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St Agnes Place - No Bailiffs at Second Eviction Alert

. | 31.10.2003 17:49 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | London

On Oct 30/31st, residents at St.Agnes were on alert, building baricades and erecting a scaffolding tower. Police was seen several times during these days, but the bailiffs didn't turn up - St. Agnes Place is still going!

The previous eviction due 24th Oct of 14 houses on St. Agnes Place, London, was called off when bailiffs saw the number of people who had turned up to help resist.

Update 23 Oct 03 | Pictures: St Agnes Community | Defending the Houses | Videos: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 | Street Webcam
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kids games at street party
kids games at street party

Updates Friday 31st: 17:00pm

- No bailiffs have shown up and the alert has been called off. The residents of St Agnes have constructed a scaffolding tower on the building roof that is about 65 foot high which can be used for lock-ons in the case of eviction proceedings.
12:00pm - The street remains secure at this time. No sign of bailiffs up till now but residents are staying on alert.
9:30am - Bailiffs have not turned up yet. People are gathering in the street. Situation is quiet but the athmospere is tense.
Early morning - Residents still working away building up defences in the street. A tower has now been erected and a lot of the houses are getting first rate home security. Police turned up several times in the last few hours. [Report]

Update Thursday 30th

: Urgent call! - Bailiffs are due to return Friday 31st Oct.
7:00pm: Residents have been very busy erecting defences in the street. The bailiffs' van was spotted cruising up the street. Police presence has increased in the area, including a police helicopter circling a few times over the street. [Report]

Friday 24th October

10.45am: Great news from St Agnes Place, Lambeth Council have called off the eviction because resistance was too strong. Residents would like to thank all the people who turned out this morning to support them. The struggle to save their homes will continue (updates and news from - with police riot vans seen in the area activists however remain on alert [report | Photos]

9.40am Update: The bailiffs have driven along the street twice but did not stop, they were looking hard at all the people gathered to support the residents. TV cameras are here. There is a small police presence on the street. More people keep arriving, its great to see them and the residents feel better now they are here. The mood has definitely lifted and the sun is shining.....

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Lambeth County Court has issued warrants for the possession of 14 houses on the street. These warrants give the county court baliffs the authority to evict the fourteen families, who are required to remove ALL possessions and vacate the property before the stated time of eviction - 9.30am on Friday 24th October 2003.

St Agnes Place is the last street of its kind left in south London, and has provided sanctuary to thousands of people throughout the last 28 years. Home to Rastafarian International HQ, travellers and local Londoners, this multi ethnic community is facing being dessimated by Lambeth Council's bailiffs. They have called for people to help resist the eviction.

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Update: 23 Oct. 03

15 Squats are being evicted on Friday morning in St. Agnes Place, a long term squatted street behind Kennington Park, south London.

They are asking for as many people as possible to go down from 9.30 to support them... If you can go, or can let anyone know who can... Spread the word. The squatters here did prevent demolition in the 70s, including occupying Lambeth Town Hall, let's do it again.