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Action Days for Autonomous Spaces; Berlin

anon | 31.05.2008 11:39 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | World

A short report on Action Days for Autonomous Spaces in Berlin

On Tuesday last a squat that had only been open for a few hours was brutally evicted by the Berlin police. The response from the anarchist and autonome movement has been devestating; well over one million in damages from decentralised actions over 4 nights. The actions have included property destruction, over 50 car burnings and sabotage, spontaneous demonstrations, squatting and paintbombing. Many people have been arrested. Two comrades are facing charges or arson.For up to date news reports visit

As well as the decentralised actions there have been many workshops, presentations, shared meals and social gatherings. A pirate radio station is providing constant reporting on events around the city.

Visit for more info.