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Climate Camp - Stay Informed

phonephreak | 30.07.2008 19:12 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Free Spaces | Other Press | London

"Deansgate Ridge, site of next weeks Climate Camp successfully occupied, 1km SW of Kingsnorth." - SMS 30/07/08

With the news that the site for the climate camp has now been occupied, information about how to stay informed over the next two weeks is also being revealed.

Using the twitter system which was adopted with great success at last years climate camp, as well as the no borders camp and disarm DSEi - you have several channels with which to stay informed about the climate camp and related matters - wherever you may be.

Sign up to receive SMS text messages on your mobile phone, at no cost, to stay up-to-date about breaking news, protests, last minute changes etc.

  • For breaking news about climate camp related protests around Kingsnorth or affinity group actions elsewhere in the country, text the message FOLLOW CLIMATECAMP to 07624 801423
  • For information bulletins relating to the camp itself, eg. program changes, volunteer call outs, emergency meetings, etc. Text FOLLOW CAMPINFO to 07624 801423
  • For twice daily local weather reports, text FOLLOW KINGSNORTHINFO to 07624 801423

If you are not already signed up to a Twitter service you will receive a confirmation message which you must reply to with a username of your choice.

You will not be charged to receive the news alerts but you will pay for the two texts you send to sign up. You can also sign up online by registering at but don't forget to add your mobile details.

All the SMS reports are limited to 140 characters. Examples of the kind of bulletins to expect include:

"Five people are locked on to conveyor belt in Kingsnorth and report that E-On have shut the power station down."

"Spontaneous street party has started outside E-On headoffice, sound system and around 500 people."

"Police road block at east end of Irrelevant Road. Some people being searched but most people now taking back route via alley to the south."

The system depends on people like you to 'be the media' and report the news happening around you. and remember to cover the basics - who, what, where, when, why and how. Note down the reporting number and phone 0207 043 3783 to record your own reports or speak to somebody who will write up a report based on what you have to say about your experiences. It's a local rate number so no hefty charges and to save your credit you can ask them to call you back. Pop into the 'Be The Media' space to find out more.

You can also send in photos or video clips from your mobile phone via MMS email to phone.uploads{at} (best add the address to your contacts so you don't have to keep typing it).

Note: The SMS alert system is based on a service called Twitter provided by a company in California. The privacy policy ( states that the company would hand over information to the authorities if requested to do so. Do not sign up (or use clean phone) if you have any reason not want your phone number associated with any of the events and news likely to be covered by this service. However, remember that the authorities can also obtain the details of all mobiles in any given area anyway.