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SHAC | 04.10.2009 11:20 | Animal Liberation | World



Sunday, 4th October

Following on from the start of protests outside Fortress Investment Group management and their offices on Thursday and Friday this week, Fortress legal department ( have sent the following email to SHAC:

"Fortress confirms that the statements on Fortress letterhead, presented by security personnel to the protestors in London and in New York, were official Fortress communications. A copy is attached to this email. Fortress will not be making any further statements on this matter as the statement speaks for itself."

Well done to everyone who contacted Fortress or went on the protests in New York and London. The Fortress statement follows on the heels of BDO's statement last week, both these companies where involved in propping up HLS with their blood money. SHAC and animal rights campaigns all over the world will continue to put pressure on any financial institution that help HLS continue to torture and kill 500 animals every day in their labs.

SHAC will continue to track down companies that collaborate with HLS/LSR. Please remember that HLS customers are important to the future of HLS, No customers = No HLS and we will continue to put pressure on them, see the following page for more details:

Original Acrticle:

- e-mail: INFO@SHAC.NET
- Homepage: http://WWW.SHAC.NET


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Anyone know the impact this will have on HLS?

04.10.2009 19:14

If anyone is in the know, can you tell us what the impact of this will be for HLS?

When Natwest/RBS dumped HLS they wrote off £24M for £1, so anyone know whether HLS will actually be impacted by this or whether Fortess just wrote off a lot of money to free themselves from SHAC?

Obviously every financier that divests from HLS has an impact, but have Fortress sold the loan? Are they taking the money back from HLS...or how does this work?

I'm extremely happy that Fortress divested but I want to know (honestly) what sort of impact this will have on if anyone knows,

Pleas tell us more!

The effects...

04.10.2009 22:06

I the case of RBS they sold on the loan to a third party. HLS still had to repay the loan and so did not benefit from this however RBS lost millions in the deal. Many in the city will no longer touch HLS with a bargepole because of these loses incurred by RBS. RBS lost big, HLS had to repay the original amount and the only winner was the 3rd party. Because of this huge lose incurred by the orignal lender HLS finds it more difficult to raise capital which eventually led to it having to sell it's land and property to an Andrew Baker front company and float on the stock exchange.

Fortress will presumably have also sold on ts loan at a loss t a third party. Fortress and BDO have lost big in this but then so has HLS as once again it is shown that those who loan money to HLS can't make a profit. This was again highlighted when Barclays made a loss when they were forced to sell their shares for a significant loss in-order for them to be able to sell off their investment arm! These losses by investors make it less likely for HLS to be able to raise capital in future.

The interesting thing about Fortress (and this is well known in financial circles) is that they were part of the buy out deal that Andrew Baker had arranged to take HLS off the stock market. what will happen now to the buy-out is anyones guess, but I certainly wouldn't like to be trying to save the buy out this close to the deadline if I was Andrew Baker! The only reason Baker has tried to get this buy out is so that him and Cass will get the £2million bonus they failed to achieve by bring HLS up to the required performance for 4 quarters in a row.

If HLS fail to make this by-out happen it is only a matter of months before they are delised from the NYSE and enter the penny stocks. They will then most likely default on their loan repayments.



05.10.2009 07:17

I don't think there is much I can add to Broker's comment - basically at this stage there are a lot of very large question marks (it doesn't help that Fortress gave their statement on a Friday, so we have had the weekend without any more info).

But, there are a couple of helpful clues in the Fortress statement. The first is that they will deinvest, which means they are pulling their money rather than canceling the loan. The second is that they are canceling a future financing commitment, which is presumably (at least some of) the extra $15 HLS need to complete the Baker buyout.

That's pretty much all that can be said at the moment. I would think HLS' chances of finding a new lender this quickly are slim, as no one wants to deal wit them anyway, and one of the conditions of this loan was anonymity and as usually SHAC found them out.

Fingers crossed (and megaphones at the ready)!


Great - so it will all be over by Xmas then.....

05.10.2009 07:28

This is great news - HLS will fail and it will all be over by Xmas!

Will our prisoners come home then as well?


Great - so it will all be over by Xmas then.....

05.10.2009 07:28

This is great news - HLS will fail and it will all be over by Xmas!

Will our prisoners come home then as well?


When ....

05.10.2009 11:33

When HLS shuts down activists will do all that is in our power to help bring our imprisoned friends (the primates, dogs, rodents, fish and birds) that are in HLS out and into the hands of those who can re-habilitate them and show them compassion that they have never been shown.

It will be difficult as animal abusers often take out their failings on the animals they control but animal advocates will be there doing their best to ensure that the managements tantrum of failing is not allowed to hurt the animals.

The real prisoners in this are the hundreds of thousands of defenceless animals being tortured and killed inside HLS every year.