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Cardiff Smash IPP Demo / Protest Chwalwch IPP

SWA | 04.04.2015 20:23 | Repression | Social Struggles | Wales

Report from today's Smash IPP Demo in Cardiff / Adroddiad o'r protest heddiw yang Nghaerdydd

On Saturday the 4th of April 2015, the Smash IPP group held their first a demonstration in Cardiff. For those of you who do not know what IPP is, it is an indeterminate sentence for “public protection”. This allows the court to add time onto an existing prison sentence often for minor crimes and therefore pushing back the release date indefinitely. This means that IPP prisoners live under the constant mental torture of having no release date. It was abolished in 2012, however this was not done retrospectively leaving more then 5000 people in jail for a non existing law with no release date.

At 2pm the group gathered at the Aneirin Bevan statue on Queen Street. We were joined by friends and family members prisoners under the IPP sentence. We stayed at the statue for about an hour handing out leaflets and talking to the public about IPP sentences as it is not a very well known subject. We then marched down queen street with black flags and banners. Everyone, including children who were marching with us, took turns chanting “Smash IPP, Set them Free” and “Our Passion for Freedom, is Stronger then their Prisons”.

We arrived at the prison entrance where we were joined by others who were visiting loved ones in prison. We continued to chant things like “Freedom for all, Tear Down the Walls”. We then we went to the top floor of the a nearby car park where there was good visibility. We could see the prison cell and the the prisoners could see us. We hung banners, chanted and communicated with people in the prison. The friends, families and demonstrators kept were still chanting, “Give them a Date, Set them Free, Smash IPP!”. The prisoners themselves sent us signals of their support and asked us to return.

There will be more events like this in future. This group Smash IPP is a collective of Anarchists and anti-authoritarians as well as the loved ones of IPP prisoners. We have chosen to stand against IPP because it is one of the most blatant abuses by the state of the “justice” system in order to punish those it deems criminals, while some of the worst crimes of all are begin committed by the cops, judges and screws.

Solidarity to all persons in prison and those who’s lives are affected by the prison system, including all those in the racist detention centers of the UK. All in all, it was a successful demonstration, there was a good atmosphere and no police presence. More stuff coming up soon, to get involved e-mail


Ar ddydd Sadwrn y 4ydd o Ebrill 2015, cynhaliodd y grwp Chwalwch IPP ei wrthdystiad cyntaf yng Nghaerdydd. I rheini sydd ddim yn gwybod beth yw IPP, dedfryd amhenodol i “warchod y cyhoedd” yw hi.

Mae hon yn galluogi’r llys i ychwanegu amser i dedfrydau carchar presennol, yn aml ar gyfer troseddau llai a thrwy hynny gwthio nol y dyddiad rhyddhau yn amhenodol. Golygir hyn bod carcharwyr IPP yn byw gyda’r poen meddyliol parahol o beidio a chael dyddiad rhyddhau. Cafodd ei diddymu yn 2012, er ni weithredwyd hwn ar achosion cyn 2012 gan adael mwy na 5000 o bobol yn y carchar am gyfraith nad yw’n bodoli gyda dim dyddiad ar gyfer eu rhyddhad.

Ymgasglodd y grwp am 2yp ger cofgolofn Aneirin Bevan ar Stryd y Frenhines. Ymunwyd a ni gan ffrindiau ac aelodau teuluoedd carcharwyr o dan dedfrydau IPP. Arhoson ni ger y cofgolofn am tua awr yn dosbarthu taflenni ac yn siarad i’r cyhoedd ynglyn a dedfrydau IPP, gan nad yw’n pwnc gyfarwydd. Yna gorymdeithion ni lawr Stryd y Frenhines gyda baneri gan gynnwys y faner ddu. Gwnaeth bawb, gan gynnwys plant oedd yn gorymdeithio gyda ni, cymryd eu tro i waeddi ‘Smash IPP, Set them Free’ ac ‘Our Passion for Freedom, is Stronger than their Prisons’.

Cyraeddon ni fynedfa’r carchar lle wnaeth eraill ymuno a ni oedd yn ymweld a phobol agos iddynt yn y carchar. Parhaon ni i gyd-weiddi pethau fel ‘Freedom for All, Tear down the Walls’. Ynae aethon ni i lawr top y maes parcio gerllaw lle roedd golygfa dda i gael. Roeddem yn gallu gweld y celloedd ac roedd y carcharorion yn gallu gweld ni. Gosodon ni’r baneri, cyd-waeddon a chyfarthebon ni gyda phobol yn y carchar. Parhaodd y ffrindiau, teuluoedd a’r gwrthystwyr i gyd-waeddi ‘Give them a date, Set them Free, Smash IPP!’. Danfonodd y carcharorion arwyddion atom a gofyn i ni ddychwelyd.

Fe fydd rhagor o ddigwyddiadau yn y dyfodol. Mae’r grwp yma, Smash IPP, yn gasgliad o Anarchwyr a Gwrth-awrdurdodwyr yn ogystal a pherthnasau a ffrindiau agos carcharwyr IPP. Rydym wedi dewis sefyll yn erbyn IPP gan ei bod yn gamddefnydd amlwg gan y wladwriaeth er mwyn cosbi y sawl y mae nhw yn ei hystyried yn droseddwyr, tra bod rhai o’r troseddau gwaethaf yn cael ei wneud gan yr heddlu, beirniaid a’r ‘screws’.

Cyd-safwn a phob person yn y carchar a rheiny sydd wedi eu heffeithio ar gan y system carchardai, gan gynnwys rheiny yn y carchardai ar gyfer mudwyr sydd yn y DU. Ar y cyfan roedd yn wrthdystiad llwyddianus, roedd awyrgylch dda a dim presenoldeb gan yr heddlu. Mwy o bethau’n digwydd yn fuan, e-bostiwch i weithredu gyda ni.

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"Freedom for all, tear down the wall" ?

05.04.2015 01:15


this was interesting, but can you give more details regarding IPP?
my question: to whom is this law applied to, in particular? what kinds of crime?

from my own reading, it seems that Strasbourg has ruled that IPP is illegal
BUT, this doesnt lead to the idea of 'freedom for all, tear down the wall'. the offenders are held for what they might do, that this law is directed to the punishment of serious criminals, paedophiles, murderers etc.
thus, I agree with the Strasbourg ruling, it is illegal, but that does not mean that 'freedom for all'. there needs to be a system of justice and punishment that complies with Strasbourg and human rights law, while still punishing them. A convicted rapist who may do it again is held on IPP. Certainly, they deserve justice, but not freedom. Paedophiles are also on IPP, due to the fact that it is unclear if their behaviour will change in the future.

Legal things are not simple. It is childish to call for 'freedom for all and tear down the wall' unless you actually have a serious alternative to prison. I am not sure how many people would support you if that meant that those found guilty of violent crime or sexual abuse etc would not be punished in any way. or do you have another meaning?

let me give you anarchists a test case. If a person on IPP is a far right thug who has taken part in attacks on minorities and asylum seekers, stabbing a nigerian asylum etc. . He has also beaten up antifa and UAF members seriously, bashing someone with an iron bar ie GBH. Should this person be free and not serve time in prison?

there is a need for prisons for serious offenders, because there is not much else that one can do. If they were not put in prison, then in some cases there would be vigilante lynching, with of course the odd mistaken identity.

Freedom cannot be for all, it cannot be for those who destroy and hurt others, therefore, the wall can never be torn down. but IPP can be abolished.


what about death penalty

05.04.2015 17:08

according to this, 45% of British people want to bring back the death penalty. I am against death penalty as well, but this is more realistic than ' freedom for all, tear down the walls', and i daresay has a lot more popular support.


on IPP

06.04.2015 21:43

the guardian article gives a good argument for abolishing IPP and following the Strasbourg court of human rights declaration. It states the prisoners on IPP are dangerous. there is no argument for 'freedom for all, tear down the walls' or any of that nonsense.


real or unreal anarchists

07.04.2015 20:56

real anarchist- are you 17 years old, and have you just discovered punk rock? when you grow up, you will realise its not that simple.

its easy to call for smashing the prisons. but you cant really do it. its just sloganeering, and i think everybody more or less knows it.

what do you think of:

this is a leading Anarchist thinker, the main influence on a whole strand of anarchism that argues against law and police because it has a somewhat sinister agenda. the fact that IPP is applied mainly to paedophiles makes the question - why do anarchists want to abolish law, or prisons, or police?

Anarchists - say clearly where you stand regarding the Hakim Bey issue. if not, then you have absolutely no right to call the SWP 'rape apologists' when you are just 'paedophile apologists'.



08.04.2015 18:16

Good on SWA for the demo!!!!

Looks like the trolls really didn't like this story.


@ t-real

08.04.2015 22:29

Ummm...hate to ruin your fun, but I'm an anarchist and I am well aware that Hakim Bey is a creepy, predatory fuck. The attention given to him within the anarcho movement is a bit shameful, but I'd hardly call him a 'leading thinker' - the vast majority of anarchists I know wouldn't touch the slimy cunt with a barge pole.

Anecdotal evidence I know, but just my experience.

South Coast Sab

@sab @a

08.04.2015 22:50

i'm sure most anarchists wouldn't touch Hakim Bey with a bargepole, but it doesnt matter. Your own principles, which include rejecting state law regarding age of consent, justifies his activities and those like him.

likewise with IPP, you are actively promoting the release of convicted criminals who have been found guilty of some nasty stuff. I am sure that most of the anarchist kids mean well, but they just dont understand fully what they are trying to do. just silly kids really. anarchism has always been seen as infantile, i guess i've finally understood why.


prisons are a symptom of global domination of the elites

23.04.2015 09:53

studies of primitive communities show that incidents of rape and sexual or other violent behaviour are rare-to-none existent, as are incidents of theft, robbery, etc.

Essentially what that means is that rape and violence, robberies etc are symptoms of the elite global order, industrialisation over hundreds of years, of monarchic contrl over centuries and technological society which has evolved over a couple of thousand years..... and its coming apart at the seams, leaving us with a world torn by war, rape, violence, famine and greed and eco-destruction.

Historically, from an anthropological point of view,greed and rape and violence do not go hand in hand with human communities; they only become an issue when humans started living together in unnatural conditions, such as technological societies in cities and towns. This is not the whole picture, I know, but when you actually look at where and when rape and violence happens, it does not occur regularly in primitive societies. If anyone finds research to the contrary, please post it on this thread.

So when it comes to the question of law and order, it comes down to how we function as communities. In order for prison to be abolished, the system that uses them must first be dismantled, and this will happen over decades with its eventual collapse into a catastrophic mess (all empires crumble, which is a historical occurrence, through greeks, romans, Egyptians, mayans, you-name-it, they collapsed).

However, primitive communities that live more harmoniously with nature and with each other do not collapse and only appear to disintegrate when outsiders (usually white, usually western) come along and give them diseases, take their resources and fuck them over.

Ok, so what am I getting at?

Quite simply, when we , as anarchists, say fire to the prisons, or freedom for all, what we are saying is part of a wider anarchist principle, one of freedom, total freedom, from all cohersive systems of control, including law-states, prison states, police states, monarchies, so called democracies, etc, and we, as anarchist, take up campaigns for all manner of issues from anti-border controls, feminism, race, housing, climate, anti-road, eco, etc toward that idea of total freedom.... and so when we say 'abolish prisons' we do not mean just abolish prisons and let everything else be, no, far from it, we mean collapse the whole system, from its core to its roots to the very top, and from that collapse (which will not be nice and many will perish through starvation, famine, war, retributions, fighting 5th columnists, etc) can be built a more sustainable way of life for those who want to protect themselves and their families and loved ones. In reality that is not going to come any time soon, perhaps in the next 100 or 200 years, but it will come, of that you can be assured. Anarchists will be there (whether you like it or not) to ensure that some pockets of whatever remain do not operate with police states or prisons, but other ways of dealing with issues that are faced by that community. what your ancestors choose to do when that time comes is up to them, how they choose to operate as a community is up to them, but I know which community I would like me and mine to live in...




28.04.2015 16:57

>> Essentially what that means is that rape and violence, robberies etc are symptoms of the elite global order, industrialisation over hundreds of years, of monarchic contrl over centuries and technological society which has evolved over a couple of thousand years..... and its coming apart at the seams, leaving us with a world torn by war, rape, violence, famine and greed and eco-destruction.

>> Historically, from an anthropological point of view,greed and rape and violence do not go hand in hand with human communities; they only become an issue when humans started living together in unnatural conditions, such as technological societies in cities and towns.

Utter cr**. War, killing, rape, murder, theft have been going on for thousands of years. Modern western society have REDUCED these considerably, not increased them.

You just need to look at somewhere like ISIS. All the beheadings. All those amputations. Or many african countries. Lawlessness leads to death, crime, murder. It is the strongest wins - always. Look at the primitive cannibal societies. Or go to a museum and learn about the injuries suffer by early man from his brothers. Our life expectancy has increased considerably due to modern technology and society.



29.04.2015 19:35

hi Fran

read again your post - does any of it sound believable to you?

we can fantasise all we like about primitive communities, but all you are doing is doing a contemporary version of Rousseau's 'noble savage'. if we get rid of civilization, then humanity will live in freedom before the 'state' appeared. sounds too much like a myth to me.

there should be prison reform, but it is impossible to have any kind of society without some kind of legal and justice system. If you could propose a better one than the one we have now, fair enough. but if all you've got are anthropological fantasies about the distant past, and a vague view about a future collapse
, that isn't enough.

there might be a collapse, but that would not be anarchy as you imagine it. It would be the rule of local gangsters and warlords who have weapons and can lord it over others.

we need justice
we need courts
we need law
we need police
we need the state

without it, we would have anarchy, but not in the good sense.