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With the Climate Camp Caravan having reached the camp, the camp is now underway, undaunted despite heavy policing. A fortnight of debate, organising and, above all, action on climate change is underway. The Camp For Climate Action, which took place in 2006 at Drax power station in Yorkshire and near Heathrow airport in 2007, is this year aiming to shut down Kingsnorth power station in Kent [announcement | invitation].

As during previous camps, there is a field media centre set up during the camp to facilitate independent, grassroots media coverage. Keep an eye on the Climate Camp 2008 topic page for the latest news and see this article for info on participating in media making.

Previous radio coverage: Riseup! Radio #7 August Show – Climate Camp Special | The 300-350 Show: Agrofuels and Climate Camp Preview | The 300-350 Show: Rolling Back Coal | Dissident Island - Climate Camp special tonight | The Two Degrees Show: No New Coal | Riseup! Radio #6 The July Show

Feature articles since last year's camp: Coal On Hold - Derbyshire Coal Mine Site Occupied | Leave it in the Ground: Drax Coal Train Halted | Day of Action on Food and Climate Change | Heathrow Protesters Uncover Spy Plot | Fossil Fools Take On Fossil Fuels | Convictions For Activists - Climate Criminals Walk Free | UK Takes Action While World Leaders Continue To Produce Hot Air | Biofuels Conference Disrupted At Concerns Over Multi-National 'Greenwash' | Day of Local Action against 'The Oil and Gas Bank' | Manchester Climate Change Activists Blockade Domestic Flights | Nuclear No Answer To Climate Change



Map for pirates

31.07.2008 10:54

The black spot
The black spot



Climate Camp Map

01.08.2008 09:06

sorry if its a bit hard to read
sorry if its a bit hard to read

see full size version in the newsletter page 8


Sat Map for Pirates

01.08.2008 13:31


Aaa haaa,

Map Man

mainstream coverage

02.08.2008 16:49

I'm not able to get to Climate Camp for health / disability reasons. So I'm recording and uploading mainstream media coverage of the Camp as and when it happens. If anybody wants to see it it is at

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Prison address for bail-breaker - first Climate activist to be imprisoned

06.08.2008 18:51

First Climate activist to be imprisoned in UK - prison address at end of article

(short film link below)

Paul Morozzo, 41, one of 29 people to occupy and partially empty a coal train heading to Drax power station in Yorkshire (13 June), was arrested attempting to enter Climate Camp on Monday 4 August.

He was arrested for openly breaking the bail conditions imposed on him by the police after the coal train action, which banned him (and the other 28) from going onto the Hoo peninsula near Chatham, Kent, where both Climate Camp and the Kingsnorth coal power station are located.

Six other open bail-breakers made it into the Camp, despite a complete lack of disguises or deceit - and despite telling the media and the police they were coming.

I've made a 7-minute film about the bail-breaking for Peace News on YouTube:

Before arriving at the site, Paul said to a reporter: "I'm pretty nervous about being arrested because I've never been to prison. It will be bad but the worst thing about being arrested will be that I won't get to go to an event that I have been planning for a long time. This is one of the most important issues of our generation and it's vital that we are allowed to discuss it. It's tragic that the police seem to want to stop that."

He added: "It just shows the tragic level of authoritarianism when the police are cracking down on a group of people who simply want to get together to discuss the most important issue facing the world."

Paul is now in Wandsworth Prison, where he will remain until a hearing on 11 August. He may then be released as Climate Camp will be over.

Please write to him:

Paul Morozzo
HMP Wandsworth
PO Box 757
Heathfield Road
SW18 3HS

Milan Rai Peace News co-editor
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Power station shut down: Netcu lying or Kent police lying?

12.08.2008 09:53


From the netcu site "Fifty arrested during river rescue and scuffles - but protesters fail to close down power station"

Weird, check out this charge sheet?

- Homepage:


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