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St Agnes | 21.10.2003 05:26 | London

WIRELESS FM the free radio from St Agnes Place is now live.

*******FWD MESSAGE*********
St Agnes Place, Kennington, South London

Lambeth County Court has issued warrants for the possession of 14 houses on the street. The eviction will take place on 24th October 2003 at 9.30am. These warrants give the county court baliffs the authority to evict the fourteen families, who are required to remove ALL possessions and vacate the property before the stated time of eviction.

A possession warrant gives the baliffs (who will bring the police for back up) the authority to remove ANYONE still in the properties at the time the evictions are due to take place. It is possible and likely that the whole street will be sealed off to effect this eviction allowing NO through access.

The baliff team who will be responsible for these evictions can be contacted on
02070914430 monday to friday 7.30am - 9am

A bit of background for those that need it.....

St Agnes Place is the last street of its kind left in south London, and has provided sanctuary to thousands of people throughout the last 28 years. Home to Rastafarian International HQ, travellers and local Londoners, this multi ethnic community is facing being dessimated by Lambeth Council's baliffs.

This community has lived together in harmony for nearly 30 years and should be allowed to stay.

For more information or to give support please check out the website

WIRELESS FM St Agnes's very own internet radio station is now live and there is a link to tune in from the website. Leading up to eviction day there will be very special guest DJ's spinning live in solidarity with the residents, and the station will remain on air throughout the evictions with news updates. You will also be able to follow the eviction news on the day by reading the regular updates posted on the main page of the website.

There is both open publishing on the main part of the site and forums if anybody wants to make suggestions, request a shout on the radio or offer support to the families that are to be made homeless.

Everybody is welcome on the street but remember to be early.....

love from St Agnes.........

St Agnes
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