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UK Refugee Week 2006 Newswire Archive

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Amnesty International vigil and sleep out in Edinburgh Friday June 22nd 2007

23-06-2007 21:34

Some photos from the Amnesty International sleep out in Edinburgh for refugees. There is a link to more photos from the sleep out in Birmingham.

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Could Gaza go it alone?

18-06-2007 11:38

A one-state, a two-state solution? Now the talk is of a three state solution. Israel would never accept an independent Palestinian State.

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REFUGEES – THEY'RE WELCOME HERE! meeting in Brighton 18th June

11-06-2007 14:39

An open discussion about how refugees are supported in Brighton and Hove and how we could do more to integrate them into our community

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Stop Torture Flights - Demo outside the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 24th May

25-05-2007 15:36

Here are some photos from the protest against rendition flights which took place outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh on Thursday 24th may.

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Families in Immigration detention October 2006

15-12-2006 22:55

Released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000

In October 2006 you asked how many families were in Immigration Detention in Dungavel, Tinsley House and Yarl's Wood? How many adults, how many children?

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Leeds No Borders in Solidarity with Harmondsworth Detainees

08-12-2006 16:58

Friday 1st December. Following revelations concerning the atrocities perpetuated in the Harmondsworth Removal Centre, and subsequent riots, Leeds No Borders gathered outside of the Waterside Reporting Centre to express solidarity with asylum seekers and raise awareness of Watersides status as the shame of Leeds.

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Save Perparim Demaj from Deportation!

17-10-2006 18:09


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Evening Post helps Immigration Service harass East Midlands asylum-seekers

11-10-2006 10:15

Immigration yellow vests make Evening Post journalist feel like a big boy
An Nottingham Evening Post reporter joins the Immigration service to find illegal working at local car washes and writes a most despicable article (Evening Post, 10th October 2006, page 5), online at:

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Asylum Seeker documentary - Ahlam's Story

30-09-2006 00:37

Ahlam Souidi speaks frankly about her time as an asylum seeker in Maryhill, Glasgow. Her family are at the moment threatened with deportation back to a country, Algeria, where they face grave danger.

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Party Without Borders

01-07-2006 16:14

Acoustic: Vince
Birmingham NoBorders yesterday (30 June) held a benfit gig at the Spotted Dog pub in Digbeth, Birmingham.