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UK G8 Russia 2006 Feature Archive

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G8 Summit 2006. St. Petersburg, Russia

10-07-2006 14:24

Anti G8 Protestor in St Petersburg, 2006

From July 15th to 17th the G8 met in Strelna, a suburb of St.Petersburg, Russia.

While the situation for protest in Russia is very different (Interview) from what it was in the UK during the G8 in Gleneagles, the Russian "Network against the G8" called for protests against the summit and invited people from around the world to come to Russia. A cycle caravan that departed from Berlin arrived at St.Petersburg well ahead of the protests [reports and photos] A Libertarian Forum also took place in Moscow from the 8 to the 12 of July as a build up event for the protests in St. Petersburg. [Reports: first and second days]

On the 14th of July there was a call for a Global Day of Action, when protests against the neo-liberal politics of the G8 took place worldwide [Summary of global protests] These included planned actions in Washington, Manchester, Berlin, Hamburg, and Manila. Environmental groups also called for an International Day of Direct Action on July 15th for climate justice, against climate change and the G8. See the protest calendar for further details.

At the same time as the G8 summit took place, protesters gathered around the Social Forum in St. Petersburg, and in a convergence centre in the Kirov stadium (with an autonomous space within it). A counter summit called Forum des Peuples was also held in Mali from 15th-17th July.

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Indymedia July Film Festivals

03-07-2006 08:58

Not been invited to the G8 Summit this year?

Never mind, Indymedia London is hosting an eight day film festival in London venues with no obligation to buy a gallon of Coke or a bucket of popcorn. And up in Sheffield there is a Summer of Truth film festival with screenings every Sunday in July.

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