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ESF - Paris Dossier

imc uk | 11.11.2003 22:08 | European Social Forum | Globalisation | Social Struggles | World

After Florence [1 2 3], the second European Social Forum is held in Paris. Apart from NGOs, trade unions and parties, there is some grassroots activity, including media-activism. See alterphoto picture show.
According to first-hand reporter "Glasnost", the principles of the first World Social Forum in Porto Alegre (2001) regarding openness and non-hierarchic decision-making are hardly a reality. Demos and occupations however took place nevertheless.

Overviews: IMC Belgium | IMC Netherlands | IMC Paris | IMC Germany

Nov 10: ESF 2004 (Oct or Nov) to be in London, on condition that an open European Assembly Meeting takes place in London on 13-14 December (Glasnost 1).
Nov 11: Debate on European day of action - probably March 20th (Iraq Invasion)(Glasnost 2).
Nov 12: "(...) the local Arab population feel that the ESF has very little to do with them; there is no information, they don't think it will change anything" (Glasnost 3). "Many people of Indymedia did not receive press accreditation at the ESF, because the ESF is authoritarian, bureaucratic, not transparent, closed and arrogant" (vlo).
Nov 13: Session on independent radios in Italy
Nov 14: Occupation for Social Centre (ekes)
Nov 15: Social Forum demonstration through Paris. Reports and Photos 1 | 2 | 3
Nov 16: Opensource Session and Negri/Callinicos debate.
Nov 17 Police filmed returning ESF visitors at London Waterloo Station [Report].

Sans Papiers during ESF Paris - "always on the street"
Sans Papiers during ESF Paris - "always on the street"

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