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NATO UNCUT: Call Out for Anti-Cuts Movement to Support NATO Summit Protests

Cardiff Stop the War | 02.03.2014 13:12

NATO UNCUT: A group of Welsh anti-cuts, anti-war and trade union activists have put together the following motion calling for support from all campaigning organisations & social movements across the UK and beyond to mobilise against the NATO Summit near Newport this autumn. It will be taken to the People's Assembly Conference in London later this month & similar motions submitted to other bodies.

Motion to People's Assembly Recall Conference In London

Conference notes that:

1. 60 world leaders will meet near Newport for the NATO summit (4-5 September). Previous summits in Chicago and Strassbourg saw thousands protest war, austerity and global inequality.

2. From August 30th people will flock to S.Wales for international actions including a weekend march and “Counter-Summit”, week-long peace camp, and protests on the summit’s opening day.

3. NATO is the military alliance binding Europe to US foreign policy, including the occupation of Afghanistan, which is rejected around most of the world..

4. War is the enemy of the poor. The world’s richest 85 people have as much as the poorest 3.5 billion. The annual sum needed to end world hunger is $30 billion while the US military budget is $530 billion.

5. Money into war is money out of our communities. One day of war in Afghanistan could fund 100,000 nurses.

Conference calls for

People’s Assembly to work with No NATO Newport, Stop the War Coalition, CND, European Anti-NATO Network and others to ensure that when world leaders meet the voice of millions is heard.

Conference therefore resolves to

1. Encourage local PA groups to highlight the cost of war by organising activities linking austerity and war.

2. Work with local anti-war groups to mobilise against NATO. Invite anti-war speakers to anti-austerity events.

3. Publicise NATO protests in trade union and anti-cuts networks locally, nationally and internationally.

Proposed by: Cardiff Peoples Assembly

Cardiff Stop the War
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get involved

14.06.2014 23:24

To join in the resistance to the NATO summit, check out:



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Nato will need funding

02.03.2014 22:22

for our forthcoming, all out war with Russia


Great if we work for global- universal appropriate disarmament

03.03.2014 09:27

Great if we work for global- universal appropriate disarmament,
But if we seem or are aiming our disarmament only at NATO we are going to be seen by some as a 5th column& cis russia etc may try to exploit that .War with Russia also may happen& if we dont use nukes or conventional weapons& use star trek like stun phasers etc,it costs money honey.
Anarchists in ukraine& russia & most people are all against Putins actions in Ukraine, we must support them as peacefully as possible with boycotts& persuasion & also tell hotheads on all sides like john mccain in usa who went to kiev to rile it up.
Iam a antiwar activist &, have also defended fellow activists from nf-c18 skinheads& ar drivers using their vehicles as weapons. Mostly this is appreciated ,but even when you do it as peac efully as possible without burying anyone using cameras theres often a tivists vvsadly who then accuse others of being macho etc,this is vvvvpainful& undermines communities.Not only that but in my xp its the same people who also wield power at meetings& litterally destroy others lives for no good reasobehind our backsn try& get people to gang up on people who have defended them& physically intimidate them as wellas emotionally, the irony is galactic.

constitutional direct democrat x


03.03.2014 12:37

Note: This resolution was drafted before recent flare up in Ukraine and will prob contain an amendment in further versions


Feeling foolish ?

03.03.2014 13:28

The events this weekend in Ukraine illustrate all too well why NATO is needed. I notice you seem unable to be critical of Russia invading another country - why is that ?



03.03.2014 16:46

It will be good to see what alternatives to the current NATO organisation you are suggesting could work. The recent invasion and occupation of southern and eastern Ukraine by Russian troops illustrates that the 'Russian Empire' mindset is still alive and well in the Kremlin with a number of military leaders there keen to make a name for themselves in the new world. Clearly we still need some sort of alliance to prevent further adventures from Mr Putin but what could that look like ?


alternatives? to murderous imperialists?

05.03.2014 23:34

Maybe the trolls could explain how the existence of NATO helps the situation in Ukraine - unless you think that turning the situation there into a global nuclear war would somehow be an improvement?

NATO and Putin are just two different gangs of imperialists. If you think the only way to oppose Putin is to get behind NATO, your brain is stuck in binary-simplistic mode.

What we need is a global alliance of social movements bringing down their own governments, and stopping them from murdering abroad - not alliances of governments getting together to plot their next bloodbaths. How's that for an alternative?

In the meantime, as far as Russia goes, NATO governments could start by, y'know, not selling weapons to them!


@ anon

07.03.2014 10:08

"What we need is a global alliance of social movements bringing down their own governments"


OK fine words, how is that going to happen ?

What will be the first stage ?

How will it be planned and co-ordinated ?

You remind me of the m,an I sometimes see outside of Parliment with a banner that reads,

"I demand change" Ten years on and off he has been there and that is the extent of his 'actions'. Words don't bring down governments, actions do. Take a look at Libyia if you want to see whay I mean.

Realistic Reggie