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Mill Road Social Centre's days are numbered.

Reportage | 12.06.2008 11:26 | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Cambridge

This morning at approximately 10:30am in room 2 of East Road Court, a judge presiding over the case of a repossession order for the premises currently occupied by the Mill Road Social Centre granted possession to Tescos, meaning that the current occupants will have to vacate the premises some time in the near future, thereby soon ending an era of community occupation of the old Wilco store premises.

However, it is worth noting that the lawyer representing Tescos had to say for the record that Tescos are STILL unable to move in and start work on converting the space into a new shop, because they DO NOT have full planning permission to do so (only partial, covering installation of signage and a cash machine), despite their own recent claims otherwise in the local press, meaning that potentially at least unless the current occupiers stay on until the last minute, the old Wilco premises could once again be empty - as it was for a long time before the current occupation - while this is being dealt with.

The legal representatives of the current occupiers (Mark and Tom) and those other people who also occupy and/or use Mill Road Social Centre, may well now have to agree terms with Tescos for a plan of withdrawl from the premises.

However, presently no plans between either party have been agreed upon, so it's not over yet.

Also worth noting that the "nomillroadtescos" campaign is still active and shall continue to be so for the forseeable future (possibly long after the existence of the Social Centre), although they are a distinctly separate entity from the Social Centre.

So, if you are still concerned about this megacorp moving onto Mill Road, you know what to do - join the campaign and support YOUR Social Centre, and send a clear message to Cambridge City Council that Tescos are STILL not welcome on Mill Road.

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