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Petition against Hospital Closure Clause - PLEASE SIGN NOW!

166,500 | 03.03.2014 18:55 | Health | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements

166,500 signatures and counting! Just days to the deadline -

If what's been called Jeremy Hunt's "Hospital Closure Clause" goes through in a few days time, the health minister will have the power to shut hospitals all over England, even if local people and local doctors object (and, yes, not all petitions are successful, but the only way to guarantee your actions won't make any difference is not to try) -

Please sign the petition now -

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Hospital Closure Clause FAQ -

Be sure to send this info to all your friends and family ASAP



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06.03.2014 17:12

But don't even think of making a political campaign involving hundreds of thousands of people an item on Indymedia's promoted newswire

Activist Ghetto

Mission statement

06.03.2014 22:08

"we understand that by lobbying there will be no radical change. As a collective our attitude is assertive, and where necessary confrontational"

You gonna report some direct action next, or wait for the Tories to submit to a petition?



01.04.2014 22:45

First the "Tories" did not submit this petition. 2nd (not that direct action and lobbying were ever mutually-exclusive anyway) NO-ONE from the Indymedia community even proposed, let alone carried-out, any direct action.

So, feel very clever about having offered such constructive criticism, happy forever in the knowledge your insights contributed absolutely nothing