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UK Bush 2003 Newswire Archive

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CPS switches charge at court on resist-bush protestor

24-02-2004 01:23

cops arrested me on 19/11/03 at small demo heading for Buckingham Palace; prosecutor today switched charge from assaulting a cop in the course of his duty to common assault; case adjurned to 19/4/04.

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Bridge Activist Arrested...Again!

02-02-2004 16:02

The protester who was charged with 'Causing a Public Nuisance' after hanging a banner at Cambridge railway station in the run-up to the George Bush visit in November of last year has been re-arrested and charged under section 5(1)(a) of the Public Order Act 1986.

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Peccadillos proliferate

01-02-2004 19:26

The Whitehouse leak of the name of CIA Spook Valerie Plame has lead to inquiries by the US Congress. To gain a sense of the gravity of the situation the Resolution of Inquiry is a privileged measure that can only be invoked by members of the of the Senate and Congressional Intelligence Committees. This measure is rarely invoked. What follows is a reprint of an article by former White House Counsel during the Nixon Administration John Dean outlining the matter. And you thought the Hutton Commission Report ended this type of chit-chat ! Oh the tangled web we weave.........

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Dutch CIA-agent turns whistleblower (fact or fiction ?)

30-01-2004 11:20

I've seen this out on other IMC sites. Can anyone confirm if all the fact disclosed are truthfull, or are the claims just what some people would want us to think ?

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Dry Drunk Confirmed?

23-01-2004 17:59

This article I wrote ties in Paul O'Neill's recent revelations with BUsh's obsessions about his father.

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State of the union speech (uncensored) ;-)

22-01-2004 14:26

Here's a much more truthful recording of Bush's speech

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The Sorry-ass State of the Union

21-01-2004 15:29

Things are looking ugly over here in the Colonies. Would you consider taking them back?

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17-01-2004 11:21

There were THREE Glicks killed on 911.

Not one ,not two ,but three Glicks.

A mindboggling amazing tragic coincidence.

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WE, THE PEOPLE, want justice and democracy

14-01-2004 02:29

WE, THE PEOPLE, want justice and democracy !

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"Emergency" fascism now in UK??

09-01-2004 01:10

I see that an Emergency Powers act is now going through Parliament, similar to the so-called "Patriot Act" we're fighting in the U.S. In the "emergency" created by the Bush Regime's 9/11 Propaganda Coup, acts go through which make it much harder to expose the terrible truth that power is hiding. Unless people realize the danger and come together right now, authenic Democracy will be destroyed, and the future of the whole human race will go dark.

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Bush vs. Hitler

08-01-2004 20:42

Although the quest for or preservation of "democracy" is often used as a justification for war, history has incessantly revealed that such a quest is often little more than a thinly-veiled attempt to install a puppet regime.

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War is Peace

31-12-2003 16:27

Freedom is Slavery