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M22 Anti-War Protests Around The World

Imc Uk | 23.03.2003 23:00 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | World

On March 22, anti-war protests took place all over the world, from Argentina to Vienna, in order to disrupt the killing of innocents, and to highlight the attack against Iraq.

A compilation of reports from over 15 US and Canadian states, 7 European countries as well as countries in the far east, demonstrates the wide variety of protest, from candle-light vigils in Seoul, Air base breaches in California to eighty thousand marching in the streets in of Stockholm [pics] and Helsinki [pics], whilst Barcelona saw half a million taking to the streets [photos 1 | 2]. In some places the police repression was very strong against protesters, such as in Madrid [video | photos], Athens [Pics 1 | 2] where 300.000 demonstrated, and Hamburg [photos 1 | 2 | 3]
The reaction against the war on Iraq in the Oceania region has also been both swift and massive, with huge demonstrations on the 22nd and continuing. In Cape Town over 8000 pupils and workers took to the streets to protest, with a continuos picket at the consulate, with shifts of 50 people picketing 24 hours a day.

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