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Direct Action Withdraws HLS Loan Facilities

IMC UK Features | 07.10.2009 20:34 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Update: SHAC receive inside information proving the statement from Fortress to be a lie, so the campaign is relaunched against them.

In August this year, Anchor Sub Funding were exposed as the front company set up by BDO Luxembourg in 2006, that loaned $30 million to Europe's largest and most exposed vivisection laboratory, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). In response, activists protested at offices in Birmingham, Cambridge, Berkshire, Bristol, Manchester, Dublin (Ireland), Gothenburg (Sweden) and a directors home in New York City (USA). The Animal Rights Militia (ARM) also visited the adresses of BDO directors in Luxembourg, leaving incendiary devices underneath an expensive car at one home and painting the other with death threats, before setting fire to the garden. The day after the ARM action was reported Anchor Sub Funding subsequently dissolved and cut its ties with HLS, withdrawing also from any future loans.

As a result, on September 25th, Fortress Investment Group were revealed as the company who payed BDO to set up the shell company. Within a week and at their first demo, Fortress stated they fully divested from HLS, a claim later authenticated by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). The news comes at a cruical time as HLS CEO Andrew Baker attempts to complete a buyout of the company, now without Fortress' additional loan required to complete the deal.

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An Introduction: Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC)

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) are in the business of poisoning healthy animals to death. They are a contract testing operation that tests products for others. They have three sites two in the UK and one in the US. Five hundred animals are put to death every day by HLS, killing tens of thousands of horses, cats, dogs, primates, rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice and fish amongst others each year.

SHAC was set with the sole aim of closing HLS down. The campaign was set up at the end of 1999 by a group of activists who had successfully closed down Consort kennels and Hillgrove cat farm. Both campaigns ended with the businesses closing down and hundreds of animals being safely rehomed instead of tortured in labs.

Shareholders, stockbrokers, market makers, suppliers and clients have all dumped HLS, including the world’s largest companies; all four main high street banks in the UK, the world’s largest financial institution, the world’s second largest bank and the world’s largest insurance broker. Huntingdon are $72 million dollars in debt with NO commercial bank and insurance company anywhere in the world prepared to deal with them.

HLS’ key weakness is their finances and by throwing the spotlight on those funding their abuse campaigners across the globe have managed to bring HLS to the brink of financial collapse. Throughout the campaign activists have made financial history as one by one major corporations have yielded to protester power and severed their links with the failing company.

Campaigners use evidence obtained in seven undercover investigations at their different laboratories in the UK and USA where HLS workers have been caught on film punching puppies in the face, simulating sex with animals in their care, cutting open primates while they are still alive and falsifying experiments to get products on the market. HLS workers have even been caught drunk at work and dealing drugs at the labs.

Huntingdon Life Sciences have a criminal record from a British court of law for breaking the Companies’ Act. They are the only UK laboratory to ever have their licence revoked by the government.

An Introduction: Animal Rights Militia (ARM)

The Animal Rights Militia (ARM) is a banner used by animal rights activists who engage in direct action against people or entities that profit from animal suffering. Unlike other leaderless resistance in the movement, they don't have any guidelines against physically harming human beings.

ARM activists believe "the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) does not go far enough...", regarding the ALF's guidelines of strictly non-violent resistance. In contrast, the ARM carrys out political violence and/or property destruction to further the animal liberation movement. This includes letter bombs, contaminations, death threats, hoaxes and destroying cars and shops using arson.

The ARM, like the ALF, is not a group, but a banner for autonomous, covert cells to use. The name has most often been used in the UK, Isle of Wight, and USA, with cells active in over a dozen countries. The name was first known when signed letter bombs were sent to 10 Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament in London, harming Margaret Thatcher's colleague in 1982.

Following the actions in the early 1980s, the ARM claimed a series of arsons, hoax bombs and threats after reappearing in the 1990s, notably in the Isle of Wight, Cambridge, North Yorkshire and Oxford. The damage caused by fires averaged £2 million in each location.

The ARM continues to report actions in the 21st century, predominantly in European countries, as well as North America and Australia. The ARM now send anonymous communiques to Bite Back Magazine, a website promoting the animal liberation struggle and its prisoners.

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Campaign Relaunch Against Top HLS Lender Fortress

10.10.2009 10:51

SHAC receive inside information proving the statement from Fortress to be a LIE. Fortress are now the no.1 TOP target.


HLS are $70 million in debt. They owe $40 million to Progress Funding and $30 million to Anchor Sub Funding.


Anchor Sub Funding were set up in 2006 by the Fortress Investment Group, who paid a Luxembourg company called BDO Compagnie Fiduciaire to set up a front company so that they could loan HLS money without SHAC finding out.

Of course we did find out, and BDO have now cut all ties with Anchor Sub Funding and HLS. We are now calling on Fortress to follow BDO and ditch HLS, and to call in the loan with immediate effect.

Fortress Investment Group LLC
1345 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10105, USA

Tel: 212 798 6100

Click here for global locations:


Fortress' Board of Directors

Fortress employees directly involved in the Anchor loan:

All emails:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

mail e-mail:
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a growing fan

07.10.2009 20:53

i am not that into AR myself but them bunny huggers do know how to get the job done! maybe we could all learn something from them, with so many of us campaigning for things with such high stakes we need to realise that in the grand scheme of things, that the effectivness of actions like
these justifies using them as tacticts.


Glad to hear it

07.10.2009 21:50

Whether activists are admiring animal liberation philosophy or tactics its all good news to us!

While 'we' still have a lot to learn about anti-authoritarian organising and a diversity of tactics (ironically I mean anti-pacifism here), other activists could do a lot by looking at the successful tactics of the AL movement. From the 80s when labs were raided, exposed and commonly burned down (never to be rebuilt). To the 90s when dozens of slaughterhouses, fur farms and breeders were put out of business due to sustained campaigns by the ALF and other militants. With now in the 21st century 'secondary targeting' campaigns such as SHAC financially crushing corporations - there is definitely a lot of tactics to learn and gain.

Fortunately though other movements have begun to take note. Smash EDO, DSEi, Climate Camp and even the Kingsnorth campaign against the future builders. The activist movement needs to evolve to have a frontline for direct action while the animal liberation movement needs to grow out of its pacifist shell and start organising properly. Can anyone imagine if the EDO campaign for example targeted investors, customers and suppliers as hard as SHAC, ALF, MFAH and ARM do? Or if SHAC had street demos like mayday this year?

It's also noticeable that the activist movement has recently been taking more tactics from the ALM then the ALM has been taking from other movements. It seems animal liberationists are unfortunately (generally more than others) looking inwards rather than outwards. Just something for ARA's to make a note of when recognising the potential for other movements...there is much more potential for our movement also.


This means the end is near

08.10.2009 07:54

This is great news - without the loan HLS will be bust by Xmas!

Keep it up - it won't be long now.

Great News

To add to Anti-Spe's comment

08.10.2009 09:33

Not only would AR style direct action be equally, (or even more), effective in other campaign areas, (such as Anti-Militarism), it's also perfectly conceivable that the sort of actions conducted by groups such as the ALF, (i.e. actions taken where every effort is made to avoid harm to any living being), could actually be defended with the justification of preventing greater crimes!

Sadly our non-human animal brethen don't receive the same consideration in our society, so where as ALF activists receive shocking sentences, an equivalent "Human Liberation Front" might receive surprising leniency! For example, we could compare the Decomissioners destruction of factories supporting war crimes with the hypothetical "decomissioning" of HLS which is "only" supporting animal welfare crimes.

Where the AM Decomissioners can expect to either be acquitted, or at worst serve a few years, the hypothetical AR Decomissioners would doubtlessly receive a decade or more in prison with absolutely no hope of walking away with an acquittal!

Naturally I'm not encouraging or inciting anyone to do anything illegal with what I've said, it's.....

Just a thought