that Scott has a unique perspective on hunger in Britain. Read more >>

11-03-2014 17:36

Glow In The Dark: Consume Fish Or Radioactive Fish Oil

Diseased Fish
It is not just Fukushima that continues to pour radiation into the ocean. Many countries are illegally dumping their nuclear waste. Read more >>

09-03-2014 10:28

Wave of UK protests to mark anniversary of Fukuhima disaster

Protester calling for an end to nuclear power
Opponents of nuclear power will be converging all over the UK to mark the third anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima disaster - and to highlight the precarious state of Britain’s own nuclear reactors. Read more >>

17-01-2014 12:36

Enjoy The Radioactive Fish:

Enjoy The Radioactive Fish:

12-01-2014 18:19

All World's Ocean Fish Contaminated by Fukushima Radiation

Map Of The Most Irradiated Seawaters
Fish flesh is increasing in radioactive concentration hourly. Read more >>

18-12-2013 10:10

Arson against EDF

EDF vehicle burnt out in Bristol.

11-11-2013 22:02

Silence death instead of public execution in Iran, Rouhani’s message of change

Diplomats from Islamic regime and the 5+1 group of “ world powers ” met in Geneva for a three-day meeting to discuss the issue of nuclear program in Iran. In their meeting there was no mention of the recent executions, torture and human rights abuse in Iran. We should not let the nuclear negotiations cast a shadow over human rights abuse under the Rohani’s regime.
“Don’t let their heartbeats stop!”

30-08-2013 19:25

Who Are The Chickenhawks and Henhawks Attempting to Draw the US into War With Sy

George Bush Operative Karl Rove
Perhaps the British Parliament can inspire some in the US Congress to have the courage
to stand up to the cartels pushing for war with Syria Read more >>

11-04-2013 16:32

Video - ActionAWE shuts gate at Aldermaston 10.4.13

Video of ActionAWE shutting Tadley gate at Aldermaston AWE 10.4.13 Read more >>

15-03-2013 20:17

A Passage Through Time Looking Back To Look Forward, at Herstory.......

We will take you on a journey back to tell a little about the other side of his-story.
Her-story will look at how women activists over the years have used art as a tool to campaign for social changes and how activisists have used their imaginative means on many levels to flout conventions, make a stand and create change. Read more >>

19-02-2013 10:05

fukushima 2nd anniversary demo, london

demo flyer
Demo Sat. 9th March to remember the Fukushima nuclear disaster, 2nd anniversary. Assemble Hyde Park Corner 12 noon. Go via japanese embassy and EDF to rally, 2.30pm, Old Palace Yard, opposite parliament.
also, candle-lit vigil outside Japanese embassy (101 Picadilly) Monday 11th March, 2013, 5.30 to 6.30pm, and public meeting in the House of Commons, 7.30 to 9.30pm same day. Organised by Kick Nuclear and JANUK, (Japanese Against Nuclear UK), and CND. More info Read more >>

16-01-2013 16:41

War taxes paid under protest

On Thursday 17th January, War Resisters' International, a global network of pacifist organisations based in London, will pay taxes that have been withheld for five years, under protest to HM Revenue and Customs. Read more >>

25-12-2012 13:45

Nuclear Films travel from Rio to Delhi

After taking place twice in Brazil and last October in Germany, the International Uranium Film Festival is now traveling to India. Documentary film maker from India Shriprakash is organizing the festival in New Delhi, Shillong, Ranchi, Pune, Mumbai, Hydarabad and Chennai. Read more >>

19-03-2011 16:22

Lockheed Martin and the 2011 UK census

Demonstration against Lockheed Martin and 2011 UK census processing


A small demonstration was held outside Victoria station to raise awareness of the fact that the government has paid Lockheed Martin £150m of public money to help run the 2011 census. London, UK, 19/03/2011.

According to information compiled by 'Count me Out', (a collective taking action against the 2011 census as a result of the ties with Lockheed Martin UK) the government awarded the World's second biggest arms company a £150m contract to help run the data processing for the 2011 UK census.

Count me out take the view that "Our government shouldn't be paying an arms company, which fuels conflict and war, huge amounts of money to help run the census."

The company used to have offices in Victoria but they were recently moved to an unknown location.

Perhaps best know in the UK for producing Britain's Trident nuclear weapons, they have also sold weapons to Bahrain which have been used recently against anti-government protesters in line with sweeping protests across the Middle-East.

The census is undertaken by the government every 10 years and is a method of counting people and households in the UK. Under UK law, every household is obliged to fill in the relevant information which can be done online, by post or collected by census agents.

Census day for this year is March 27th.



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