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Manchester Climate Change Activists Blockade Domestic Flights

10.10.2007 15:25 | Climate Chaos

Activists from Manchester Climate Action and Manchester Plane Stupid blockaded the security check-in of terminal 3 of Manchester Airport.

Passengers were denied access to the departure lounge by seven activists locked together using arm-tube devices. Two banners were unfurled reading, “Manchester City Council...supporting climate chaos” and “Domestic flights cost the Earth”. Other protesters leafleted passengers with information about aviation and climate change as well as handing out train timetables for route destinations.

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interesting this one....

10.10.2007 21:50

hi - not good.

It is interesting to get people's opinions on this. I didnt' see the media coverage on TV but I thought the press coverage of it brought up some interesting points. And actually got across the points that they were trying to make.,,30100-1287361,00.html

I think that's the general idea. I don't think you can realistically do actions like that without pissing off the public. It's a bit like Petrol station blockades as well. Maybe not popular but worth doing. Or should we only be doing protests where everyone is on your side? (er No Fuel Tax Blockades maybe)

Also, it does start bring the debate back to what people have to do to change their lifestyles to reduce emmissions rather than just blaming the State, BAA and BA (who are also legitimate targets - don't get me wrong).



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