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Activists call for Public Inquiry into 7/7 Bombings

Gladiator | 09.07.2015 16:20

Activists dropped a banner in Whitehall on the 10th Aniiversary of the 7 July 2005 bombings in London

Thames House
Thames House


On Tuesday 7 July, UK politicians and their corporate media allies gathered to insult the memories of those killed by the 7/7 bombs by staging a propaganda event which was designed to promote further mass killing of muslims. Activists meanwhile dropped a banner in Whitehall calling for a Public Inquiry into the events of 7/7.

Tony Blair defended the decision not to hold an Inquiry in 2005 saying, "We do essentially know what happened."

After nearly two years and the emergence of disturbing new evidence about the attacks David Davis, then shadow home secretary was moved to state the obvious,

".. the government have not told the British public the whole truth about the circumstances and mistakes leading up to the July 7 attacks.

"The case for an independent inquiry into the attacks of July 2005 is now overwhelming. It is the only way to achieve clarity for the British public, closure for the bereaved and ensure the security services and government learn the lessons to help prevent another attack."

However, as the parliamentary paedophile scandal has shown the elite will not disclose damaging information without a fight.

To estimate just how damaging the real story of 7/7 may be to the establishment, the key unanswered questions surrounding the event need to be reviewed, as Tom Secker does in his documentary film '7/7 Seeds of Deconstruction.'

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Additional info - J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign

10.07.2015 17:56

J7: The July 7th Truth Campaign website -


Another question

24.07.2015 17:21

As you "truthers" like to ask questions, I have one for you. Would you accept the findings of such an inquiry if it were to happen? Of course you wouldn't. So therefore how odd to demand an inquiry. How about you support one of the real worthy causes happening in London.

The Egg

Families of 7/7 victims want an Independent Inquiry

05.08.2015 00:25

not a Public Inquiry

BIG difference

Think - Hillsborough vs David Kelly

Graham Foulkes
- Homepage:

not a truther, but support this

12.09.2015 02:26

there is something rather odd about 7/7, and if anyone tries to look into it, somethings just don't add up or quite make sense.

I dont think there can or will be an independent inquiry, but its worth asking for one nonetheless.

i don't have any conspiracy theory, but remember operation gladio.
no group has claimed responsibility for 7/7. that itself is odd.

lone ranger