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Newport Rising: Festival of Radical Change

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26 May - 1 June, Newport.

Organised by Anarchist Action Network, Stop NATO Cymru and South Wales Anarchists, the festival runs all week at 95-96 Commercial Street, Newport NP20 1LU. Sharing ideas and skills, celebrating resistance & organising to win. All welcome. Workshops and skill shares all week, free cafe all day and free meal every evening.

The NATO Summit comes to Newport at the beginning of September. Come along this week and prepare for the Stop NATO week of action 30 August - 5 September and take part in some of the many talks, sessions and workshops. Something for everyone! All welcome (except cops and mainstream journalists, who will be asked to stay outside). The venue is an alcohol & drug free space.

If you can only manage one day and want to get clued up on NATO and what's planned for August & September, come along on Sunday:
Sunday 1 June. 4pm: Talk - Resisting the NATO Summit. 6.30pm: Meeting to build resistance against the NATO Summit.

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5 Days Left: Get on Down

The venue has already been open two days with plenty of locals dropping by as well as activists from Newport, Cardiff, Bristol and beyond. Great free food every night, friendly free cafe and a full programme of workshops.

On Monday, there was an all day kids' workshop re-creating the Chartist Mural. Other workshops were Self-defence for Women; Know your Rights with the Police; Community, Democracy & Chartism. Tuesday saw two workshops on Resisting Fracking; The Levels Motorway Campaign; Animal Rights; Nuclear Power; First Aid; Stencilling & Graffiti.

See programme for full listing but briefly, on Wednesday the focus is on Workers and Claimants with banner making also happening all afternoon; Thursday is looking at repression and migration with No Borders sessions, Men Against Patriarchy, plus badge making and film screening; Friday looks at prisons, surveillance, alternative media and destroying capitalism, plus an evening (alcohol & drug free) gig; Saturday is a day of action with protest and street theatre; Sunday will concentrate on anti-militarism and countering the NATO Summit.

Comment from one local young woman who came along yesterday: "It's great to see positive action against negative stuff!"

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