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Job Centre Protest in Cambridge Disrupted by Job Centre Security.

Cameraboy | 06.02.2015 23:17 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

This afternoon a protest was held outside Henry Giles House, the Cambridge Job Centre branch, in solidarity with Tommi Miller, a boy with cancer whose benefits had been suspended by the DWP.

Good News for Tommi! Now, what about everyone else who's been sanctioned?
Good News for Tommi! Now, what about everyone else who's been sanctioned?

Some Group 4 security staff decided to take it upon themselves to confront the small group of peaceful protestors who had turned up with a banner (depicted), a confrontation which a local journalist witnessed and documented.

A link to their story is at the end of this article.

Several police vehicles arrived after the G4 team had called them to the scene, but it seems common sense prevailed and there were no arrests.

By the end of the afternoon there was some good news (for a change!) as it transpired that after a lot lobbying by local people, and some pressure from Julian Huppert MP the DWP decided to not only restore his ebenfits, but back date them too, along with some compensation.

Now, if only the DWP could provide the same duty of care for all the other hundreds of thousands of claimants they've sanctioned!

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Excellent result but typically savage behaviour

13.02.2015 13:39

Respect to the people who did this protest.
But the intimidation by security guards is commmonplace, and maybe protestors need to bear in mind that they will need to prepare for it.
I have done protests or leafletting at three different job centres around Greater Manchester in the past four years and on one occasion I went into my local job centre simply to ask for a leaflet about a certain work programme company. Every time the security guards instantly tried to intimidate me or the people I was with. Tactics include standing far too close to people, following them round, and aggressive, snarly demands to know what the leaflets are about - though they refuse to take one to read what it is about!
Clearly, job centre security guards are being briefed to treat job centre users, and protestors, like the proverbial. I would suggest always having a camera person to film them during any protest, or write and advise the job centre manager beforehand to make sure his staff behave themselves.

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