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Struggle and Repression for Social Centres and Autonomous Spaces

scn | 16.06.2008 14:31 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Culture | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | Cambridge

Mill Road, a new squatted social centre in Cambridge, lost against Tescos in court last week but are confident about holding onto the place a while longer yet. They have however been experiencing violent attacks from anonymous cowards. There have been many reports of attacks on autonomous spaces recently. In Greece there have been heavy police repression and fascist arson attacks against autonomous space [more]. In Amsterdam, the Citex squat was attacked and illegally evicted by Police. Just a few days ago in Rome, fascists were caught planting a bomb in the front yard of Loa Acrobax. The tide turned briefly when hundreds of people from Berlin and elsewhere went on the offensive and instigated six days of diverse and often militant action in Berlin. In a city which has one of the harshest anti-squatting policies in Europe people showed they were undaunted and defiant [more].

London has seen the eviction of two squatted social centres recently (1, 2) but last week there was a report of a new space opening in Nunhead. Also in south London, the Spike is raising its profile as a community resource as part of a strategy to hang onto the site. At the heart of London's city fringe expansion, Bowl Court social centre lost a courtroom battle against property giant Hammerson and is now considering next moves [background]. Meanwhile, the long running rampART social centre in East London marked it's 4th anniversary but is considering voluntary closure as it has been suffering from neglect, theft and lack of energy since the owners were granted a possession order way back in January.

Gutter press followed the Tory party in inciting hatred towards squatters while squatters in Brighton enjoyed somewhat better press coverage relating to the occupation of a church on London Road in Brighton. In an attempt to promote autonomous spaces, a booklet called 'What's this Place' [PDF] has been produced by the UK Social Centres Network which will probably be having it's next gathering at the newly refurbished Kebele in Bristol, 14th Sept. Also being planned for late summer is a follow up to last months international 'interspace' gathering near Berlin which followed the April2008 mobilisations [more].

Websites of mentioned spaces: Bowl Court, rampART, Nunhead Chapel, The Spike, Mill Road,88 London Road, Kebele, Loa Acrobax

Portal sites : | UK Social Centres Network website | Autonomous London

The damage of the previous attack had just been repaired...
The damage of the previous attack had just been repaired...

News In Brief

The 4th anniversary party for the rampART social centre in London raised about £250 to start a seed fund for new social centres. During the event, the cafe was dedicated to the late Marie Vesco who has been a regular participant in activities at rampART and Ram Part 2.

A recent benefit gig at the Bowl Court social centre raised £360 for the Advisory Service for Squatters and another £360 for, the activist internet services provider many of us use on a daily basis.

While the Wominspace in Hackney has been evicted, the people and spirit behind it continue. They are organising a 'Women and Trans DIY-SQUATTING Weekend' happening in a newly squatted space somewhere in London on the weekend of the 28th-29th June.

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Interview about Social Centre booklet

18.06.2008 01:08

An interview with Alice, who compiled the new 'What's this Place' booklet, was featured on the May show at Riseup! Radio. If you wanna listen to the show, see previous article:

Riseup! Radio Crew
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