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Sat 2 Nov in Liverpool & Sun 3 Nov in Wrexham: Solidarity gigs/events for US prisoner of conscience Private Manning

WISE Up Wales | 22.10.2013 10:48 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Terror War | Liverpool | Sheffield | Wales


Join us in Liverpool and Wrexham as the Rugby League World Cup gets underway

SAT 2 NOV 6pm - 11pm

Live music, films and speakers at The Casa, 29 Hope St, Liverpool
Entry by donation

SUN 3 NOV from 11.30am

Vigil outside the Wales vs USA match at Wrexham Racecourse, Mold Rd, followed by Social nearby in the afternoon.

MON 4 NOV from 9.30am

Join us at Bristol Crown Court where a police prosecution over display of FREE MANNING banners continues.


Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) is held in a US military jail at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, serving a 35 year sentence for blowing the whistle on war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing hard evidence about the nature of the wars being fought in our names, the 'war on terror' and US interference and intervention around the globe.

American-born Manning has family in Wales and family connections with Ireland.

Manning was a teenager attending school in Pembrokeshire when the invasion of Iraq began in 2003, was 22 when arrested, was held for over three years without trial and subjected to inhuman and degrading treatment condemned by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Amnesty and many others.

As the Rugby League World Cup gets underway with USA, Wales and Ireland all represented, join us to 'pack a scrum of solidarity' with Manning and family.


At The Casa, 29 Hope Street, Liverpool.
Entry by donation

Join us for an evening of films, live music and speakers. MC Ciaron O'Reilly, international anti-war activist and former prisoner of the US, will introduce film clips of Manning solidarity actions from the past three years and a film about the 'Seeds of Hope' Ploughshares trial. A Liverpool jury acquitted four women who disarmed a Hawk fighter jet bound for Indonesia to be used against the people of East Timor, accepting their defence that they had acted to prevent the crime of genocide.

Live music will include performances by Joe Black and The RoJ LiGht (over from Dublin) along with poet and musician Razz (from London).

YouTube videos: Joe Black | Song for Manning by The Roj LiGht | Razz (as John Lennon) | Ciaron O'Reilly.


Wrexham is hosting the Rugby League World Cup match between Wales and the USA. Join us outside the Racecourse on Mold Road, where we will hold a vigil for Manning until kick-off. We aim to raise Manning's profile here in Wales, raise awareness of Manning's plight and encourage people to donate to the fund that's been set up to help Manning's Wales-based family with the cost of prison visits.


Join us at the Crown Court, Small Street, Bristol for the next hearing in the case brought by the police against Manning supporter Genny Bove for putting up solidarity banners on a footbridge in Bristol in the run up to Manning's trial last May.


More information here. Send a cheque or make an online donation:

Please make cheques payable to: Pvt. Manning Family Fund and send to PMFF, c/o 49 Westminster Rd, Moss, Wrexham, Wales, UK, LL11 6DH.

Bank: The Co-op
Name of account: Pvt. Manning Family Fund
Sort code: 08 92 99
Account no: 65692806

100% of donations made by bank transfer or cheque will go to the family.


Liverpool 2 Nov: RSVP by email to ciaronx [AT] or phone/text: 07927 259 363.
Wrexham 3 Nov & Bristol 4 Nov: RSVP by email to wiseupforbm [AT] or phone/text: 07938 619 825.

N.B. It's not essential that you RSVP, but it helps organisers plan.

WISE Up Wales
- e-mail: wiseupforbm [at]
- Homepage:


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GarethPeirce-lawyer Guildford4/Birmingham6/Assange/Gitmo Prisoners - on Manning

26.10.2013 07:31

April 2011 - during Manning's torture in Quantico, U.S. Marine Base, Virginia

YOUTUBE (12 mins 2 secs) - Gareth Peirce speaks on Bradley Manning: ' "Dispatches from the Dark Side"


Statement from attackers

07.11.2013 13:19

Statement from Adam Ford's blog
Statement from Adam Ford's blog

This event was physically attacked by people who put out the following statement in advance.

"As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. Given the way that I feel, and have felt since childhood, I want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. I hope that you will support me in this transition."

We are here tonight because we support Chelsea Manning. We support her fight for justice, against a US government which is punishing her for their crimes. We also support her right to be recognised as female, to transition, and to have that transition respected by all.

Unfortunately, we have reason to believe that Ciaron O'Reilly - a main organiser of tonight's event - does not support Chelsea Manning in the same way that we do, and we intend to protest against that.

Ciaron O'Reilly has repeatedly refused to accept a trans women's gender identity, publicly labelling one "a bloke in a dress" and shouting “you are a man” at another. When told he had misgendered Chelsea Manning by naming her "Bradley", he responded "The only Chelsea is Chelsea Clinton."

O'Reilly also has a consistently disrespectful attitude to women in general. At various events over the past year he has called women "empty headed", "unable to construct an argument", told them to go to the crèche. He also dismissed a woman with Pakistani immigrant parents as "imperialist", chanting “pure land, pure land” at her when she criticised his transphobia and misogyny.

Furthermore, Ciaron O'Reilly is Julian Assange's ex-bodyguard, and continues to dismiss anybody who criticises the rapist as pro-US government. It is possible to oppose US imperialism, support Chelsea Manning, and believe that Julian Assange should pay for what he has admitted (through his barrister Ben Emmerson) to doing.

This is our position, and we will be expressing it tonight.