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UK G8 2013 Newswire Archive

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Stop G8 network meeting - Cardiff 11/12th January 2014

10-01-2014 00:28

The Red and Black Umbrella (57 Clifton Street, Cardiff CF24 1LS) is preparing to host a two-day meeting of the Stop G8 network. The first day will be a meeting of all involved to discuss and reach decisions on where next for the Stop G8 network.

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Meeting on new ideas for anti-capitalist/anarchist actions

13-10-2013 13:22

On 20th October 2013 the Stop G8 Network are meeting to discuss taking forward new ideas for anti-capitalist and anarchist projects. Some of the ideas on the agenda are an anarchist news website, a temporary anti-capitalist squatted space and an anarchist festival.

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Bilderberg and the G8 summit: The global board meeting for the worlds elite.

18-06-2013 19:41

Meetings behind closed doors have no place in a 21st century society.
Statement by the Socialist Labour Party - East of England Region

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State violence and the power of anarchy

17-06-2013 11:32

On Sunday June 9 I was calmly discussing anarchism and spirituality with a group of comrades at the Stop G8 convergence centre at 40 Beak Street, London.

Two days later the place was being invaded by a brutal army of uniformed state thugs, determined to extinguish any small glimmer of resistance in the heart of Babylon.

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You are all Eichmanns. We are free.

17-06-2013 00:51

Letter to all the prison guards, other prison workers and all the cops. Partly written in a London police cell during the Stop G8 week, where police repression was at its highest.

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Report on J12 Stop G8 anti-militarist action

16-06-2013 18:51

Report from the June 12 demonstration against militarism and capitalist violence

The anti-militarist demonstration on June 12 had been called by Smash EDO, Disarm DSEi and Sussex Stop G8 and was part of the Stop G8 week of action in London.

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FLF (food liberation front) action last friday - some pics and words

16-06-2013 12:31

green assembly member jenny jones
a small protest specifically against asda and more generally against global food policies, corporations, monsanto, GMOs, G8 and austerity, was characterised again by massive overpolicing in a week of repressive crackdown on anti-G8 protests in london.

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'they owe us' - canary wharf - J14 - pics and words

15-06-2013 23:26

tripods up
on friday, as part of the london week of action prior to the G8 in northern ireland, a few hundred people protested in the belly of the capitalist beast, canary wharf. in some ways a victory, in many ways a disappointment.

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No Fear! stopg8 info-evening and benefit gig against repression TONIGHT (Fri 14)

14-06-2013 14:57

A night of talk, film and music to round off the StopG8 week.

Info-evening 6PM bringing together comrades from Italy and UK involved in struggles against state repression. Screening of Riots Reframed film at 7PM. Followed by gig at 9PM with militant hip hop from London and Italy.