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300 000 in Athens on M22

imc london | 23.03.2003 17:11

300000 protested against the war in Athens.
Translation from indymedia germany

Athens, March 22. About 300 000 people protested against the war. About 1000 participated in an anarchist block. When the demo passed the parliament, the first colour bags were thrown. At the French embassy, CCTV cameras were destroyed. At the italian Embassy, molotow cocktails and stones were thrown. Close to the US embassy, stones were seen flowing out of the schoolkid’s block. Later on, the police vans in front of the embassy were attacked with molotow cocktails. Police responded with massive teargas attacks, during which a pigeon dropped dead from the sky. Molotow cocktails also hit the war museum and an exhibited war aeroplane.

Look at the pictures at indymedia Germany:

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