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Bilderberg and the G8 summit: The global board meeting for the worlds elite.

East of England SLP | 18.06.2013 19:41 | G8 2013 | Globalisation

Meetings behind closed doors have no place in a 21st century society.
Statement by the Socialist Labour Party - East of England Region

Within a month the worlds richest and most powerful people came together to set out their next agenda for the coming years, now before you shout 'conspiracy theorist!' at me just bare with me for one minute. Lets think rationally about this; is it really that hard to believe that a group of incredibly wealthy and powerful individuals would not want to meet up and discuss how they can maintain and grow their wealth and influence? After all they all have the same interests: to further their influence and continue to grow their bank balances.
These people are the owners of our society, not only do they own the factory’s, the media corporations, the banks and various other private company’s. They are the modern emperors and kings of our capitalist kingdoms. Their meetings behind closed doors only highlight the lack of democracy of a capitalist society, the Bilderberg lobby the main G8 participants who then go on to the G8 meetings and then attempt to push these corporate interests onto the other heads of states. Where is the peoples consultation when it comes to our economy, our trade deals?
They say that they are there trying to sort out the economic troubles that they themselves have caused however they can only mend the problem with a temporary solution and a solution that will no doubt benefit them more than it will us, as Albert Einstein once said: “We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.
Within capitalism there is no room for democracy, just think: how often you participate in a capitalist democracy? Once every four years? How much of your life is controlled by someone who you did not vote for? You go to work and are dictated to and exploited by you boss, you are then told what is best for you, society and the country by someone who you also may not have voted for, your MP makes decisions on your behalf without any form of public consultation and the world's elite at the highest level of capitalist society decide what will be best for the world's economy, or more correctly their economy.
That is why contrary to what some may say socialism is no enemy of democracy but instead a true democratic society. A society in which the people make decisions at the lowest of levels, through democratic control of your work place to national elected representatives who consult their constituencies and vote accordingly and who also can be recalled at any time. A society where meetings don’t happen behind closed doors guarded by armed police but out on the streets and attended by anyone who wishes to have their voice heard.
If you believe that secret meetings of unelected global elites have no place in a 21st century society then why not look into the alternatives, we don’t have to carry on like this, we can progress towards a better society but we can only progress together as one.

Socialist Labour Party - East of England Region

East of England SLP
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