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Larissa, Central Greece: IKA squat evicted and demolished

imc Athens | 26.04.2008 00:53 | Free Spaces | Repression | World

Heavy police forces raided the recently squatted building of IKA on Wednesday morning; 7 people were brought in front of the Public Prosecutor, while part of the building has already been demolished.

Part of the formerly abandoned building being demolished right after eviction
Part of the formerly abandoned building being demolished right after eviction

On Wednesday morning (23/4), IKA squat in Larissa was evicted and partially demolished. At 6am the criminality suppresion police raided the building and attacked those who were inside. They were violently taken to the police department. Part of the building was demolished [Photos:].

Later on, the detainees were brought in front of the Public Prosecutor. They were transferred in terror, handcuffed, surrounded by cops and undercovered policemen. They were arrested as suspects for disturbing the social peace and the operation of a public service. The cops had been based on a complaint lodged by the headmaster of the Social Insurance Institution (the building owner), but the complaint was pulled after the eviction.

Seven people were detained until 4pm and people were gathered outside the court, in solidarity. A solidarity demonstration, with 200 participants, took place in Larissa on Thursday. They marched in front of the partially demolished squat, the Prefecture Administration and several official buildings. Paint and stones were thrown towards the police department and the City Hall. A concert followed.

The building had been squatted since 8th of March 2008, after having been completely abandoned for more than 5 years. [Photos: ] Several squats and autonomous space in Greece have recently been under serious threat.

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